February 1, 2024
Lauren Platero

The Ultimate St. Patrick's Day Menu Inspo: Catering Edition

When creating an in-house St. Patrick’s Day menu, it’s strongly advised to also create a St. Patrick’s Day catering menu. Catering orders are abundant when a holiday takes place. Plus, doing so will help your restaurant business heighten visibility and maximize profits

In this article, we’re going to supply you with several St. Patrick’s Day party food ideas. Plus, we’ll explain which components of such a menu are must-haves and why you should sell these items via online ordering apps. There are a lot of menu categories to plan and dishes to prepare–so, let’s begin!

St. Patrick’s Day Menu Must-Haves

Before we jump into specific dishes and recipes, there are some concepts to be mindful of. While these will not be strict rules or protocols, there are several ideas that could lead to greater sales this St. Patrick’s Day. Some pointers to consider are as follows:

When you keep these concepts in mind, you’ll end up creating menu types and cohesive restaurant marketing strategies that effectively reflect the holiday. Now, let’s get into those restaurant menu design ideas!

St. Patrick’s Day Catering Menu Ideas

Ready to become one of the best bars for St. Patrick's Day with a variety of limited-edition St. Patrick's Day food specials? Check out the following sections for inspiration!

Shareable Appetizers 

Appetizers and St. Patrick's Day snacks are always best-sellers. Sure, you can serve platters of finger food that are often found on appetizer menus. However, the ones we’re about to mention are certainly the most festive and suitable for the occasion. 

Here are a few options that you can’t go wrong with adding to your St. Patrick’s Day appetizer list:

  • Irish Soda Bread: Instead of regular dinner rolls or bread and butter, supply catering customers with loaves of Irish soda bread. It’s just as tasty on its own as it is with a slab of butter. Besides, what’s more associated with St. Patrick's Day food ideas than Irish soda bread?
  • Beer Bread and Spinach Dip: Select your favorite Irish beer brands to create a light and fluffy bread. It’ll have just a hint of the beer flavor, which will pair perfectly with the ale or stout by the glass or bottle. Then, you have the spinach dips that pairs deliciously with the bread. Plus, the natural green hue will complement the St. Patrick’s Day theme. 
  • Pot of Gold Fondue: Serve single servings of fondue in small pots, or in one big one for a fun take on family style dining. Then, serve it with a variety of chips and crackers to complete the dish. 
Key Takeaway: Appetizers may not always be healthy St. Patrick’s Day snacks, but they certainly add to the festive atmosphere!

Entree Food Inspired By the Irish

The main course will be the central focus of your St. Patrick’s Day menu. The star of the show, if you will. When it comes to food sales, the entrees will likely contribute to the highest profits during the month of March. 

Consider adding one or all of the following St. Patrick's Day food specials to the entree list:

  • Corned Beef and Cabbage: You didn’t think that we could create ideas for a St. Patrick’s Day catering menu without adding this classic, did you? We’re confident that trays of this traditional St. Patrick's Day food item will be a top seller every March. 
  • Shepherd’s Pie: If you want to add a dish to your St. Patrick’s Day menu that isn’t as restrictive as the one above, a shepherd's pie may be a great option. Not only can you use a few different meat choices like beef or lamb, but a variety of vegetables, too. If you’re looking to use up a lot of fresh produce, find a recipe for this Irish classic. 
  • Loaded Irish Potatoes: Many people view potatoes as the ultimate side dish. But if you get spuds that are big enough, load them with cheese, dairy condiments like sour cream, and meat products, you can make a meal out of them. Plus, they’re filling and inexpensive. 
Key Takeaway: Even when parties are catered, they may still be casual. So, try not to promote a formal sit-down dinner on your menu. 

Sweet Treats

Caterers have it easy on St. Patrick’s Day when it comes to the dessert menu. That’s because St. Patrick’s Day is all about the theme. When you put more of a focus on the theme, you can get away with more basic recipes than you would with an elaborate event. 

