May 9, 2023
Lauren Platero

Catering Hall Ideas to Accelerate Business | 2023 Edition

When learning how to get more catering orders, it’s important to analyze your current catering hall. Whether you want to zero in on catering marketing tactics or the power of a catering online ordering system, there are so many catering ideas that can accelerate business. 

Note that catering hall ideas can look a bit different from catering restaurants. So, if you’d like to learn all about it, you’re in the right place! Read on. 

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Catering Hall: Definition 

A catering hall refers to a large venue space where guests can book time slots for events. The best part about catering halls, is that as the name states, food comes with the price. 

There are many reasons as to why someone would reserve a date and time at a catering hall. To name a few, some of the most popular events that take place in them include weddings, corporate conferences, reunions, and auction galas. 

When you operate a catering hall, it's safe to say that you'll be working with a plethora of unique customers. Just as an example, the customer profile who chooses your business for company retreats will look much different from those hosting birthday parties. So, it's your job to find ways to cater to each target audience. 

With all of this in mind, it’s vital that you onboard all the proper features and solutions to bring a customer’s vision to life. From innovative restaurant technology to beautiful decor, catering hall ideas are endless. So without further ado, let’s dive into several of our top picks.

Catering Hall Ideas: Technology 

Many catering hall ideas stem from the use of technology. Would you like to broaden your reach? Then utilize catering online ordering solutions. Or, perhaps you're a catering manager and would like to give customers an inclusive experience. In this case, you'd want to offer various payment processing methods. 

Regardless of the options you choose, many of them can accelerate business in no time. Read on to learn about several of our favorite options.

1. Online Reservation System

Want to accelerate business? Utilize an online restaurant reservation system for catering opportunities. Since you’ll be providing food and drinks to the public, systems made for restaurants will do the job. 

Restaurant reservation software takes orders, processes payments, and organizes dishes with the back of house staff. It works similarly to accepting restaurant reservations but with more useful features. Using this tool is a sure way to streamline daily tasks.

2. Integrated POS System 

Using POS software that integrates with various solutions will enhance your catering business plan. With the right POS solution, you can offer guests so many perks. Just a few of the most coveted options include custom packages, contactless payments, simple catering invoices, and a customer rewards program. Plus, it'll simplify tasks on the business' end.

3. Inventory Management Software 

Onboarding a restaurant inventory app will do wonders for your catering hall. This will allow the catering menu to be extensive and unique. In turn, an endless array of ideas will help boost catering sales

Restaurant inventory management software will reduce food spoilage, too. As you order the ingredients you need, you'll be at a lesser risk of buying excessive quantities that'll go to waste. 

4. Event Planning Software 

Catering an event is just one part of a massive equation. Other areas to focus on include decor, timelines, seating arrangements, and more. By implementing an event management strategy, you'll be able to coordinate, upsell, and host events. Want a pro-tip? Use an event POS solution to further streamline such operations. 

5. HR Software

There will be a different number of employees necessary for each catered event. This means that schedules will fluctuate. To avoid understaffed shifts and work overload, onboard HR software for restaurants and catering businesses. 

Catering Hall Ideas: Decor and Ambiance 

In addition to innovative technologies, there are other features that must be present within a catering hall. In this section, we’ll discuss the various aspects that’ll make different catering jobs unique and personal. Read on for more:

1. Lighting 

Install different types of lighting to set any kind of ambiance. Overhead lighting is ideal for daytime events. However, dimmer, more romantic lighting is beautiful for evening occasions. Ensure that all your lighting options can be lit in different depths, colors, and brightness levels. Like anything else, this can be one more thing guests can customize.

2. Seating 

Restaurant seating and the arrangements in a catering hall are quite similar. Once customers book their event and have a headcount of guests in attendance, it’s time to arrange the seating. This will entail numerous factors. 

For one, you’ll have to decide with the customer how many guests will be at each table. Then, you have to choose the layout for such tables and chairs. 

3. Linens

Ensure that you have a wide variety of linens in storage. This should include table coverings and napkins. In some cases, a catering hall will even offer drapes that match the table linens. 

Linens in varying colors and prints will allow guests to customize their event. For special occasions like weddings and graduation parties, much of the decor revolves around a color palette. By offering a little of everything, you’ll be able to cater to everyone. 

4. Art and Floral Arrangements

Art pieces and floral arrangements can completely elevate a catering hall. Not only do they liven up a catering room, but they can help nurture a theme. Offer guests a variety so that your staff can decorate the space accordingly. 

5. Sound Equipment

It would be a dull experience if you were unable to play music or speak to the whole room. By investing in high-quality sound equipment, guests can enjoy festive tunes throughout their whole event. Plus, they won't always have to rely on hiring a DJ. 

Frequently Asked Questions About a Catering Hall

There are so many factors that contribute to a catering hall business. From mapping out what you’ll offer guests to choosing the best location possible, there's so much to figure out. If you’d like to check out a brief overview of the basics, we’ve got you covered. See below for more details:

What Are Some Creative Ideas for Decorating a Catering Hall?

There are many ways to decorate a catering hall, from lighting to table centerpieces. You can also add to the aesthetic by furnishing the space with beautiful furniture, floral arrangements, linens, and art. It's also ideal if you have enough decor on hand to offer themed events.

How Far In Advance Should Customers Reserve a Catering Hall?

It's safe to say that customers should reserve a catering hall anywhere from six to twelve months before their event. It's always a good idea to check with the catering hall you wish to work with. Some catering halls have a very high demand, where guests book reservations years in advance. So, just be sure to choose the catering hall before you select a date.

What Are Some of the Most Popular Menu Items When Catering Events?

It's no surprise to find fan favorites at catered events. Depending on the guest(s) of honor, it might be slightly different from one event to the next. However, some of the most popular menu items across the board include pasta, classic meat dishes, fish, salads, and cake for dessert.

What Is the Average Cost of a Catering Hall?

The average cost to reserve a catering hall is several thousands of dollars. Some catering halls will be more or less expensive depending on its demand. There are also numerous variables that will impact the price. Factors like decor, number of guests, and sit-down vs. buffet dining will affect the price.

What Are Some Tips for Selecting the Right Catering Hall?

When selecting a catering hall, consider the following tips:

  • Visit the venue before booking a reservation. 
  • Double-check the seating capacity. 
  • Choose one in the best location for your needs.
  • Review all the price tiers and available packages. 
  • Consider customer reviews beforehand. 
  • Select a catering hall that offers custom menus.
  • Choose one that has a wide range of decor for themed events. 
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Key Takeaways

As you can see, there are so many details that go into catering hall ideas. For many customers, the main focus will be all about the visuals and custom packages. For others, a strong focus on innovation will be a must. But once you acquire a balanced mix of both categories, your catering hall business will be bound to flourish.