June 19, 2023
Devn Ratz

Contactless Hospitality in Restaurant Online Ordering

Contactless hospitality presents a way forward for hotels and restaurants facing lasting pressure from changing customer expectations. In short, contactless hospitality minimizes safety and health risks in the customer experience. At the same time, it offers the high-quality service, speed, and skill customer satisfaction demands.

As the global health crisis of 2020 quickly showcased, the most successful businesses stay ahead of customers through new technology in restaurants. This allowed them to adopt quick in-house and off-site safety measures to communicate the commitment to customer comfort and safety.

To increase food delivery sales, food and beverage must adapt. While one viral threat may have passed, guest expectations continue to accelerate with the pace of a digital society. To keep customers satisfied and increase restaurant sales, follow this guide to contactless hospitality for restaurants. 

See how online ordering can revolutionize restaurants to compete in the high-tech, high-touch age.

Key Takeaway: Online ordering enables high-tech, contactless hospitality through POS-integrated automation and insight for enterprise restaurants.
Contactless hospitality helps restaurants grow through Revolution Ordering technology.

What is Contactless Hospitality?

Contactless hospitality uses digital solutions to reduce human delivery through online digital menu ordering experiences. Contactless hospitality—and the technology driving it—are at the forefront of the digital transformation bringing customers streamlined service. 

In adapting to global pressure and market competition, restaurants first turn to operational efficiency. They rethink their strategies for reaching a changing demographic of consumers. Finding online ordering, for example, they digitize every interaction. 

This includes everything from basic take-out items to digital menu ordering and catering requests. As a result, food tech gives their customers safe, stress-free, and seamless technology experiences while pushing a responsible brand identity. 

Contactless hospitality solutions in online ordering software ensure safe, efficient, and streamlined service. They do this by limiting human touch, error, and interaction. As restaurants transition into off-premise ordering and contactless technology to drive business forward, flexibility remains critical.

Key Areas for Contactless Hospitality in Restaurants

In an era marked by technological innovation, consumers have changed, especially in how they interact for food and beverage needs. The food and beverage industry must stay in step to deliver convenience, speed, and safety. 

Integrated online ordering solutions offer the completely comfortable dining experience true to today’s notion of hospitality. Online ordering systems—integrated with your restaurant POS platform with digital menu ordering—can revolutionize your restaurant business. 

See these key areas of contactless hospitality for your restaurant. Dig into the details, and redefine ordering, efficiency, personalization, and sustainability for your ideal customer.

Seamless Online Ordering

As contactless preferences spread into the new norm, restaurants need to streamline their processes for more efficient operations. Online ordering systems not only reduce human interaction, they accelerate service, leading to increased customer satisfaction. 

Integrated with restaurant POS systems, online ordering offers real-time restaurant inventory management, enabling better kitchen workflows and order fulfillment.

Integrated, Automated Efficiency

The shift toward social distancing demanded creative use of restaurant space. Today, the preference for contactless service might demand higher standards for operations, workflows, and speed. As a result, food technology helps automate processes to cut human error, save restaurant food waste, and eliminate expenses as well as safety threats.

An online ordering system can even help you manage table ordering more effectively, reducing waiting times. As automations speed up the dining cycle and satisfy more customers, restaurants enjoy higher sales, averages, and market capture. 

Data-Driven Personalization

Leveraging data from your integrated online ordering system gives precious insight into customer ordering. Data integration enables personalized service. An online ordering software partner should connect your systems (and consumer data) rather than add to disjointed tech stacks.

You can even combine your online order history with table ordering. Our solutions can further your approach to personalization (in-house and off-site) for stronger customer loyalty.

Sustainable Community Choices

Environmental consciousness demands sustainable choices in food and dining. Online ordering systems handle efficient management of orders, reduce food waste, and promote local options. Moreover, these systems support the development of restaurant loyalty programs that create communities committed to repeat ordering.

An integrated online ordering system can make your restaurant tech stack more sustainable. Restaurant POS integration means fewer hiccups, service outages, or confused preparations in the kitchen. 

3 Tips for Adding Contactless Hospitality at Restaurants

Contactless hospitality transforms restaurants. It can mean fewer overhead costs and more money coming in from online, off-site ordering. But, most of the “What is hospitality in the digital age?” conversation centers on the hotel and tourism industry. 

Still, you can bridge the gap and find ways to add safe, speedy, and satisfying strategies as hospitality ordering systems for your restaurant team:

1. Communicate with Customers

Use automated notifications and updates. Staying in touch with your customers before, during, and after their order encourages repeat ordering and positive feedback.

By using text-to-order functions, message templates, and other simple features, you can reassure customers that your team is ready whenever needed.

2. Track Orders in Real-time

Deploy systems that track customer orders independently and offer timely updates. This transparency reassures customers that their needs are cared for, fostering trust and promoting a sense of safety for your brand.

As customers come to depend on your restaurant for order accuracy and satisfaction, order tracking shows its use as an initial investment.

3. Digitally Empower Employees

Equip your team with the right tools for contactless service delivery. Consider adopting digital platforms like Revolution Ordering to manage, confirm, track, and capture orders. Our growing app integrations make unifying your ordering simple and intuitive. 

This approach reduces face-to-face interactions and boosts safety in your interactions. It will also streamline multiple areas of restaurant efficiency.

Use contactless hospitality to grow restaurant sales with Revolution Ordering.

Frequently Asked Questions About Contactless Hospitality

Successful restaurant owners often wonder how to make customers more comfortable as they face friction when placing in-person or over-the-phone orders. To ease their fears and set expectations, these common questions support contactless hospitality in restaurants. 

What is contactless service?

Contactless service uses touchless interactions, processes, and payments, bringing a higher level of safety and efficiency to customers and staff. 

“Contactless” or “touchless” payment forms the heart of this added safety and convenience. This technology uses mobile devices to transmit data over short distances (such as with NFC). It eliminates the need for staff to handle cards or cash which provides a layer of separation and precaution.

How do I use a contactless menu?

A contactless menu brings an interactive dynamic to your restaurant. Customers simply scan a code with their smartphones or place orders through your website. 

This redirects them to your digital menu. From there, they can place their orders and make contactless payments without physical or live interaction. A contactless menu also helps with safer transactions. This counts as consumers face ever more threats of privacy and identity invasion.

What are the benefits of contactless hospitality?

Embracing contactless hospitality in your restaurant aligns with modern customer preferences. Because of its enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction levels, restaurants see business-wide benefits for their company:

  1. Enhanced Safety. By reducing interaction, contactless hospitality minimizes the risk of contagious illness, promoting safer dining environments.
  2. Reduced Stress. Interactions with digital platforms simplify the customer experience, eliminating stress that can stop traditional service processes.
  3. Increased Accuracy. Adding contactless hospitality to your restaurant management software can yield more precise order information, reducing manual errors.
  4. Insightful Analytics. Contactless technology with data analytics provides insights into customer behavior, helping you optimize service and operations.
  5. Personalized Guest Experience. By offering customers digital interactions, you can personalize services, enhancing dining, loyalty, and revenue.

Easily Capture Customers Online

Here’s a glimpse into the future of contactless hospitality for restaurants. It's a future where technology helps you streamline operations. It enhances staff productivity and helps you deliver exceptional service—without compromise.

With the right technology partner, the challenges of new customer preferences become surmountable. See how Revolution Ordering can offer a true partnership, giving you the tools and support to make this transition seamless and successful. 

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