June 7, 2023
Lauren Platero

11 Attractive Qualities of Restaurants Good for Groups

The process of establishing restaurants good for groups is an extensive journey. If you work as the business owner or manager of a restaurant, you know just how challenging it is to accommodate large parties. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be the public’s go-to option and conduct restaurant operations with ease. 

 It’s important to bear in mind that group-friendly restaurants boast numerous attractive qualities. But before we jump into nine of them, let’s go over which styles make the most sense when it comes to restaurants good for groups. 

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Restaurants Good for Groups: Preferable Styles 

Restaurants good for groups can look pretty different from one another. However, it’s safe to say that the following styles make up the best restaurants for large groups:

If your restaurant falls within one of the categories above, fantastic! If not, try to incorporate features that make the whole restaurant more suitable for the masses. Need some pointers? Continue reading:

Restaurants Good for Groups: 11 Attractive Qualities 

Ready to make your business more attractive for parties and special events? If so, you found the right blog! Implement some or all of the qualities below to achieve restaurant success from restaurant reservations:

1. Digital Reservation System 

An online restaurant reservation system is essential for group dining. Guests will be able to view available dates and times on their own, giving them the time to consult with their party. Not only does this reduce the risk of customers requesting changes, but it creates a positive first impression.

Instead of being told by the host over the phone that a certain time is unavailable, people can use the restaurant reservation software to choose what they want. And if their preferred time is full, they can take their time in choosing another. 

2. Spacious Floor Plans 

It’s unattainable for restaurants to accommodate large groups if there isn’t enough space. Ensure that the dining area is large enough for special events. If you have multiple dining rooms that are on the smaller side, you can use just one of them for private events. This way, you don’t have to shut out large parties altogether. 

Is the restaurant seating at your establishment just too small? Research the costs to renovate and expand the building. Though it would be a hefty upfront cost, the ability to serve more customers will pay you back tenfold. 

3. Private Dining Rooms 

Private dining areas take restaurants good for groups to the next level. Not only do they allow large groups to dine together, but it creates a more intimate experience. They’re also ideal for celebratory events, where music and decorations are part of the equation. This way, none of the extra details interferes with regular operations. 

4. Extensive Menu Types 

Offer a variety of food favorites to cater to everyone’s taste preferences. A diverse selection across the appetizer list, entree food section, and dessert menu will be beneficial for multiple reasons. Does each person in the group have different tastes? No problem. Or, are there people with allergies or other restrictions? If so, there can still be dishes suitable for them. 

5. Affordable Prices 

Restaurants good for groups must be inclusive. One way to achieve this quality is by offering a diverse range of prices. Sure, an upscale restaurant isn’t going to cost the same as a fast food eatery. However, providing a mix of lower and higher end dishes will allow guests to comfortably enjoy their meal. 

6. Event Management Services 

Group dinner restaurants often host large events. With this in mind, offer guests more than food and beverages. Restaurants good for groups sure know how to throw a party. So, consider offering amenities like sound equipment, unique restaurant lighting, dance floors, and more. 

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7. A Large Wait Staff 

To avoid work overload, restaurants good for groups must employ a large team. The number of waiters and waitresses necessary for each restaurant will depend on the seating capacity. However, ensure that there are enough staff members to provide each table with attentive and consistent service. If not, you run the risk of receiving negative customer reviews

8. Family Style Dining

Think of family-style dining as a slightly more formal version of a buffet. The way it works is the server will place shareable dishes in the center of the table. Then, each guest can fix their own plate. Actually, restaurants for large groups should opt for this style more than others. 

For one, the amount of food that each person in a group will want is unpredictable. Plus, sharing a variety of dishes is also a more fun and sociable way to dine. 

9. Stellar Customer Service 

Ensure that the entire team is knowledgeable about time management and customer success. Restaurants good for groups often experience high stress levels. But if the team is aware of how to handle this kind of environment, they’ll be able to provide customers with exceptional service. 

10. Entertainment Options 

Not all eateries have to function as comedy clubs or live music venues. However, forms of entertainment are foolproof ways to draw a crowd. Create a central space for acts to perform, giving the option for each group reservation.

11. Ample Parking Spaces 

Restaurants good for groups have to provide an area for everyone to park. If a brick and mortar restaurant doesn’t have enough parking, it can cause frustration upon the guest’s time of arrival. If you’re hoping to create a better space for group dining and don’t have ample parking space, see if there is a way to expand the lot.

Frequently Asked Questions About Restaurants Good for Groups

Restaurants good for groups are some of the best businesses in modern society. There’s always celebrations taking place, and a plethora of other reasons why groups meet over a meal. Would you like to learn more about restaurants good for groups and things to know about booking reservations for them? See below:

What Are Some Types of Restaurants Good for Groups? 

Various styles of restaurants good for groups include:

  • Chains and enterprise restaurants
  • All-you-can-eat buffets
  • Eateries with a casual dress code 
  • Restaurants with a diverse menu 

What Should Customers Consider When Making a Reservation for a Group?

When making a reservation for a group, consider the following factors:

  • The total number of people who will be in attendance  
  • Any allergies or restrictions amongst the party
  • The date and time of the occasion
  •  If wheelchair accessibility will be necessary 

What Is the Average Group Size That Restaurants Can Accommodate? 

The number of people in a party that restaurants can accommodate depends on the business. Some eateries can only sit eight people at a table, making it hard to arrange occasions with more guests. On the other hand, there are eateries with private dining areas that can seat upward to thirty people. Ensure that you check with the restaurant before making a reservation. 

Do Restaurants Require Reservations for Group Dining?

Yes, it’s not just necessary to book a reservation for group dining, but it’s a courtesy to the staff. In many cases, restaurants will have to prepare in advance before large groups arrive. So, making a reservation will give them ample time to set up accordingly.

Can Customers Arrange Private Areas for Group Dining?

Yes, if a guest is making a group dining reservation, they can request a private area. This option is most common for special occasions and other events. In some cases, the party will have seating arrangements near the back. In other cases, they might have a completely private room.

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Bigger the Group, Bigger the Check

Now that you know of several attractive qualities of good restaurants for big groups, any restaurant owner can make appropriate updates. It’s a route worth traveling down if you’re searching for ways to maximize revenue. And if it’s something your restaurant is already good at, we encourage you to find ways to make them even better! Remember, the more groups you can accommodate, the higher each cart value will be.