August 14, 2023
Lauren Platero

What Is the Best Cruise Line: Best Cruise Line for Families

Sailing around the world is quite the vacation. But you might be wondering, “what is the best cruise line for the ultimate experience?” If so, you found yourself the perfect blog post!

The hospitality industry has so much to offer consumers, regardless of their preferences. Maybe you’re looking for a cruise line with organic food only. Or, perhaps you prefer stellar entertainment options. Regardless of your tastes in travel experiences, there’s certainly something for everyone. 

Cruise booking software will display all the options available. But first, you need to determine what is the best cruise line for you. So, let’s dive right into it!

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What Is the Best Cruise Line

When you ask yourself or experts, “what is the best cruise line,” many companies might come to mind. However, there’s one in particular that constantly ranks at the top. Unsurprisingly, that luxury cruise line is Royal Caribbean International. 

As of 2023, Royal Caribbean has twenty-six luxury ocean liners. These ships make up their six classes, which are:

  1. Oasis Class 
  2. Quantum Class 
  3. Radiance Class 
  4. Freedom Class 
  5. Voyager Class 
  6. Freedom Class

So what makes Royal Caribbean so special? Well, each of their ocean liners is a high tech cruise ship with numerous innovations. From robotic cocktail ordering systems to having the speediest at-sea Wi-Fi, they’re quite futuristic. 

Whether passengers prefer casual or fine dining experiences. Royal Caribbean has the ultimate variety. The cruise line employs different types of chefs from all over the world. Some of which even have a background working with eateries recognized by the Michelin Star Guide. And if you’re familiar with Michelin Stars, you know this is the most coveted accolade in the restaurant industry

Royal Caribbean is also home to the most diverse drink packages the cruise industry has to offer. Adults of the legal drinking age can opt into the unlimited drink package. This includes every beverage on the ship, including all the different types of alcohol

Maybe you love trying exotic and popular cocktails. Or, perhaps your go-to choices are a selection of beer brands. Regardless of your preferences, this package will cover it all. For those who are under the drinking age or don’t consume alcohol, there are soft drink packages that cover everything else.

Cabins and luxury suites are also equipped with innovative features, such as in room dining amenities. Most cruise lines strive for providing features that replicate hotel room service. Luckily, this is something that Royal Caribbean gets right every time.

Best Cruise Line for Families: 5 Outstanding Options 

So what is the best cruise line for families? That’s the golden question for many world travelers. Whether it’s your first time boarding a ship or you are a worldwide adventurer, traveling with a family is a unique experience. From diverse preferences to age-appropriate excursions, you need to find the perfect balance. 

Read on to learn about five top-notch options. We think you’ll find at least one of these to be the best cruise line for families. However, it still might be hard making a decision! Let’s check them out:

1. Royal Caribbean International

Based on the information in the previous section, it’s no surprise that Royal Caribbean is at the top of the list. They offer some of the best cruise ship food and phenomenal entertainment selections. Plus, they are the epitome of luxury hospitality

Even outside the cruise industry, Royal Caribbean sets the bar very high. It wouldn’t be surprising if businesses in the food service and hotel industry take inspiration from them. After all, they implement so many innovative ideas, from recipes to online ordering processes. 

The best part? There’s something for everyone, regardless of your age. From adult comedy shows to activities for the kids, their cruises are a blast for all ages.

2. Celebrity Cruises

Large groups and families can have the most excellent time on Celebrity Cruise ships. They have some of the best amenities the cruise industry has to offer. From entertainment options to the cruise ship food menu that rotates each day, this cruise line is ideal. 

Celebrity Cruise ships also offer a ton of room variations. Standard staterooms with or without a balcony can suit families of smaller sizes. But if you’re traveling with larger groups, there are a ton of spacious and luxurious suites available. 

Celebrity Cruises is actually under the Royal Caribbean Group. This explains why so many travelers think that Celebrity is the best cruise line for food. It’s also no surprise that the whole staff, from servers to the cruise director creates an exceptional customer experience.

3. Disney Cruise Line

When you think of family-friendly vacations, Disney is probably one of the first places that comes to mind. To no one’s surprise, their cruise ships are just as ideal as the theme parks. Cruise ship management processes are perfected on Disney cruise ships. After all, if there’s one company that knows how to cater to the consumer, it’s Disney. 

On these cruise ships, everything from decor to dining options revolve around Disney movies and TV shows. But in the mix of it all, there are amenities geared for adults only. So even if you’re traveling with little ones, this cruise line will accommodate everyone. 

Some might even argue that Disney is the best cruise line for families due to their land and sea packages. In simple terms, these vacation packages include a cruise vacation as well as a reservation at one of the Disney theme parks. Guests truly get the best of both worlds.

4. Carnival Cruise Line

If you’re sailing on a budget, Carnival Cruise Line is right for you! The best part about these vacations? You can’t beat what you get for their prices. 

There are programs during the day and at night for each age group. Meanwhile, there are options that are inclusive for the whole family. Combining this feature and the low rates, Carnival is ideal for large groups of travelers. As one of the most popular cruise lines for its prices and quality amenities, there are also numerous destinations to choose from.

5. Norwegian Cruise Line 

Last but certainly not least, Norwegian Cruise Line offers a great selection of family-friendly vacation packages. There are numerous activities for the whole family, even for super young children. Then, there are several hundred port stops that families can visit. 

A wide variety of off-ship activities and excursions give families countless things to do. Once you board the ship again, numerous family style dining options and activities provide fun for the whole family. Norwegian certainly gives you many choices, regardless of the age groups aboard.

Frequently Asked Questions About What Is the Best Cruise Line 

There are many answers to the question, “what is the best cruise line?” In the FAQ section below, we’ll cover additional information on the topic. From high quality cruise ships to budget-friendly vacations, you don’t want to skip it. Keep reading for more:

Which Cruise Line Is the Best Quality?

Royal Caribbean takes the cake for the cruise line with the best quality. Year after year, it’s recognized for its customer service, food quality, five-star amenities, and entertainment. If you’re searching for an all-inclusive cruise that surpasses your expectations, look no further than Royal Caribbean.

What Is the Number One Cruise Ship Line?

The cruise line that consistently takes the number one spot is Royal Caribbean International. When cruising with Royal Caribbean, you have the option of sailing on some of the largest ocean liners that exist right now. Plus, they’re massive, making you feel like you’re in your own little world.

Which Cruise Line is the Most Affordable?

If you’re hoping to sail on a budget, Carnival has some of the most affordable vacations. Carnival has a couple of dozen ocean liners and hosts itineraries for millions of cruisers each year. Their itineraries also travel the entire globe.

Is It Best to Book a Cruise Directly With the Cruise Line?

Yes, it’s best to book a cruise directly through the cruise line. This is the case for multiple reasons. For one, the cruise line’s representatives will have the most accurate information about the itinerary, ship, and so on. Plus, if anyone is going to have access to the best deals and discount codes, it’s those who work for the cruise line company.

Which Day of the Week Is It Cheapest to Book a Cruise?

For some reason, cruise vacations are the cheapest on Thursdays. If you’re planning your next trip, keep this in mind when price shopping. However, it’s always important to bear in mind that cruise lines can update their prices at any time.

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Bon Voyage!

Now when you consider the question “what is the best cruise line,” you have a handful of ideas. Whether you want to experience exceptional food service or innovative tech solutions, there’s surely an option that’s right for you.