March 11, 2024
Lauren Platero

Pizza Delivery | Complete Guide to Pizza Delivery Service

Pizza delivery service is a staple within the modern hospitality industry and isn’t going out of style any time soon. The ability to order food to arrive at their doorstep is a simple luxury that so many customers love. Meanwhile, all those pizza deliveries can quickly maximize revenue for a restaurant business.

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to learn how to start a pizza shop? Or, are you further along in the process and asking how much does it cost to start a pizza shop? Perhaps you’re already working within a pizzeria and just need some insight on its operations and costs. No matter where you stand at the moment, this post shares all the information you need to know about pizza delivery.

What Is Pizza Delivery Service?

Pizza delivery service is one of the most popular concepts within the restaurant industry. While some customers prefer calling in their orders, others prefer using food delivery apps or an eCommerce site. Regardless of how a restaurant’s customer base buys their pizza, it’s a service that can completely transform an eatery.

5 Solutions That Make Offering Pizza Delivery Service Easy

Sure, pizza pick up lines aren’t that long and dining in can be a very enjoyable experience. However, you can’t lose sight of the fact that offering pizza delivery can completely transform your business for the better. We’ll discuss a handful of its benefits in a little bit; but first, let’s check out a brief overview of five solutions that can improve pizza delivery services at your restaurant.

1. Pizza POS System

A POS system for pizza shop operations is vital for organization and innovation. Well, it’s more so about the integrations that can sync with the POS platform, but there are some that are more suitable than others. From tools that easily let people order pizza for a group to accepting payments via mobile wallets, the right POS provider can simplify restaurant operations.

2. Online Ordering Integrations

The ability to order a pizza by calling it in is convenient and profitable on its own. But you can accelerate the order volume even more by connecting your POS platform with delivery apps. By using a centralized system for all orders, every transaction will coexist in the same place. As a result, businesses can streamline order fulfillment and get orders out the door in record time. Fast pizza delivery is essential, which means that ditching all the tablets and consolidating orders is a must.

3. Contactless Payments

It’s essential to offer customers the ability to pay for their order online or in an app. This solution is for two important reasons. For one, they won’t have to fuss with a card reader or cash while standing outside their door with the delivery driver. Second, paying for the order ahead of time allows them to leave a note requesting that the driver leave their order on their doorstep. Whether the customer is sick or they don’t want their bell to ring, contactless pizza delivery is convenient for many people.

4. Real-Time GPS Tracking

Customers who order pizza online should be able to track their orders in real time. The way it works is once a driver picks up an order, the customer can view a map with the path their driver is taking. The ability to view the order’s status while it’s on the road will prevent any calls to the restaurant if there’s a delay. This feature will also let the customer view an estimated time of arrival (ETA) which is a convenient touch.

5. Order Customizations

If there’s one dish that people tend to customize more than anything, it’s pizza! Ensure that your customers have the option to pick and choose what they want. Whether they want extra cheese on the whole pie or pepperoni on half, provide them with the means to state their customizations clearly. Some pizza shops might prefer checkboxes for everything while others might just add a text box. Either way, this feature will surely lead to customer satisfaction.

4 Benefits of Offering Pizza Delivery Service

When you begin offering pizza delivery services, you’ll quickly take note of its many benefits. After all, why else would almost every pizzeria offer it? Check out a brief snippet of the top four benefits associated with pizza delivery below:

  1. Increased Visibility: Customers who browse through a list of open restaurants will stumble across your business. Therefore, your geographic location and exact address won’t matter as much. With that said, if your business begins to thrive on online orders, you can relocate to a less expensive location that’s not as visible to nearby traffic and still be successful.
  2. Higher Profits: When customers log into their delivery app of choice or a restaurant’s website, they’ll be met with recommendations. As a result, cart values are bound to increase, making the restaurant earn a higher profit.
  3. No Need for a Large Dining Room: Does your brick and mortar restaurant not have a large dining room? No problem! With off-premise dining, most of your business can take place outside your establishment.
  4. Lower Labor Cost: Hosts and wait staff can result in very high labor expenses. But when your largest team comprises delivery personnel, while some of which might work for the delivery service provider, you can reduce how much you lay out in wages.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pizza Delivery

While pizza delivery may seem super simple on the surface, there’s quite a lot of details that go into it. From app integrations to its ability to increase your bottom line, there’s so much more to learn. See the selection of frequently asked questions and answers below for some additional insight!

Is Pizza Delivery a Profitable Service to Offer?

Yes, pizza delivery is one of the most profitable services a restaurant can offer. For one, pizza is an incredibly popular dish. But more importantly, it’s easy to deliver multiple orders in a short amount of time. This is mainly due to the fact that it doesn’t take too long to prepare the pizzas in the first place.

Should All Pizza Shops Offer Delivery Service?

Yes, if your restaurant has pizza on the menu, you should also offer delivery service. If there is one type of food that’s associated with delivery service more than anything else, it’s pizza. As a result, delivery options are something that hungry customers look for. By not offering it, you could be limiting your reach.

On Which Apps Should I Offer Pizza Delivery Service?

Your restaurant should offer pizza delivery service through the most popular delivery apps, which include:

  • DoorDash
  • Uber Eats
  • Grubhub
  • Slice

How Can Pizza Delivery Service Improve My Business?

Pizza delivery service can improve your business by offering customers a sense of convenience while meeting industry standards. Not only will you be able to serve more customers than you would otherwise, but you can make more from delivery apps. When customers use apps to place their orders, many upselling tactics can be in place to increase cart values. As a result, orders that were originally supposed to consist of pizza only might end up including other menu items. Over time, this kind of strategy will lead to higher profits.

Is Pizza Delivery Service a Competitive Advantage?

Yes, pizza delivery is a competitive advantage that can make or break your business. That’s because among restaurants that offer pizza, delivery service is almost always an option. If your restaurant is one that doesn’t offer delivery, you could end up steering potential customers toward local competitors.

Pizza Delivery Services That Deliver Tangible Results - Get Started Now!

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