June 5, 2023
Lauren Platero

The Impact of Technology on Group Dinner Restaurants

Group dinner restaurants heavily rely on innovative restaurant technology. Without it, chefs, hosts, and wait staff can be left scrambling. In many cases, messy restaurant operations can hinder the customer experience

Restaurants for large groups should leverage business and food tech options to better accommodate major reservations. From inventory tools to a high-tech reservation system, there are so many ways to optimize operations for success. Now let's dive in to discuss everything you need to know!

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Group Dinner Restaurants: Definition

Group dinner restaurants refer to eateries that can comfortably accommodate large parties. For various events, they often have back rooms or private dining spaces. They can also offer upscale or casual dining experiences. All of these factors depend on the restaurant, of course. 

Group dinner restaurants are important entities in modern society. Not only do people enjoy going out to celebrate special occasions, but dining out is a common bonding experience for different groups. Maybe a school is hosting a luncheon for graduates. Or, perhaps a couple is celebrating their engagement. No matter what, there are so many to get a large group together.

Group Dinner Restaurants: Examples

Whether you have an upscale restaurant or fast casual cafe in mind, most eateries are suitable for large groups. As long as they have extensive menu types and spacious dining areas, they can contribute to special events. 

Five of the best group-friendly restaurants in the United States include the following:

  1. Golden Corral
  2. Dave & Buster’s 
  3. Hard Rock Cafe 
  4. Outback Steakhouse
  5. The Cheesecake Factory 

You might recognize that each brand listed above is a chain restaurant. Chains and enterprise restaurants make up a high percentage of group dinner restaurants. This is because they have standardized practices, yet enough to accommodate a broad audience. 

7 Ways Technology Impacts Group Dinner Restaurants 

Restaurant technology plays a major role amongst restaurants good for groups. Below, you’ll learn about seven ways that it can streamline operations and boost efficiency for such eateries. With this information, you'll be able to provide each group with a stellar experience.

1. Reservation Systems Streamline Bookings 

The best restaurants for large groups are those that make it easy to book a reservation. In fact, a reservation system can make a world of difference. When customers are able to take their time, they can provide the restaurant with more accurate information. By carefully deciding on a time that works for them with the right number of people, the restaurants have a lesser risk of cancellations.  

Digital reservation systems are also ideal for the restaurant. Once someone secures a date and time, the POS system updates and assigns a table to the party. They can even ensure that the table is off limits for a set amount of time before the reservation window. This way, there’s no chance of making the party wait.

2. Restaurant Inventory Apps Let Group Dining Restaurants Prepare

If your restaurant is going to serve large groups, it’s vital to have sufficient inventory levels at all times. Restaurant inventory management tools let you boost efficiency and reduce costs. By conducting a regular inventory audit, automate orders so you can have what you need, when you need it. 

In the digital age, there’s no excuse to use complex processes and commit errors. With a mix of automation and demand planning, operations can be straightforward all the time. 

3. Payment Processing Software Speeds Up Transactions 

Did you know that group dinner restaurants can speed up turnover rates by implementing different payment methods? That’s right–by giving customers flexible options, they can choose how they pay. And if you have their preferred method available, the process will be much simpler. 

Mobile POS solutions and contactless payments are just two examples of quick methods. There are also restaurant payment technology solutions that can easily split the bill. For restaurants for big groups, this feature is a must. 

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4. POS Integrations Simplify Standard Processes 

POS software entails so much more than just transactions. With restaurant-friendly app integrations, you’re able to multitask. In doing so, you can avoid work overload to the fullest extent. 

For group dinner restaurants, hosts can quickly arrange seating for big parties. On the other hand, each order will instantly enter the kitchen display system. So no matter how many orders you might have to juggle, the front and back of house staff can have everything they need.

Many hospitality software companies market such solutions as cloud technology. Since data can sync across all devices, it gives the staff an incredible sense of ease. Over time, this will boost efficiency by a long shot.