Some decadently delicious sweets you can add to the menu include:

  • Whiskey Infused Chocolates: Just when you thought truffles couldn’t get any richer, you can add whisky or bourbon to the mixture to intensify the flavor. Just make sure you use Irish liquor to fully commit to the theme!
  • Shamrock Cookies: You can’t supply food for St. Patrick’s Day events without something looking like Shamrocks. Pick your favorite sugar or butter cookie recipe and get a Shamrock cookie cutter. If you want to mix things up a bit, throw in some four leaf clovers in a slightly different shade of green. 
  • Green and Gold Cupcakes: There’s nothing much simpler than freshly baked cupcakes. Dye the cake batter or icing green and use gold sprinkles to stay within the theme. Or, use black cupcake liners to resemble a pot, then get gold icing or completely dowse all the frosting in metallic yellow and copper sugar crystals to look like gold. 
  • Bailey’s Irish Cream Mousse: For a rich and unique dessert, serve white or milk chocolate mousse infused with the famous Irish cream. If you want the dessert to be reminiscent of the actual liqueur, serve the mousse in shot glasses. Double shot glasses though, since one ounce wouldn’t hold much of an airy consistency. 
Key Takeaway: As long as the desserts are festive or contain Irish elements, anyone will be able to end their meal on a positive note!

St. Patrick’s Day Catering Menu Extras 

There is so much more that you can add to the St. Patrick’s Day catering menu than just food and drinks. Chances are, everyone who places catering orders will be hosting some kind of party. Therefore, you can take this as an opportunity to offer festive add-ons. In doing so, you can offer customizable packages that people can order. 

Some of the most festive add-ons that can accompany St. Patrick's Day food include: 

  • Utensils, glassware, and paper goods
  • Green and gold streamers
  • Festive balloons
  • Leprechaun and rainbow decals
  • A list of QR codes linking to festive music playlists
  • Pots of gold with chocolate coins (a great party favor!)

Package deals are a great way to give the buyer optimal control over their purchase. As a result, customer satisfaction and a great customer experience at the catered event will likely be automatic.

Why You Need to Add the St. Patrick’s Day Menu to Food Delivery Apps

If you add your St. Patrick’s Day menu to mobile apps, you’ll instantly be promoting it to the masses. This is because of the high number of people who have delivery apps on their phones. Plus, online ordering integrations will allow you to capture the utmost amount of orders. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About a St. Patrick’s Day Menu

There is so much room for creativity when it comes to crafting a St. Patrick’s Day menu. So much so, that it can feel a bit overwhelming to complete. However, with the ideas suggested throughout this blog, along with the FAQ section we’re about to dive into below, you should be able to begin.

What Should Be On a St. Patrick’s Day Menu?

A St. Patrick’s Day menu should include corned beef and cabbage, potatoes, Shamrock-shaped sweet treats, beer, Irish whiskey, and beyond. A St. Patrick’s Day menu is all about intertwining tradition and festivities. A balance between the two is perfect. 

Should My Restaurant Offer St. Patrick’s Day Catering?

Yes, your restaurant should absolutely offer St. Patrick’s Day catering services. For one, catering is a great way to maximize revenue in a short period of time. Catering services also help expand a restaurant’s reach and visibility. While one person might be the one placing the order, the catered event will have several more people in attendance. As a result, all of those guests will get a taste of the restaurant.

What Kind of Food Do You Serve for St. Patrick’s Day?

It’s always a good idea to serve Irish classics and anything dyed green on St. Patrick’s Day. From corned beef and cabbage to green beer, you can’t go wrong with thematic menu items.

Do People Order Catering Packages for St. Patrick’s Day?

Yes, many people order catering packages for St. Patrick’s Day. Catering services are especially popular amongst those throwing a St. Patrick’s Day party. Whether they’re hosting an event for school, work, or at home, catered events are always the way to go. Besides, what’s better than professional-grade food and minimal work?

What Food Sells the Most on St. Patrick’s Day?

Corned beef and cabbage sells more than any other dish on St. Patrick’s Day. In fact, it would probably be impossible to find a St. Patrick’s Day menu without it. It’s an Irish tradition, especially in the United States. Therefore, it’s a staple for many families and party goers.

Supply the Best Food for the Best Luck This St. Patrick’s Day

Now that you have a ton of ideas for your St. Patrick’s Day menu, it’s time to bring those recipes to life! Once you complete both the in-house and St. Patrick’s Day catering menus, start placing orders for ingredients by the end of February through the first week of March. This way, you’ll have ample time to prepare dishes as needed, organize your kitchen for the big day, and guarantee freshness. Oh, and don’t forget to add the selection to the digital ordering platforms!