November 19, 2023
Lauren Platero

Chowly Cost vs. Revolution Ordering: Which Fits Your Budget?

How much does Chowly cost enterprise restaurants? What exactly does the Chowly pricing model look like? Those are two questions that any business owner will need to know prior to investing in an online ordering software provider. 

It’s oftentimes a complicated topic of discussion since hospitality software companies tend to have numerous fees. For instance, Chowly fees and those associated with other brands might include startup costs, payment processing fees, and so on. That’s why it’s crucial to compare and contrast all the options available. 

In this blog, we’re going to discuss what the Chowly pricing model looks like, as well as what the Chowly fees will grant access to. Then, we’ll take a similar deep dive into Revolution Ordering’s pricing model and key app integrations. Now, without further ado, let the comparison begin!

Chowly Cost and Pricing Model

When it comes to the Chowly cost and their pricing model, clients seem to create a package depending on what they need. This is just one of many reasons why it's vital to conduct a restaurant SWOT analysis before making investments. Besides, how else will you know which tools you need most?

As of May 2023, Chowly online ordering services begin with a $200 set-up fee. However, they seem to waive this fee for many clients. After the launch period, clients pay the Chowly monthly cost. As of May 2023, the month-to-month fee was a set figure. But if the client decided to sign an annual contract, the cost would come out to be a lesser amount per month. These figures will be dependent on whether the client selects the core package or not.

Depending on which products you opt for, the Chowly monthly cost can get you the following:

  • A centralized dashboard within the Chowly Online Ordering system. 
  • "Smart Pricing," an AI-powered tool to implement dynamic pricing
  • Simple and editable digital menus from a cloud-based platform. 
  • Commission-free transactions with a first-party ordering system. 
  • Access to the Chowly support team whenever you need assistance.
  • Website design elements, especially after the acquisition of Koala.

Now, let’s see how the Chowly cost and pricing model will compare to Revolution Ordering. Continue onto the next section for all the details. 

Revolution Ordering Cost and Pricing Model

Something that makes Revolution Ordering unique from other competitors is our flat monthly rates. While conducting your research, you’ll find that many SaaS companies offer one-off products. With these companies, the client must create their own package, picking and choosing features if they’re on a tight budget.

Though it may not seem like the biggest issue to purchase packages, it can become expensive and complex for medium to large enterprises. For instance, you may have one location where the restaurant loyalty program is very successful. Meanwhile, you may have another location (or more) where marketplace order insertion must be diverse. In other words, an enterprise might have locations in major cities like New York, where integrating with multiple food delivery apps is a must.

The point is that not all units within the same enterprise are equal. Therefore, mixing and matching features from a hospitality software company can add up rather quickly. Luckily, we made the decision to eliminate this issue for our clients.

Revolution Ordering’s prices are subscription based. In other words, you will never see month-to-month fluctuations. The ability to sustain financial health over extended periods of time begins with regular payments. So not only is it easy to incorporate our products into your budget for the long-term, but you’ll always be aware of which payments are coming up. There’s no guessing, and certainly no surprises or hidden fees.

By just paying a flat monthly fee, Revolution Ordering clients gain access to the following features: 

Believe it or not, there’s so much more that Revolution Ordering has to offer! Request a demo with us today for an in-depth overview of the platform!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Chowly Cost 

Depending on the number of restaurant units you operate, the Chowly cost can be much higher than you might expect. And even though Chowly online ordering solutions might seem ideal, it’s vital that you choose a product that’s most suitable for your restaurant budget. With that in mind, the following FAQ section covers a bit more information about Chowly. See below for the extra insight:

How Does Chowly Work?

Chowly works by integrating with a restaurant’s POS system. Once a business installs POS hardware and software, it’s time for a company like Chowly to add all the bells and whistles. By connecting with the POS system, the company will be able to offer innovative features such as gift cards, delivery services, and so on. Since it connects to the POS system, all of these extra functions will be automatic as orders roll in.

Is Chowly a POS System?

No, Chowly is not a POS system provider, but rather a company that offers POS integrations. So you have your POS system, including tablets, dashboards, and monitors. Chowly would be the provider that offers things like loyalty programs, marketplace order insertion, and more. As a result, brands can use Chowly and Chowly competitors to enhance their business.

Does Chowly Work With Grubhub?

Yes, through Chowly’s third-party marketplace order insertion, they can integrate with Grubhub. As a result, Chowly clients can display their business on the Grubhub app. In doing so, they’re able to drastically expand their reach and bottom line.

Does Chowly Work With Square?

Yes, Chowly can integrate with Square. In doing so, hospitality brands are able to consolidate all transactions that enter their POS system. As a result, they’re able to better organize and manage their orders.

Does Chowly Integrate With Toast?

Yes, Chowly integrates with Toast. For one, Chowly can onboard Toast’s POS hardware. Then, they have the choice to move forward with Toast for their software solutions or go elsewhere. Luckily, many online ordering software providers integrate with Toast. This means that Chowly clients have options if they use Toast’s POS devices.

Chowly Cost vs. Revolution Ordering Cost: Which Platform Best Suits Your Budget?

Now that you have a clearer understanding of the Chowly cost and pricing model vs. the subscription model offered by Revolution Ordering, it’s now time to make an informed decision. Of course, there will be numerous factors that will impact the total price each month. How many units will be using the platform? How long will your initial contract be active? These are just two of many details that can influence costs. 

So, consider where you can fill gaps in your business and thoroughly weigh your options. Then, prepare product-centric as well as finance-related questions for your consultation call(s). With the help of an industry expert, you should be on your way to making a sound decision and a smart investment.