5. Loyalty Programs Prompt Guests to Come Back

Online reservation systems can prompt guests to sign-up for the restaurant loyalty program. If the group dinner host is paying the bill, it’ll be very tempting to register an account. The number of points that can earn on a large bill can be enough to accumulate a ton of points. Or, if they’re already a member, they can redeem points towards the group meal. 

Restaurants can also make it easy for new members to sign-up. Simply display QR codes on each table that brings the guest to the customer rewards program landing page. Even if it’s the first time guests are visiting the eatery, offering them rewards is a great way to establish loyalty.

6. Digital Menus Increase Table Turnover Rates 

Digital menus can come in multiple formats. One of the most popular types of digital menus exists via tableside devices. With this tech solution, large parties are able to order menu items without having to speak to someone from the wait staff. In turn, even larger parties can retrieve their meals in record time. 

The best part? Tableside devices easily allow large groups to split the bill. This feature will also save the wait staff time, as they won’t have to manually split the original bill. 

If your restaurant will be using a custom QR code, large parties can view the menu quickly and efficiently. Opting to use an advanced QR code solution like SproutQR will also allow guests to digitally order dishes. It’s easy to set up, cost-effective, and a way to limit the number of physical menus the waiters hand out. 

The main point is that the more customers are able to do things on their own, the quicker they'll leave. Just because you're serving large groups doesn't mean you can't accommodate a standard number of tables per shift.

7. Analytics Dashboards Can Support Risky Decisions 

Restaurant group reservations can produce a ton of insightful customer data. One of the more useful metrics to pull from reports is best-sellers. 

Knowing this data will allow you to conduct menu engineering. In doing so, you can quickly cut restaurant expenses. This technique allows restaurants to reduce their menu, prioritizing what sells and generates a profit. It'll also help the restaurant eliminate food spoilage

In order to gain a lot of insight, you must serve a lot of customers. Fortunately, group dinner restaurants do just that.

Frequently Asked Questions About Group Dinner Restaurants

Group dinner restaurants make up a large portion of the restaurant industry. Why? Well, the chance to accommodate more customers at a time is a foolproof way to maximize profits. However, it’s vital that you have the solution available to make each dining experience as seamless as possible. 

Need more insight on group dinner restaurants? Continue reading to learn additional context on the topic!

Are Group Dinner Restaurants Profitable?

Yes, any restaurant that can accommodate large groups of people is profitable. The more covers they sell, the more revenue they can generate. Plus, event management services can generate a small fortune. 

What Should Customers Consider When Booking Reservations At Group Dinner Restaurants?

When customers book a reservation at group dinner restaurants, they should be aware of the following pieces of information:

  • Date and time of the event 
  • The theme and occasion 
  • Number of people in the party
  • Any allergies or food restrictions

How Should Customers Handle the Bill for a Group Dinner?

Customers should determine how the bill will be handled before they order any food or drinks. Letting the waiter know whether the bill will be split or not as early as possible is the most courteous thing to do. Plus, it will eliminate any confusion or sour feelings at the end.

What Types of Eateries Make the Best Group Dinner Restaurants?

Restaurants that conduct mass cooking are the best for large groups. With this in mind, the following restaurant styles are the best for large groups:

  • Family-style restaurants
  • Chains and enterprises 
  • Fast food restaurants
  • Bars and grills
  • Buffets 

Do Group Dinner Restaurants Require a Reservation?

Yes, if a party would like to get a table sooner than later, they should book a reservation. If larger parties of more than seven people arrive at a restaurant without a reservation, a couple of issues can arise. First, they can have a very lengthy wait time. Second, the whole party may not be able to sit together. 

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How Many In the Party?

Group dinner restaurants are some of the best places to host special events. If your restaurant is not able to accommodate large parties and every group reservation, let us help you! Book a demo with an Account Executive at Revolution Ordering to learn how you can enhance the group dining experience. From reservation software to catering menus, let us answer all your questions.