June 30, 2023
Devn Ratz

How to Integrate Restaurant CRM and Loyalty Programs

CRM and loyalty program integration adds depth to your existing data. Why does that matter? Because by enhancing your CRM with restaurant loyalty program insights, you can effectively use restaurant KPIs to improve operations, profitability, and market grasp. 

How? The process of integration can be simple with solutions like Revolution Ordering, a BlueCart company, that pulls into your existing restaurant POS system to supercharge business. 

In the process, you get to see memberships, activity, transactions, averages, and customer spend alongside customer segments. This produces more effective restaurant marketing and promotional tactics when targeted at more personal interests, preferences, and offers.

Connecting your CRM and loyalty program allows you to analyze deep patterns within your customer engagement, retention, acquisition, satisfaction, and more. To get a more complete view of your restaurant performance and customer base, combine these systems with supportive software partners.

Key Takeaway: Integrating CRM and loyalty programs encourages a market advantage as restaurants acquire more customers with improved insight.
CRM and loyalty programs work seamlessly in Revolution Ordering.

Advantages of CRM and Loyalty Program Integration

When you integrate your CRM and loyalty programs, you’ll see your brand can unlock incredible advantages by improving key restaurant KPIs. Explore the effects of connecting your relationship data with your customer rewards program through these great benefits:

  • Enhanced Insight. CRM systems track customer preferences, their habits, and restaurant engagement. When combined with your loyalty program, they offer a deeper look into your customers’ lives. According to recent findings, businesses using a CRM already improve customer satisfaction by as much as 47%.
  • Personalized Marketing. CRM and loyalty program integration creates more personal offers that are more effective with customers. Marketing reports find 80% of customers are more likely to buy from restaurants that give such a unique, high-touch experience.
  • Better Customer Retention. CRM systems, integrated with POS software data, enable businesses to predict and correct customer churn. Recent studies have shown that by increasing retention just 5%, restaurants can boost profits by as much as 25%.
  • Improved Operational Efficiency. By automating manual order tracking, counting, and redeeming—CRM and loyalty program integration means better performance. Some statistics even say that restaurant automations can reduce restaurant costs by 60% or more.
  • More Data-Driven Decision-Making. CRM and loyalty program integration offers comprehensive views of customer trends. This continues to be crucial for restaurants wanting to increase restaurant sales. MIT says businesses can see a quick 6% increase in profitability when compared to competitors without CRM data.

The connection between your restaurant CRM and customer loyalty program produces an improved customer experience. As customer engagement and experiences increase in satisfaction, restaurant owners enjoy more profits and better operational flows.

4 Ways to Integrate CRM and Loyalty Programs

To make quick wins for your restaurant's profitability and marketing effectiveness, link up your CRM and loyalty program. Integration is a win-win for brands, their staff, and an eager customer base. Online ordering for restaurants and other software easily enables this.

Get every detail on how to leverage easy integration between Revolution Ordering and your current restaurant tech.

1. Track Every Interaction with Customers

A customer loyalty profile within restaurant CRM software helps give you a single view of your customers—whether on-premise or off-premise. Through seamless integration, your loyalty CRM can map out your touchpoints with customers, enabling segmentation and more restaurant marketing strategies.

As customers interact, every transaction and choice is recorded to a phone number, email, or account that brings all your relevant data to the surface. This gives your restaurant a more complete, holistic view of your customer base and loyalty program performance. 

Whether they call, come in, or text-to-order, CRM and loyalty program integration puts the data you need in one place.

2. Segment Memberships to Increase Loyalty

Based on their purchases, preferences, or custom interactions—restaurants separate and list customers to specific, targeted groups. This makes businesses more aware of customer retention strategies, and it also makes them more effective when promoting digital menu ordering or in-house service.

Use your food tech to divide customers along profitable lines. Then, personalize your promotions and communication accordingly. This gives them the personal experiences, repeat satisfaction, and unique value they crave.

3. Enable Omnichannel Ordering and Analysis

As a CRM and loyalty program integration tool, Revolution Ordering also helps enable off-premise, omnichannel order fulfillment. Through simple and seamless integration, you can also track these transactions across every channel. 

In effect, Revolution Ordering merges your POS system, restaurant CRM, and other data in existing restaurant systems. As a result, restaurants see enriched customer loyalty, better operations, and more control over their profitability.

4. Unify Customer Data for Business Intelligence

Restaurants grow their brand and business through superior customer experiences. To further improve your loyalty program, you should unify the business intelligence available. This gives you a better look at order histories, discount usage, restaurant food costs, and even the cost of labor and other operating expenses

With Revolution Ordering, you can pull the reporting and analytics you want through our support team, operating every day of the week. From there, we help you see the ways online ordering integration for restaurants can increase profits (and savings). 

Revolution Ordering connects CRM and loyalty programs for restaurants.

Frequently Asked Questions About CRM Loyalty Programs

Restaurant owners see hospitality industry trends and wonder about increasing loyalty through technology. See the answers to the most common questions clients ask before their Revolution Ordering demo.

What is the relationship between CRM and loyalty programs?

The purpose of a CRM aims to increase customer loyalty, build stronger relationships, and produce more control over their revenue. 

Similarly, customer loyalty programs frequently lead to more sales and greater restaurant revenue. Restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality brands choose to integrate both. This rewards and incentivizes customers to spend.

Why is a CRM important for customer loyalty?

CRM software matters to customer loyalty because it streamlines and automates the rewards that promote more spending and more personal communication. 

Through online ordering software, for example, brands enable custom loyalty programs. Their proprietary features include points systems and rewards (like restaurant gift cards).

How does a restaurant's CRM impact brand loyalty?

CRM systems can make customer retention and customer acquisition more efficient, effective, and profitable. Using CRM systems with loyalty program integration, brands collect customer data to improve customer experiences

With better information about their habits, trends, likes, and dislikes, businesses nurture loyalty and retain more revenue while cutting acquisition costs. That's why customer surveys with personalize customer survey questions can be so effective for enterprise brands.

How do brands build customer loyalty with CRM?

Businesses get to know their customers and deepen their relationships with CRM software. When integrated, they can create a customer loyalty program in a few simple steps after a demo with Revolution Ordering:

  • Brainstorm customer and brand values
  • Develop your customer rewards system
  • Launch the program with your POS software
  • Promote memberships on social media
  • Collect and review customer data often

Merge CRM and Loyalty Programs with Revolution Ordering

Flexible restaurant software can solve the challenges of enterprise restaurants seeking more loyalty, higher sales, and greater reach. Learn more about how Revolution Ordering improves operations, revenue, and marketing, and schedule your demo.

Revolution Ordering connect CRM and loyalty programs for more restaurant sales.