June 21, 2023
Devn Ratz

20 Customer Survey Questions for Your Restaurant

Do you know how to measure customer experiences of satisfaction–or dissatisfaction? And, what makes a question good (or bad) for your next insight-grabbing customer survey? Let’s dig into these questions with some great examples.

We know you strive to offer the best customer experience in every interaction. But, the need for contactless hospitality goes further than service. In fact, your customer survey questions should delight guests and patrons with the opportunity to share openly.

Encouraging customers to be active restaurant loyalty program members demands constant effort. You can incentivize with rewards like restaurant gift cards. But, in the end, your choice of questions, scales, or metrics on customer surveys will determine the final value. 

For the best results, craft your next survey after the following 20 example customer survey questions. Delight customers with effective restaurant marketing questions on your next service survey. 

Key Takeaway: Good example customer survey questions can help restaurants steer customer retention, dining experiences, customer satisfaction, and loyalty programs. 
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Importance of Customer Survey Questions

Customer survey questions are the basic element of feedback surveys. And, customer surveys statistically increase restaurant sales. They can increase food delivery sales as well. Make everyone of them count as you show customers contactless hospitality through your interest. Every question should help support the goal to better understand and use the customer’s view. 

You should carefully consider each question and every word of your customer survey. Make clarity, positivity, and openness the priority in your survey questions. The reason is the same as why restaurants want to create a great customer survey in the first place:

  • Spotting negativity in customer experiences and statements
  • Measuring customer loyalty against competing brands
  • Identifying trends in consumption for business growth
  • Gaining a competitive advantage through added insight
  • Supporting new business decisions with consumer data
  • Helping shape improved customer service experiences

Without the right questions for customer service surveys, businesses don’t know how customers are feeling or thinking. This puts a block on easy customer acquisition, especially when CRM and loyalty programs alone make directions unclear.

Use the following 20 example customer survey questions to collect your own business-guiding feedback. Add them to your custom loyalty program to collect the reporting and analytics you need to advance your restaurant.

20 Customer Survey Questions for Restaurants

To measure customer experiences, feelings, and perspectives, prepare the right questions. You know sharing personal information isn’t always the simplest task. So, your questions may weigh as heavily as your information technology.

We’ve already researched the most effective customer survey questions for restaurants. From these, choose the best questions for your purpose, change them, and arrange them for the easiest answers.

  1. Rate your satisfaction with our service in your own words.
  2. Up to 10, how satisfied are you with your delivery experience?
  3. What’s your estimated annual income?
  4. Did you feel our food service was promptly delivered?
  5. What’s your priority when picking restaurants for online orders?
  6. How likely are you to recommend our restaurant to others?
  7. What’s the biggest block when ordering food online?
  8. How likely are you to order or dine with us again?
  9. Describe how you feel about our restaurant as a whole.
  10. Was navigating our website simple, easy, and intuitive?
  11. What’s your current job title or career path?
  12. How can we improve your experience with our restaurant?
  13. Which areas can our employees improve for you?
  14. Why did you choose our restaurant over your other options?
  15. How would you describe your meal in a single word?
  16. Which other restaurants did you consider before dining with us?
  17. How long have you been a customer of our establishment?
  18. What is your favorite part of the dining/ordering experience?
  19. Given the chance, what would you change about our dining experience?
  20. Can we contact you to follow up on your feedback?

As you pick and design survey questions, remember it’s not your customer’s job to give you great feedback. It’s your responsibility to offer stirring questions to engage the customers responding.

To be even more effective with your customer survey questions, design them to cover key areas. These should include the “who,” “what,” “how,” and “why” of customer experiences through different questions. It helps to look at survey question types as well.

Demographic Questions

Demographics tell us who our customers are. They ask about characteristics like income, education, and race to segment customers into different groups. If you use these questions, make sure they stay open, positive, and inclusive toward everyone.

For example, when using these questions, don’t force customers to answer. Instead, make it optional for customers to include personal information about their life. Your goal should be to comfort customers with your interest in their experience:

  • Would you share your age?
  • Where do you call home?
  • Do you identify with a specific gender?
  • What is your employment status?
  • If it applies, what’s your job title or occupation?
  • Are you married?
  • Do you have children?
  • What is the highest level of education you’ve achieved?
  • What is your average yearly income?

Psychographic Habits

These customer survey questions dig into customer’s preferences and patterns. It’s about “why” they engage with your restaurant—not “who” they are. 

Use survey questions like these to decide the motivations, habits, and behaviors behind the customers who drive your business:

  • How many times per week do you order food online?
  • Do you prefer ordering online through your phone or laptop?
  • How much does sustainability matter to you in restaurants?
  • How do you feel about our restaurant’s service and options?
  • What do you like about your experience of dining with us?
  • Was there anything you disliked about your last visit or order?

Satisfaction Scales

Surveys succeed when they reveal specific details to address in your operational efficiency, customer service, or other areas. Often, customers won’t address your concerns on their own. 

Ask about their experience in different ways to capture the most detail:

  • From 1 to 10, where 1 is badly dissatisfied and 10 is very satisfied, how would you rate our service/delivery, etc.?
  • Were you mostly happy or mostly unhappy with your last dining experience at our restaurant?
  • Do you agree or disagree that our restaurant service was exceptional compared to your other options?
  • How likely are you to return to our restaurant with friends, family, or contacts?
  • Are you likely to use our website to place a mobile food order next time?

Open-Text Responses

Open questions allow customers to create their own unique response. This can collect the finer details of your customer’s true opinions and experiences. 

These are some effective open-text questions to use in your next restaurant survey:

  • In your words, describe our restaurant’s food offerings?
  • Can our employees do a better job of serving your orders?
  • How could we improve your dining experience in the future?
  • Do you have any comments you want to add?
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People Also Ask About Customer Survey Questions 

Restaurants should remember that survey design can be a technical challenge. Like your food items, not every question works for every customer. 

See the answers to the most common concerns about customer survey questions to engineer the right restaurant data analytics.

What are the best customer survey questions?

At the very least, the best customer survey questions ask participants to rate their experience, loyalty, satisfaction, and services received:

  • On a scale of 1 to 100, how satisfied are you with our service today?
  • Are you likely to recommend our restaurant to others?
  • Rate your satisfaction with your order.
  • Do you feel our service was prompt?

What are good questions to ask restaurant customers?

Some good questions to ask customers on restaurant surveys include restaurant KPIs like customer experiences, feelings, and challenges:

  • What can our restaurant better serve you?
  • How satisfied are you with our food?
  • What word best describes our in-house dining?
  • What stops you from eating with us more often?
  • Why did you choose to dine with us over others?

What is an example customer survey question?

One of the most common example customer survey questions is to rate their customer experience on a 10-point scale. For instance, “How would you rate our restaurant from 1 (worst) to 10 (best)?” remains a standard, solid question for business improvement. 

You might also ask how satisfied customers are by seeing whether they “mostly agree” or “mostly disagree” with different statements about your restaurant. These example questions give the most obvious information your brand needs to discover its next steps for growth.

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