June 9, 2023
Devn Ratz

Text-to-Order: Revolutionizing Restaurant Ordering

Time is ticking through fast-paced, tech-driven restaurant and hospitality industry trends. Restaurant owners face the challenge to increase efficiency, streamline operations, and maximize revenue

Too often, traditional methods for online ordering fall short. Siloed designs and clunky tablets cause delays, error, and dissatisfied customers. But, isn’t there another way to build sustainable restaurants with off-premise business?

With text-to-order restaurant technology, confused orders and long delivery times come to an end. Through seamless systems to take text orders, restaurants edit out in-person and phone inefficiencies.

Embrace text ordering for enterprise to truly revolutionize your restaurant. In the process, you’ll improve restaurant operations through an POS-integrated software ecosystem. 

See the best perks, essential features, and simple solutions possible with custom text-to-order tech.

Key Takeaway: Text-to-order technology for restaurants transforms efficiency, elevates experiences, and boosts sales performance.
Use text-to-order features from restaurant software to capture customers who prefer ease and convenience.

3 Perks of Text-to-Order for Restaurants

Friday night phones are ringing. Staff frantically jots down orders, and your customers have the look of impatience. In the chaos, you see dishes wasted as orders are misdelivered, misunderstood, or simply missing. 

Without an online ordering solution to change the game, inefficiency and error constantly cut into your ordering sales. As part of that system, text ordering can transform restaurant’s and operational efficiency

The perks of text-order enablement for restaurants extends well beyond easy convenience. Sustainability, more satisfying dining, and cost-of-labor savings also come with integrated food tech sporting text-to-order features.

1. Sustainable Restaurant Sales

Stimulate sustainable sales growth with text-to-order technology, and don’t underestimate the importance of sustainability. The software partner who enables your text-to-order capability should increase restaurant sales through many methods.

Many restaurants may not immediately realize the need and benefit of text-to-order for their bottom line. But, consider that text-based ordering processes mean more accurate order capture and a streamlined ordering process. Automatically, that spells savings for restaurant, hotel, and hospitality operators.

Using text-to-order technology guards your order accuracy and the customer satisfaction level of off-premise business. While protecting sales, it also attracts more customers to your restaurants who prefer speed and simplicity.

2. On-Demand Ordering Edge

On-demand text ordering caters to the modern customer. As industry research reveals, the Gen Z and millennial Americans who dominate restaurant revenue are more dedicated to custom convenience than ever. 

To compete for their business and give themselves a competitive advantage, restaurant owners can implement text ordering. Even at multi-location restaurants, the immediacy of on-demand, text-based ordering stirs loyalty. Customer retention increases, and dramatically faster order processing becomes standard.

Through snappy service and the ultimate ease via text-to-order technology, restaurants cut wait times and boost loyalty program engagement. As delays and waits reduce, a simple analysis of labor costs should show savings. 

3. Labor Cost Savings

Text-to-order technology stands to save you lots of money on needless labor costs. As you add the restaurant technology, you’ll reduce call volumes and staffing demands. You’ll also boost operative efficiency and profitability.

Of course, greater staff efficiency leads to optimized schedules, lower food waste, and more successful sales for your restaurant. 

When a restaurant offers text-to-order for new markets, they experience transformative change. Demo Revolution Ordering to discover how to add online ordering while cutting errors, selling more, and boosting efficiency.

Software Features for Text-to-Order Success

By integrating, automating, and personalizing their solutions, text-to-order software should bring complete, comprehensive benefits to your business. 

Better capture and instant confirmation can almost instantly increase order volume, ticket averages, and repeat business. But, also look to enhance restaurant food cost savings, customer experience, and brand reputation with a well-rounded text-to-order technology for restaurants.

Integrated Technology

Text-to-order functions for your restaurant should be added by a true software partner. In that sense, their software should advance your ecosystem by seamlessly connecting to your restaurant POS systems and CRM software

This will make text orders (and other ordering options you offer) future-proof for customers always expecting the latest convenience. As restaurant tech develops, you can keep pace through fully integrated software that adapts with your needs and challenges. 

Automated Efficiency

POS system and restaurant CRM integrations unlock even more potential for text ordering systems. Beyond order capture and assignment, these systems can also automatically sync with other restaurant management software to eliminate inefficiency. 

With built-in and custom-made automations, businesses boost efficiency and cut expenses from lower restaurant food costs, labor costs, and human errors. Saving time and money, online, off-premise, and text ordering can also improve restaurant marketing.

Personalized Promotion

As a software partner to restaurants valuing customization and dedicated support, we know the importance of a personal touch. In today’s market, restaurants must see customer data clearly, gathering insights from text-based transactions to better target their campaigns.

Software like Revolution Ordering helps you deliver more personalized and powerful messages by gathering data in custom reporting and analytics built for you. 

Choosing Text-to-Order Software Partners

With integrated restaurant technology for POS and CRM systems, business owners can easily achieve an efficient and future-proof way to capture off-premise business. They also optimize efficiency, reduce the cost of labor, and enhance customer experiences. 

Choosing the right software partner, however, can be critical. To fully harness text-based and online ordering, schedule a demo to discover how Revolution Ordering can transform restaurant operations and drive seamless growth.

How custom is the software?

Think about how much you need signature, branded, and custom solutions for your customers. While you can always choose a partner who specializes in the enterprise restaurant and hospitality franchise business, you should also look for customization options.

Make sure your chosen solution aligns with the business needs, processes, and image that makes you unique. If they don’t tick every box, see if the partner is willing to develop custom solutions to gain your business.

Is support available and helpful?

Understand what to expect from the technical support available for your chosen food tech. Many businesses choose great-looking tools only to discover they receive no individual or dedicated support.

Your text-to-order or online ordering software partner for text ordering should be reliable and responsive throughout their interactions. Ask about support hours, account specialists, and update frequency to get an idea.

Can this software scale with orders?

Finally, ensure that the software you choose can adapt and accommodate growing business demands and restaurant industry disruptions. 

This means it should easily handle high order volumes, multi-location restaurants, group ordering, and seamless integration with third-party delivery apps.

Get streamlined software and integrated text-to-ordering through a Revolution Ordering demo.

Frequently Asked Questions About Text-to-Order

Understand why enterprise restaurants, hotels, and chains choose text-to-order features from See how text-enabled ordering can help inspire customers to order more frequently through common questions.

What is text-to-order?

“Text-to-order” conveniently connects customers to efficient order placement through simple text messages. 

For customers and restaurants, text-to-order simplifies the off-premise ordering process by cutting the need for phone calls, in-person interaction, and the human error throughout.

How does text-to-order work?

Using text-to-order, customers send SMS messages to place orders through a specific phone number or online platform

Through integrated online ordering solutions, restaurants receive these SMS orders through their POS system. This helps them process orders quickly, satisfy more customers, and manage operations effectively.

How to text customers when orders are ready?

Restaurants can send texts, notifications, or pushes to customers using the automated order tracking in their restaurant software

Telling customers when to pick up orders or expect deliveries improves their dining experience, leading to more orders, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Revolutionize Your Restaurant

Are you juggling multiple software applications to capture off-premise business? Revolution Ordering may be the answer to simpler operational efficiency through integrated online ordering software.

Say goodbye to disconnected systems, confused logistics, and the hidden cost of inefficient software. Choose a centralized, complete platform for streamlined customer orders. Demo Revolution Ordering today.