June 2, 2023
Lauren Platero

10 Best Restaurants for Large Groups In the United States

The best restaurants for large groups in the United States are important for many reasons. They provide the public with fun and unique places to celebrate special occasions and host important events. From restaurant group reservations to an extensive catering menu, the choices we’re about to cover are sure to be suitable for your next get-together. 

Looking for group-friendly restaurants in your area? Check to see if the ones below are near you!

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10 Best Restaurants for Large Groups 

As you research the best restaurants for large groups, you’ll find one chain restaurant after another. It’s not that independent group dinner restaurants can’t always accommodate large groups. In fact, they do a great job at it. 

Enterprise restaurants tend to have various options within their product offerings. They cater to a broad customer base, which makes it advantageous to accommodate all types of occasions. Below, you’ll find a “top ten” list of the best restaurants for large groups. 

1. The Cheesecake Factory

Who doesn’t love The Cheesecake Factory and its textbook of a menu? You would think that with such a large selection of food and drinks, they can offer elaborate dining experiences. Fortunately, this is 100 percent the case! 

The Cheesecake Factory offers numerous options for your big event. From banquet halls and back rooms to catering services, you can select all the things you need. Making your special event happen cannot be any easier or more diverse.

2. Golden Corral

Need a private party room? Golden Corral can provide one, completely free of charge! Their private rooms are the perfect spots for large dining experiences. From showers to school reunions, there are so many celebrations that can take place at Golden Corral. 

One of the most favorable parts of Golden Corral is the all-you-can-eat buffet. Party guests will have quite the variety of American fare, in addition to delicious salad and dessert bars.

3. Olive Garden

If you’re looking for a secluded, cozy, and comfortable place to dine with a group, Olive Garden is a great choice. They offer a wide selection of Italian-American food favorites, alongside wine and various popular cocktails. If you're catering an event, their menu is large enough to suit an off-premise event. 

For intimate dining experiences, they offer dining rooms that are out of the way from the public. The decor creates a warm ambiance and the friendly wait staff is always happy to help.

4. Buffalo Wild Wings 

If you’re looking to dine with a large group at a sports-centric restaurant, Buffalo Wild Wings should be perfect! You can rent a private party room and invite a  minimum of thirty people. Due to the capacity requirements, this fast casual restaurant is ideal for school functions, large birthday parties, and everything in between.

5. Bahama Breeze Island Grille

Caribbean fare provides a unique twist to any private dining event. Luckily, this tropical chain offers guests with quite a variety for the next event. From their extensive menu of island favorites, party hosts can work with the restaurant to create custom menus. 

From tropical mixed drink recipes to chef specialities, a party menu can be just as diverse as the regular one. Plus, guests can view the private dining floor plan ahead of time. This way, they'll know exactly how to arrange the space. 

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6. LongHorn Steakhouse 

LongHorn Steakhouse is a very spacious eatery, which makes it one of the best restaurants for groups. They may not always have private dining rooms available for more intimate events. However, their extensive menu of meat products, seafood, salads, and sides is sure to accommodate bigger groups.  

For off-premise events, LongHorn offers full-service and drop-off catering services. Full-service catering includes setting up and cleaning up the event space. On the other hand, drop-off services just include the delivery of the food and beverages.

7. Dave & Buster’s

If you want your guests to have a blast, Dave & Buster's is the way to go! Whether you're hosting a kid's birthday party or a social event for the adults, there's a space for every occasion. 

Customers can even implement a theme. For instance, some parties can incorporate sports bar marketing tactics like team-centric decor and game-day favorites. On the other hand, other parties can take advantage of the arcade. In this case, the focus would be more on entertainment than the food. 

 Regardless of what you want the focus to be on at your next event, Dave & Buster's can make it happen. From their lengthy catering menu to their list of add-ons, you can easily make your event ideas come to life.

8. Outback Steakhouse 

Outback Steakhouse is a great restaurant for large groups, as the catering services are extensive. In fact, they offer a wide variety of event management services. From sound equipment rentals to a dance floor, the restaurant can accommodate many types of occasions. Catering orders can even include combination platters. One thing is for sure, and that's that the options that customers can customize are quite diverse. 

Catering a super large event? Outback Steakhouse even offers discounts on orders exceeding a certain dollar amount. With this in mind, the restaurant will surely work with you to keep costs within your budget. 

9. Hard Rock Cafe 

Party hosts can create a fun and energetic dining experience at any Hard Rock Cafe location. They can choose various items from the appetizer list, the entree food selection, and the dessert menu. It's one of the most custom group dining experiences. This is exactly why it's a go-to option for many people worldwide. 

Hard Rock Cafe is also a great place for music lovers. Since the eateries also function as live music venues for smaller acts, the atmosphere is a lively and enjoyable one. From school luncheons to engagement parties, Hard Rock Cafe works with every party to create the best experience possible.

10. Texas Roadhouse 

At Texas Roadhouse, a larger party refers to those including seven people or more. Though they are able to host smaller-scale birthday parties, most of their group dining is offered via catering services. 

Hosting a large event outside the restaurant? This is where you can benefit most from their catering menu. Guests can select an array of options to host their Texan-style event. Or, anything else for that matter, if they enjoy steaks and other comfort foods. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Restaurants for Large Groups

There are certain things that all the best restaurants for large groups have in common. Whether it's their dining style or the policies they employ, there is much to learn from a more general perspective. Want to discover the details? See below for more:

What Restaurant Styles Make Up the Best Restaurants for Large Groups?

Some of the best restaurants for large groups fall within the following categories:

How Should Customers Go About Booking Reservations for Large Groups?

If someone has a headcount of ten people or fewer, they can go about making a reservation as they normally would. However, if there’s an excessive number of people who will be in attendance, call the restaurant as early as possible. This way, you have ample time to discuss any special arrangements.

Are There Any Discounts for a Large Group Reservation?

Sometimes, restaurants good for groups will take a percentage off the total bill for large groups exceeding a number. However, this isn’t super common. Always double-check with the eatery upon booking a date and time to confirm.

How Far Ahead of Time Should Large Parties Book Restaurant Reservations?

Once a party host has a total headcount of who will be dining with them, they should book a reservation as soon as possible. For a regular meal like brunch or dinner, a few weeks in advance should be enough time. But for holidays and other special occasions, you might want to call the restaurant about one to three months before the preferred date.

How Can the Best Restaurants for Large Groups Ensure Seamless Operations?

The best restaurants for large groups can ensure seamless operations by following these tips:

  • Utilize innovative restaurant technology 
  • Require reservations ahead of time
  • Employ enough staff members
  • Create simpler menus for large events 
  • Prepare as much food as possible in advance
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Don’t Forget the Reservation! 

If you’re a restaurant that can accommodate large groups, don't forget to employ the proper reservation policies. By requiring guests to book a time slot ahead of time, you’ll save your staff from stress overload. If you’re a customer hoping to host a large restaurant event, keep reservations in mind. Not only will it ensure you get a booking, but it’s a courtesy to the business.