November 18, 2023
Lauren Platero

Chowly Competitors: A Comparison with Revolution Ordering

There are many Chowly competitors within the restaurant industry that are comparable to one another. If your restaurant business invests in online ordering services, Chowly alternatives are probably an area you’re familiar with. While online ordering with Chowly might work for you, other hospitality software companies may be more suitable. It all depends on which gaps the business owner needs to fill. 

In this blog, we’re going to strictly focus on Chowly vs. Revolution Ordering. By the end, you should have a clearer understanding of their key differences and similarities. Now, you have a decision to make, so let’s dive right in!

Revolution Ordering Features and Pricing

The culmination of a merchant-first mentality and innovative tech solutions delivers exactly what restaurants need. In fact, this combo makes Revolution Ordering one of the best amongst Chowly competitors. From customer facing tools to those that ease daily tasks, we’ll cover all the top highlights. But first, check out a quick preview of our offerings below:

Let’s start with the basics. Revolution Ordering assists food service brands by providing them with a centralized dashboard. As customers place orders via food delivery apps, they enter the restaurant POS platform, of course. But where we come into play, is the part where we consolidate all transactions and customer data. As a result, we help nurture operational efficiency in all sorts of restaurants. 

The best part about using integrations and POS software is that excessive amounts of hardware aren’t necessary. Ever see the work overload your host experiences when juggling all the tablets for each delivery platform? With a tech provider like Revolution Ordering, we can take all the extra hardware out of the equation. 

Another feature that we think you’ll love is our business intelligence dashboard. Need real-time reporting about the enterprise restaurant’s performance? That data will be available in this dashboard! Or, are you conducting strategic planning and need industry insights? Yup–our business intelligence dashboard can provide this information, too! Say goodbye to guesswork when making important business decisions. 

Revolution Ordering also offers a number of demand creation and restaurant marketing features. From loyalty program elements to flexible gift card integrations, we make it easy to promote your eatery. The ability to hop into the backend and create promotional discounts is another great value proposition for restaurant enterprises. Then, once you have enough consumer data, you can leverage our tools to host an SMS and email marketing strategy

One of the top qualities that we pride ourselves on at Revolution Ordering is our outstanding customer service team. Our clients can reach us any day, at any time. The best part? You’ll have unlimited access to a knowledge base that covers the entire product from A to Z. This way, you may be able to resolve certain issues before they get out of hand. Or, you’ll simply be able to answer minor questions and concerns. 

Last but certainly not least, Revolution Ordering charges each client a flat monthly rate. Instead of having to pick and choose which features you can afford, we offer access to everything for a set monthly rate. As a result, you can accurately project expenses each month. No fluctuations. No hidden fees. No stress. Complete transparency.

Do all of these features sound like the type of solutions you’re looking for? If so, request a demo with us today! Soon after, one of our Account Executives will be in touch to discuss all things relevant to your business’ needs. 

Chowly Features and Pricing

Now, let’s see how Chowly compares to Revolution Ordering. They contrast one another quite a bit, so taking a good look at each should be part of your research. But before we jump into all the details about Chowly, check out a quick list of their top features:

  • A centralized online ordering dashboard.
  • Custom websites and digital storefronts.
  • A dynamic pricing feature.
  • The Chowly support team.
  • Flexible packages and contracts.

Many brands across the hospitality industry use Chowly to offer online ordering services. In fact, they are one of several SaaS providers that integrate with both first and third-party apps. But what makes them unique? 

For one, all orders will land in a centralized dashboard. The restaurant staff can use this feature to track and manage all orders. From the time an order enters the POS system to the time of fulfillment, businesses can monitor every transaction. This way, they can streamline restaurant operations and dodge any complexities. 

Chowly also has a newer feature, Smart Pricing. In simple terms, it's a feature that helps eateries implement dynamic pricing. Let's say that a restaurant likes to change prices on the delivery apps when there's poor weather conditions. Or better yet, when certain days of the week are on the slower side. Raising prices during these times can support the financial health of the business. However, delivery service providers aren't fond of these kinds of actions. 

Instead of changing prices manually, Chowly's Smart Pricing feature uses AI to update prices accordingly. As a result, apps like DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub may not detect such changes. So, there's a lesser risk of getting a penalty. Over time, adjusting prices can let eateries of all styles maximize profits

Chowly clients can also have a custom website made with the right branding. These sites will also include a digital storefront. This aspect is ideal, as it will keep more customers on the page. They might not even opt for another ordering platform. 

When it comes to the Chowly cost, clients can choose packages at a fairly low price. However, the price you'll pay depends on the package you need. Therefore, it can be hard to fit the right package into your budget, and expanding your enterprise might be costly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chowly 

We know firsthand that learning the differences between hospitality software providers can be quite the challenge. So, we thought it’d be helpful to answer some more questions you may have about Chowly and the entire online ordering landscape. Read on for more:

Who Can Use Chowly 

Restaurants and other hospitality businesses can use Chowly. However, Chowly integrations primarily target eateries.

What Is the Cost of Chowly?

As of May 2023, potential Chowly clients can expect to pay at least a few hundred dollars per month. However, their packages seem to be dependent on the number of locations in an enterprise. This makes it difficult to gauge how much money you need to allocate for such investments. 

What Does Chowly Offer?

Chowly offers online ordering solutions and restaurant-centric features. Chowly POS integrations allow restaurants to view all orders from a centralized location. From there, they can offer other solutions, such as hosting websites and implementing loyalty programs. 

Who Are the Most Common Chowly Competitors?

The most common Chowly competitors include:

  • Revolution Ordering
  • Olo
  • ChowNow
  • Bentobox
  • Incentivio 
  • Aloha
  • Toast

Why Are Online Ordering Systems So Important?

Online ordering systems are so important since they streamline restaurant operations. As a result, restaurants are able to speed up turnaround times and create a better customer experience

Decision-Making Is Just a Call Away

As you can see, there are several distinct differences between Chowly and Revolution Ordering. This means that the brand that offers the perfect solution for one brand may differ from another. But now that you have the information in front of you, it’s time to analyze your business’ needs and carefully weigh your options. Afterward, the right choice should be clear.