November 23, 2023
Lauren Platero

Chowly Support vs Revolution Ordering Support: A Must-Read

What do the Chowly support channels look like? How do they compare to Revolution Ordering’s customer service initiatives? These questions sparked a comparison, which we will cover in-depth throughout this blog post.

When you make the decision to partner with a hospitality software provider, you’re investing a lot of time and money. Plus, there’s even a chance that doing so will impact the entire infrastructure of your restaurant business. So, it’s vital that you don’t choose a provider that’ll end up being problematic. Instead, you should opt for hospitality software companies that are there for you every step of the way.

But before we dive into the comparison between Chowly support channels vs. Revolution Ordering, let’s answer the most important question: Why is great customer service so important, after all? Read on to find out!

The Importance of Accessible Customer Service Channels

When you’re shopping for restaurant technology, you might not give much consideration to each provider’s customer support channels. After all, you’re not a customer yet! Why worry about that now? Well, there are many hypothetical situations to think about before making a decision. 

Let’s say one of the food delivery apps is down, and therefore, you’re not getting the most out of marketplace order insertion features. Or, what if you notice an issue regarding the centralized dashboard where all orders should roll into? These are just a couple of examples that would directly impact restaurant operations. But what about customer-centric features? 

For example, what if there’s an issue with the restaurant loyalty program and customers are unable to redeem points? Or, what if gift card integrations are malfunctioning? Even the most innovative restaurant technology isn’t as perfect as we might like to believe it is. 

Are these kinds of issues occurring on a regular basis? No, thankfully. However, if and when they do, they aren’t exactly problems that you want to ignore for a long period of time. 

With accessible customer support channels, pressing and lingering issues can be a thing of the past. As a result, the restaurant staff won’t have to deal with excessive work overload trying to resolve conflicts on the clock. But more importantly, you can feel confident that you can deliver a positive customer experience at all times.

Chowly Support Channels

There are three separate Chowly customer service channels. For starters, there is a Chowly support number where people can speak to a live customer service representative. However, it’s worth noting that this customer support channel is not available 24/7. Instead, they are only available between 9am and 12am CST. 

The second Chowly support channel is an SMS hotline number. Clients can submit questions and inquiries via text for a quick reply. In many cases, a customer service channel that operates via text messaging is pre-programmed with automatic responses. However, this may not be the case with all providers. 

The third Chowly support channel is a live chat, where clients can receive a help ticket. This option is pretty similar to talking to a representative on the phone. But depending on whether or not the live chat is a bot or not, there’s a chance that the responses could be limited. But not always. Like anything else, this is something to confirm when conducting your research.

Revolution Ordering Support Channels

If one of our clients runs into a concern, we’re here to help. No matter the day or time, somebody from the Revolution Ordering customer success team will be available. In fact, one of the top features that we’re extremely proud of is our 24/7 customer support channel. That’s in addition to our lineup of innovative tech solutions, of course! We understand that sometimes, you can’t wait until the next day, or even worse, after the weekend to resolve an issue. So, give us a call if something should occur, and we’ll be right on it.

You should also know that every Revolution Ordering client has complete access to an extensive knowledge base. The point of this resource is to allow our clients to learn the product inside and out. This way, they’ll be able to make the most of their investment. But also, the knowledge base provides them with the information to resolve minor conflicts on their own. 

Our third customer support channel is a new chat tool on our website. It’s powered by AI to provide you with a variety of answers, mainly pertaining to what we do and how the product works. The chatbot may not always have the answers to complex questions. If that should happen to you, no worries. Simply give us a call, and we’ll get down to business. 

Speaking of having a conversation, feel free to schedule a demo with an industry expert today! If our customer support channels seem like they’d be beneficial to your business, we’d be happy to discuss all our other features and app integrations!

Frequently Asked Questions About Chowly Support

Chowly support channels are important to be aware of when researching different SaaS providers. However, there is so much more to consider. Check out the following FAQ section to learn more about Chowly and the ways it connects to POS systems.

How Much Does Chowly Cost?

The total amount that it will cost to partner with Chowly completely depends on the size of your business. More specifically, this cost will depend on the number of units using Chowly’s services. But typically, Chowly charges a couple of hundred dollars per month for each unit. Plus, there are add-ons and one-off products that companies can add to their package. With this in mind, it’s important to be mindful of what the different Chowly fees are that may stack on top of the monthly rate(s).

How Can You Reach Chowly Customer Support?

Chowly support is available 24/7 via text. But if you need to reach a customer support representative sooner than later, you can reach them via phone between 9am and 12am CST.

Does Chowly Offer POS Hardware?

No, Chowly is not a POS hardware provider. Instead, they offer hospitality brands software options that integrate with the POS system. For example, a restaurant might partner with Toast, which gives them POS devices like tablets and card readers. Then, Chowly or even Chowly competitors are how businesses can offer enticing perks.

Whether it be a loyalty program, gift card integrations, or something else, a brand like Chowly can make it happen. Plus, POS integrations can simplify order management. In doing so, restaurants can improve operations. So, it benefits the customers just as much as the staff.

Does Chowly Offer Support Channels?

Yes, Chowly customer service comprises a couple of different options. If clients have a quick question, they can reach Chowly via text messages or the live chat. But if there are more persistent and urgent matters, they have a phone number that customers can dial. However, it’s worth noting that customer support representatives are not available to answer phone calls 24/7.

How Does Chowly Work?

Chowly works by integrating with a restaurant’s POS system. Once a business has the POS system in place, it’s time for a company like Chowly to add all the bells and whistles. From storing all transactions in one platform, to implementing tools like live order monitoring, POS software integrations can be very diverse.

We Provide the Support Your Business Needs

Stellar customer support is essential. It’s especially important when you’re investing a good portion of your monthly restaurant budget in innovative solutions. With this in mind, strongly consider the kind of customer support channels you’ll want for your business. Is restricted availability a concern for you? Would you prefer a live representative on the phone or a text hotline? Ask yourself and your staff these kinds of questions. Then, choosing the platform that’s right for you might become a bit easier.