May 31, 2023
Lauren Platero

Restaurant Group Reservation Platform: 6 Innovative Features

If customers can book restaurant reservations at your establishment, you should probably invest in a restaurant group reservation platform. It will allow large parties to secure time slots, which will help you maximize profits

Group-friendly restaurants are a staple in modern society. From professional functions to celebratory events, there are numerous reasons why consumers book reservations for large groups. So, why not onboard a system to make life easier and increase the restaurant profit margin simultaneously? Want to learn more? We’ve got you covered–read on!

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Restaurant Group Reservation Platform: Definition

A restaurant group reservation platform refers to the system that books time slots for large parties. The host or wait staff can view available tables, arrange restaurant seating, and edit times. 

They're vital for streamlining restaurant operations, as it eliminates work overload for the staff. Instead of coordinating large group reservations on their own, they can simply use a digital system to do the work for them. Plus, it also ensures simplicity for the guests.

6 Innovative Features of a Restaurant Group Reservation Platform

Sure, restaurant group reservation systems are great for keeping tables full and revenue high. But did you know that there are unique features that make them essential? That’s right–as the restaurant industry rolls out new products, they entail more benefits than you might assume. And considering how complex it can be to manage large group reservations, such features and integration often come in handy. 

See below for six features that make this innovative restaurant technology worth the investment:

1. Split Payment Options 

It’s vital that any type of reservation system include multiple payment processing options. One of the most beneficial ones for a large group reservation platform is bill splits. The larger the party, the higher the chance that more than one person is picking up the tab. 

By allowing more than one person to split the bill, you’ll be simplifying processes for everyone. This is especially true since you can choose to do this ahead of time. Then, the POS system can print multiple checks with an even split total. 

2. Waitlist Options 

Do customers flock to your restaurant for special occasions and holidays? If so, there’s a high chance that people will reserve seats, only to find out there aren’t enough seats available. The last thing you want to do is shut them out completely. Instead, allow them to get on a waitlist. 

This feature will benefit restaurants for big groups in two separate ways. First, if any groups cancel their reservation, there’s less of a chance that you’ll lose out on those covers. Second, it keeps your restaurant at the forefront of their mind. Not only might they be hoping for an opening, but if you call them about a cancellation, it’ll serve as a reminder.

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3. Restaurant Loyalty Program

Nothing will incentivize customers to spend more money than a rewards program. If you don't have a loyalty program already, we highly suggest you launch one. In fact, a customer rewards program might actually encourage people to host private events and large group outings at your restaurant. This is because if they earn a point for every dollar spent, larger bills will result in more points they can redeem.

But what if the person booking the event isn't covering the entire bill? That's fine--a rewards program still functions as stellar restaurant marketing collateral. By giving a large group a taste of the restaurant, then promoting that they can earn loyalty rewards, you may boost your overall customer base.

4. Custom Menu Types 

Many customers choose to book reservations for large groups when there’s a special event. When this happens, there's a couple of different reasons why the party host will choose a custom or restrictive menu. 

Sometimes, people will select food favorites to match a theme. On the other hand, many people will limit the menu for their guests to keep the total bill within their budget. Regardless of what the limitations are, there’s typically at least two options from the appetizer list, entree food selection, and dessert menu.

5. Event Management Features 

Group dining and events go hand in hand. By integrating the restaurant group reservation platform with an event POS system, you’ll be able to work directly with clients to bring their vision to life. Restaurant events can take place for any occasion, from school luncheons to wedding rehearsal dinners. 

With event management solutions, guests and the restaurant manager can collaborate on each aspect of the event. Seating, decor, and menu ideas are just a few of the aspects this restaurant tech solution will make simple. Plus, it will organize operations from start to finish. 

6. Restaurant Data Analytics 

Any type of system that connects to a customer’s account should retrieve data. Why? There are so many uses for consumer data. Phone numbers and email addresses can be used for marketing purposes, especially for discounts. Meanwhile, geographic data will help determine where to target ads or open new locations. 

For large groups, one of the best metrics you’ll gain insight on is menu best-sellers. Shortening the menu by removing items that don’t sell is essential. You might also hear industry pros refer to this as “menu engineering.” 

After all, you certainly don’t want to encounter heaps of food spoilage and maintain high restaurant expenses. Instead, pay attention to what most people gravitate toward, and prioritize the ingredients that go into each of these dishes. 

Frequently Asked Questions About a Restaurant Group Reservation Platform

Using a restaurant group reservation platform can completely enhance group dinner restaurants. Want to offer a catering menu? Group orders may become the norm. Or, do you want to offer private events? Such a platform will be able to simplify those orders, too. 

Want to learn more about the many features of a restaurant group reservation platform? Read on!

How Does a Restaurant Group Reservation Platform Work?

A restaurant group reservation platform integrates with other systems to streamline operations. As customers book group reservations online, they'll instantly land in the business' POS system. Then, the whole staff has access to such info, and can plan properly. They can organize seating, food orders, and more with ample time to spare. 

What Are the Benefits of Using a Restaurant Group Reservation platform?

By using a restaurant group reservation platform, restaurants good for groups can reap the following benefits:

  • A high level of convenience 
  • Catering management tools
  • Easy access to customer data
  • Shorter and simpler menus 
  • Customer management 
  • Special offers and discounts

Can People Book Reservations for Large Parties With a Restaurant Group Reservation Platform?

Yes, in fact, that is the primary purpose of a group reservation platform. Without it, it can be challenging for the restaurant staff to organize shifts. Plus, it can end up hindering the customer experience if they don't have everything in line. 

How Far In Advance Can You Use a Restaurant Group Reservation Platform to Reserve Time Slots?

The earlier the better, but guests should book their group reservations no later than three months before the occasion. This will give the staff ample time to order inventory, coordinate seating arrangements, and ensure that the group has enough privacy. For high demand restaurants for large groups, guests may need to reserve time slots much earlier. So, it's also a good idea to make this information as clear as possible. 

Do Group Dining Restaurants Incur Any Fees From Using a Restaurant Group Reservation Platform?

Yes, there may be a booking fee, or a transaction fee from each order. However, not all platforms will issue fees. Ensure that you carefully read the terms and conditions of a platform before investing in it. 

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Group reservations can dramatically increase a restaurant's profits. So, why not make it a streamlined experience for both the business and the customers? With the right tool, every restaurant owner can maximize revenue with ease. Want to learn how to do it? Book a demo with Revolution Ordering today!