February 7, 2024
Lauren Platero

17 St. Patrick's Day Food Specials to Boost Restaurant Sales

The creation of St. Patrick's Day food specials just scratches the surface of what you can earn from holiday festivities. Offering a limited-time-only St. Patrick’s Day menu is an opportunity to give your customers something new while the business itself can maximize revenue

St. Patrick’s Day party food isn’t the only aspect of holiday specials. Restaurant promotion ideas and other restaurant marketing strategies are also parts of the equation. In this blog post, we’re going to outline everything you need to know in order to prepare for the festivities. From St. Patrick’s Day food specials to exciting deals, we’re about to offer a ton of creative ideas. Now, let’s begin!

St. Patrick’s Day Food Specials: 5 Must-Haves 

Whether you’d like to serve food trends or traditional St. Patrick's Day food, there are many specials that you can add to the menu. Typically, food specials consist of menu items that are only available for a limited time. Food specials could also refer to current deals and promotions that a restaurant might offer periodically. But we’ll cover St. Patrick’s Day restaurant deals a bit. If you’re interested in St. Patrick's Day food ideas for your upcoming specials, check out five tasty ideas below:

  1. Corned beef and cabbage, the most iconic St. Patrick’s Day dish of all time. 
  2. Shepherd’s Pie, another Irish classic that many people opt for on St. Patrick’s Day. 
  3. Colcannon, a delicious staple that will pair perfectly with other green food for St. Patrick’s Day.
  4. Dublin Coddle, a stew that’s one of the most robust and flavorful St. Patrick's Day food ideas. 
  5. Soda Bread, a delicious baked good that can also be one of the best St. Patrick's Day snacks.

St. Patrick’s Day Restaurant Deals and Promotions

If you want to experience a surge in traffic, food orders, and drink sales in March, then look no further than St. Patrick’s Day restaurant deals and promotions. Unsure of which ones to add to your holiday marketing plan? Use some of the ideas below or let them spark inspiration for other ideas:

  • A “luck of the Irish” giveaway for a restaurant gift card. 
  • 17% off the bill for anyone who is wearing green. 
  • Irish trivia games for a chance to win prizes. 
  • A free item from the appetizer list for the first seventeen parties who arrive. 
  • A discounted flight of Irish beer.
  • A sampler of various Irish whiskey brands.  
  • Sampler platters of Irish appetizers or dessert menu items.

The Influence of Restaurants With St. Patrick’s Day Specials 

When restaurants host St. Patrick’s Day food specials, or any holiday food specials for that matter, they’re setting the bar within the restaurant industry. This is for a number of reasons. So, let’s break it down. 

When restaurants seamlessly deviate from their regular menus, they’re automatically implementing product differentiation. As a result, they’re able to remain competitive thanks to relevance and a sense of originality. 

Participating in holidays is also a way to sustain an engaging brand. Over time, this can lead to customer satisfaction and a high customer retention rate. It’ll also become everyone’s go-to place to be for special occasions and holidays, which leads us to our next topic of discussion: catering

Restaurants that offer catering services have the potential to surpass competitors by a long shot. So, if you’re going to offer something like St. Patrick’s Day food specials at your brick and mortar eatery, why not let customers receive them for off-premise events? A restaurant will most likely supply the food and drinks for private parties, so you might as well leverage the opportunity to capture all the orders you can.

Speaking of which, is your business in need of online ordering tools to streamline on and off-premise transactions? If so, we’ve got just the right tools to scale your restaurant business! Feel free to schedule a demo with an industry expert, and we’ll be in touch!

St. Patrick’s Day Bar Specials: 5 Lucrative Ideas 

If you want to operate one of the best bars for St. Patrick's Day, you should consider offering your customers drink specials and discounts. There’s a high markup on all the different types of alcohol anyway, so it’s almost impossible for your business to miss out on profits by implementing this tactic. Some of the more lucrative ideas that you can offer from behind the bar include:

  1. Discounts on all Irish beer brands
  2. $2.00 shots of any Irish whiskey 
  3. Shamrock-colored versions of popular cocktails 
  4. Sweet cocktails inspired by rainbows and leprechauns
  5. Original mixed drink recipes using Irish beer or whiskey

Frequently Asked Questions About St. Patrick’s Day Food Specials

From healthy St. Patrick’s Day snacks to full course meal options, there are many ways to implement St. Patrick’s Day food specials. If you’re looking for more insight on the matter, we’ve got you covered! Check out the selection of frequently asked questions and answers below for more ideas.

Should All Restaurants Offer St. Patrick’s Day Food Specials?

Yes, all restaurants should offer St. Patrick’s Day food specials. For one, doing so will add to the festive atmosphere. But more importantly, specials tend to attract more customers. So by having limited edition specials or discounts, you end up raising the restaurant profit margin.

What’s the Point of St. Patrick’s Day Food Specials?

The point of St. Patrick’s Day food specials are to celebrate the holiday while boosting sales simultaneously. The concept of restaurant specials is a valuable marketing tactic all year long. But when you tie in the festivities that are associated with a holiday, marketing efforts are taken to the next level.

Can Restaurants Boost Profits From St. Patrick’s Day Food Specials?

Yes, restaurants can boost profits from St. Patrick’s Day food specials. In fact, that is the primary goal for creating them in the first place. Sure, many restaurant owners may be in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day and celebrate the holiday. But in all fairness, the boost in sales they experience is likely the sole purpose of switching up the menu.

When Should Restaurants Begin Planning St. Patrick’s Day Food Specials?

Restaurants should begin planning St. Patrick’s Day food specials towards the end of February. This way, they’ll have enough time to place orders for the ingredients they’ll need. Traditional Irish cuisine may not be on the regular menu, which means that their inventory orders will look a bit different in March. So, to ensure that they can serve all the St. Patrick’s Day food specials, they must place orders ahead of time. Just remember to order perishables last! You want to avoid the risk of food spoilage at all costs.

How Do Bars Make Their Beer Green for St. Patrick’s Day?

Bars make their beer green for St. Patrick’s Day by using food dye. By adding just a drop or two of green food coloring to a beer glass or a pitcher, they can make it a festive shade. It’s always best to use lighter beers. For instance, a beer that has a light golden hue could end up being a vibrant shamrock or Kelly green. Meanwhile, a stout or lager might turn out to be a forest or army green. While they’re all super fitting for the occasion, it’s important to consider what you have in mind before choosing a beer to dye.

Special Deals for a Special Day!

Every special occasion should coincide with deals and promotions. It’s not every day that eateries get to host celebrations or add to the festivities of a holiday. The implementation of limited edition specials is also a proven tactic that attracts old and new customers. As a result, your business can stand out within a saturated market, while boosting sales and visibility simultaneously. It’s truly a win-win for everyone!