March 13, 2024
Lauren Platero

Pizza POS | 6 Must-Have Pizza POS Software Integrations

A pizza POS system is a popular form of restaurant technology. It functions almost identically to other POS software in the hospitality industry. However, it allows for integrations that are suitable for pizzerias. Some restaurants will use it for the ability to offer pizza delivery via mobile apps. Meanwhile, others may wish to offer conveniences like contactless pizza delivery. Either way, they’re quite valuable. Now, let’s break down the term a bit further and discuss several of the best pizza POS software features.

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What Is a Pizza Point-of-Sale (POS) Platform?

If you’re a merchant of any kind, this is not the first time you’re hearing about a POS system. However, a pizza POS system comprises regular payment technology with features suitable for pizzerias. But just to clarify, almost any restaurant type can use the POS platform that their neighborhood pizza shops might be using. It’s just that pizza POS software might accommodate common practices, like pizza deliveries.

6 Must-Have Pizza POS Software Integrations

A POS system for pizza shop operations can make or break the success of your business. You see, every niche market needs products and solutions that are tailored to its unique needs. And while ordering pizza and dining in pizzerias is incredibly popular, there are still specific aspects of operations that need unique integrations.

Whether you’re still learning how to start a pizza shop or how to optimize the one you already own, this next section is for you. Read on to learn about how six pizza shop POS system features can take your business to the next level.

1. Online Ordering

Online ordering solutions will allow your business to offer fast pizza delivery via third party delivery apps. When you really stop to think about it, it’s almost impossible to imagine a successful pizza shop in this day and age that doesn’t offer delivery services. After all, it’s one of the most popular meals that consumers purchase for delivery.

In case you were wondering, the best apps that we recommend leveraging include:

  • DoorDash
  • Uber Eats
  • Grubhub
  • Postmates
  • Slice

Once your pizzeria becomes available on at least one of the delivery platforms mentioned above, the brand’s visibility will skyrocket. Geographic location will no longer be a factor, and people who are searching for pizza shops will likely zero in on your menu at some point or another.

2. GPS Tracking

When a pizzeria gets busy, it can be complete and utter chaos. With this in mind, the last thing that front of house staff members should need to manage is frequent phone calls. Sure, you’ll always welcome those calling to place an order. But what about customers who are wondering what their order status is? Those can lead to your staff experiencing work overload and missed calls from potential customers. So what’s the solution? Utilizing a GPS tracking system, of course! Once customers place an order online, they’ll be able to view the exact location of their driver. From the time the takeout order hits the road until its arrival at their front door, customers should have little to no questions.

3. Order Customizations

There are countless topping combinations that can go on pizza. Then, there are even more ways to customize a pie. For example, some customers may want to double up on a particular ingredient. Meanwhile, someone else might want one topping on half of the pie and something else on the other side. Regardless of what your customers are purchasing, you need to ensure that your pizza POS software can input such granular customizations. This idea is especially true for digital ordering platforms. If customers are unable to order exactly what they want, they could choose one of your competitors instead.

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4. Group Ordering Multi-Pay Functionalities

When ordering food and drinks with a large group, it can be difficult to manage payments. But when you’re able to order a pizza online or through an app, pizza POS software can let you split the bill. What this means is that an event host or team leader can send a custom link to their party, where everyone can choose their menu items. Then, this person will get a prompt at the end to pay and process the order. In situations kind of like the one explained here where corporate professionals dine together, this feature comes in handy quite often. Since everyone can place their own order, ordering pizza for a group has never been more convenient.

5. Contactless Payments

If you’re going to offer customers contactless delivery, then there must be an option for contactless payments. When food delivery apps were first rising in popularity, it was common for customers to order their meals online and pay the driver upon arrival. In some cases, this process still exists today. However, digital and contact-free payments are more convenient and efficient. Plus, the digital transaction will be clearer and much more secure, protecting your customer’s payment data.

6. Delivery and Pickup Options

Despite the number of times that consumers across the nation order a pizza for delivery every day, not everyone will opt for this method. So, you need to ensure that customers have the option to receive their order via delivery or by picking it up at the restaurant. With popular apps like DoorDash, customers may not have the choice. However, this is just one of many prime examples of why you need to diversify your availability options across ordering platforms. Not only will you be able to capture more sales, but your retrieval options will be inclusive to anyone.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pizza POS

A pizza POS system is different from pizza POS integrations. However, learning the distinctions is easy! Check out the following FAQ section for additional information on these topics.

Which Companies Offer Pizza POS Software Solutions?

Various companies that offer pizza POS software solutions include:

  • PAR Brink
  • Toast
  • Micros Res/3700
  • Positouch
  • NCR Aloha Quick Service
  • NCR Cloud Connect
  • Xenial

Do I Need a Pizza POS System for My Business?

Yes, you need pizza POS software if you’re striving to achieve optimal success. Running a pizza shop can be stressful and there’s an abundance of competition. Therefore, it’s imperative that you have the tools to offer the best food and customer experience.

Is There a Hardware-Free Pizza POS Software Provider?

Yes, there sure is–right here at Revolution Ordering. Our advanced suite of pizza POS software solutions allows our client base to do more with less. That’s because the platform is a central hub for all order management processes to coexist. The best part? This feature lets you ditch all the tablets for each delivery app!

Will Pizza POS Software Cost My Business a Lot of Money?

The truth is that pizza POS software doesn't have to cost you a lot of money. On an even more positive note, it isn’t an investment that should come with a ton of hidden fees. Unfortunately, that’s the case with many popular providers. But with Revolution Ordering, you can onboard pizza POS software integrations for a flat monthly rate.

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Pizza Shop?

It can cost an entrepreneur anywhere from $100,000 to well into the millions to start a pizza shop. This dollar amount will depend on a number of factors like location, your labor force, the real estate you lease, your pizza POS solutions, and so on. In most cases, financial assistance is a must to get such a business off the ground.

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Pizza POS Integrations At Your Fingertips

Revolution Ordering offers pizzerias across the United States with seamless POS integrations. If advanced solutions for your restaurant are something you have in mind, let’s chat about it over a demo! Once you learn about how much you can accomplish with a single platform, you won’t want to miss out on the countless growth opportunities it presents!