June 12, 2023
Lauren Platero

The Rise of Restaurants for Big Groups: A Look at the Trend

Restaurants for big groups are becoming increasingly popular across the restaurant industry. With the rise of group dining and food trends, it’s not slowing down any time soon, either. When working as a business owner to restaurant manager, it’s important to understand the many reasons that lead to major industry shifts. 

In this blog, we’ll talk about what makes up the best restaurants for large groups. Then, we’ll go over logical reasons for these kinds of changes within the restaurant ecosystem. So without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

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Restaurants for Big Groups: Examples 

Restaurants for large groups can span a wide range of styles. From super casual buffets to upscale banquet halls, there are restaurants for big groups that can suit any occasion. Check out the list below for some of the best style options:

  • Buffets: As the most obvious style of restaurants for big groups, buffets offer the most convenient dining arrangements. Large selections of dishes, flexible seating, and mass cooking is a recipe for successful shifts. In fact, this is even true amidst the chance of reaching maximum capacity. 
  • Brewery business: For those who want to enjoy local beer brands and comfort food, breweries are some of the best restaurants for big groups. They offer spacious quarters for casual dining experiences. Plus, it’s a unique environment for special events. 
  • Sports bars: Ever realize that sports bar marketing tactics revolve around group dining efforts? That’s right, these bars make up some of the best group-friendly restaurants. From TV screens visible from every angle to comfortable restaurant seating, they’re popular go-to options for a reason.
  • Enterprise restaurants: Enterprise food establishments consist of one chain restaurant after another. Since they're available to such a wide audience, the franchise manual includes protocols for various situations. So, this means that they can accommodate large groups of people, as the need to is bound to occur. 
  • Hotel banquet halls: When banquet halls have catering menus, they’re outstanding options for large groups. Plus, these are ideal locations to host events with many people. From fully-equipped kitchens to a large wait staff, such entities can pull off operations for major occasions. 

Now that we know which restaurants for big groups are the most common, let’s dive into the rise of this business type. Group dinner restaurants are constantly growing, whether it be the number of units or the size of each establishment. So, it’s important to acknowledge and grasp why restaurants good for groups are taking the industry by storm. 

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The Rise In Popularity of Restaurants for Big Groups

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the restaurant ecosystem took on a whole new dimension. For the first time, restaurant owners around the world were changing the ways they served customers. Though online ordering apps and curbside pick up became the norm, dine-in options quickly became obsolete (see: difference between curbside and pick up). 

During this period in our history, consumers were longing for the day that they could get together with their loved ones to dine out. For quite some time, this option was completely off the table. 

As you probably remember all too well, the re-opening of restaurants worldwide produced a surge in business. In fact, there was a major influx of group dining and restaurant reservations. People were ensuring that they and their group were able to dine out for upcoming special occasions.

Since the booming demand for group dining restaurants, this side of the food service industry constantly strives to deliver the best customer service. There are too many competitors not to. In doing so, they continue to rise in popularity for the following reasons:

  1. The Convenience. When consumers can use a digital group reservation platform, it’s much easier to choose a date and time. Instead of making a phone call or wasting time on a waitlist, every group can choose a time slot that works best for everyone. 
  2. Diverse Menu Types: A broad selection of food and drinks is one of the best features of restaurants for big groups. When a large party is dining at a restaurant, the owner(s) should ensure that there is something for everyone. Even if your restaurant adds popular food trends to the menu, creating a variety is the key to satisfied customers. If this isn't part of the equation, many guests may not have a desire to return. 
  3. Effective Restaurant Marketing: The ways in which restaurants for big groups can market large reservations are endless. Not only do many people opt to dine out on any given day, but it’s a common thing to do for celebrations and special occasions. So, restaurant marketers showcase things like themes, event management services, and back rooms. They can also showcase various types of occasions they can cater to, from birthday bashes to a company happy hour
  4. Private Dining Rooms: As more and more people visit restaurants for big groups, it’s advisable to have private dining areas at each facility. This amenity will allow for a more intimate dining experience. For private parties and special events, this feature will come in handy more than you might think. If you dive into the restaurants for big groups that have been the most successful in recent years, private areas are likely available.
  5. Tourism Trends: Tourism results in significant amounts of group dining reservations. With this in mind, many restaurants for big groups thrive in areas that get a lot of travelers passing through. So, if your restaurant exists within an area that gets a lot of tourists, consider accommodating groups if you don’t already. From catering to private dining areas, there’s so many ways that tourist attractions can maximize profits

Frequently Asked Questions About Restaurants for Big Groups

Restaurants for big groups are gaining exposure more so recently than ever before. It’s no surprise, as they can accommodate so many types of situations. Would you like to learn more about the topic? If so, we’ve got you covered! Read on for more details: 

What Is the Biggest Restaurant?

Damascus Gate is the largest restaurant in the world. On a busy night, you can find about 1,800 staff members keeping the business in motion. It also comprises 20,000 square meters.

Can Customers Bring Their Own Cake and Decorations to Restaurants for Big Groups?

Most of the time, customers are able to bring their own cake and decorations to a restaurant. However, some rules may be different. So, ensure that you call the manager ahead of time to confirm such details.

Can Restaurants for Big Groups Also Cater Off-Premise Events?

Yes, more often than not, restaurants for big groups have catering menus. This feature makes it pretty common to cater events outside the restaurant.

Can Restaurants for Big Groups Provide Separate Checks?

Yes, absolutely! Restaurants are able to print multiple checks, regardless of the situation. If you’re dining with a large group, this should never be a problem. 

Can You Pre-Order Dishes At Restaurants for Big Groups?

Yes, in many restaurants, customers are able to pre-order food and drinks ahead of time. This allows for higher table turnover rates, which is great for higher profits. It’s also a foolproof technique for the staff to be more efficient during each shift.

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Restaurants for Big Groups - Are They Just a Trend?

When a concept boosts in popularity, it’s common to just assume it’s a trend. However, the influx of large groups dining out is only booming from here. See, everyone got a taste for what it was like to be unable to do so during the pandemic. But once restaurants opened their doors again, dining out became an appreciated luxury. With this in mind, we expect the restaurant industry to evolve in a way that further supports restaurant group reservations. But like anything else, only time will tell.