March 12, 2024
Lauren Platero

Pizza POS System | 5 Perks of a POS System for Pizza Shops

A pizza POS system will be the central point for your pizzeria. Without restaurant payment technology, the business would not be able to function, let alone thrive. Luckily, POS software has come a long way over the last several years, allowing for innovative functionalities.

In this day and age, a pizza POS system can accomplish far more than accept transactions. Continue reading this post to learn about several perks of using such a solution!

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What Is a Pizza POS System?

A pizza POS system is a type of payment technology that has features suitable for pizzerias. It allows such restaurants to accept and process transactions while simultaneously establishing the best customer experience possible. From digital payment methods to integrated systems, a pizza POS system can be the foundation of so many tech solutions.

5 Perks of a POS System for Pizza Shop Operations

If you operate a pizzeria, it’s a good idea to invest in a pizza POS system. We’re going to take a wild guess and assume that pizza delivery is your most profitable revenue stream. Or, maybe you want to achieve this by getting a solution that helps offer fast pizza delivery service. Or, perhaps you’re in need of more granular integrations. Regardless of your situation, check out five perks of a POS system specifically designed for pizza shops below.

1. Online Ordering Integrations

If there’s one sector within the restaurant space that should have access to online ordering solutions, it’s the pizza sector. According to one study, the United States alone consumes approximately 3 billion pizzas every single year. To put this number in perspective, this means that about 8 million pizzas are ordered each day. So, considering the frequency in which consumers order a pizza, the ability to order pizza online or via delivery apps is essential. And whether your customers are ordering pizza for a group or are spending the night in and opt for contactless pizza delivery, choosing the right POS system can offer the most valuable features on the market.

2. Reporting and Analytics Dashboards

If you’re still in the process of learning how to start a pizza shop, you’re probably asking the question: how much does it cost to start a pizza shop? And if you’re aware of the many costs that go into operating such a business, you know that there are numerous granular metrics to keep a close eye on. Since the performance and success of your pizzeria will stem from sales, it’s vital that your POS system can provide you with restaurant data and reporting tools. Which pizza toppings are your best sellers? During which time windows is there a surge in orders? These are just two of countless questions that a pizza POS system can help you answer.

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3. Employee Management Features

While a pizzeria is a fairly simple business entity, your staff will be a diverse group of positions and contribute to daily operations. From managing the pizza orders for pick up to deploying off-premise pizza deliveries, there will be numerous responsibilities amongst your team. With this in mind, it’s advisable to use a POS platform that has built-in employee management solutions. The most important feature that your staff will be able to leverage is a scheduling tool. Employees will be able to view shifts, rearrange them when somebody needs coverage, and so on. As you can probably imagine, this feature comes in handy for the wait staff and delivery drivers.

4. Integrated Payment Processing

Both customers and staff members can benefit from a pizza POS platform that has built-in payment processing features. For one, payments can be as seamless as possible. Whether your customers use a traditional card reader or scan their mobile wallet, seamless payments are fast payments. Payment processing features also protect you from errors since everything is digitized. This means that neither you or your guests will lose money due to transactional errors.  And last but certainly not least, payment processing gateways protect both parties with data encryption.  Thanks to PCI standards, both the merchant and customer can feel comfortable knowing that their payment data is secure.

5. Inventory Management Solutions

For optimal efficiency, it’s imperative that you use a bar and restaurant inventory management system that syncs with your pizza POS system. As customers place in-house and off-premise orders, they’ll automatically enter the POS platform. Then, all ingredients that go into their food and drinks will be deducted from your inventory levels. By maintaining accurate data metrics, new purchase orders and inventory control will be easy to manage. If you don’t have this kind of system in place, you could face a substantial amount of confusion, human errors, and inaccurate data. Over time, these issues can have a negative impact on your business.

Frequently Asked Questions About a Pizza POS System

A POS system might seem like a fairly basic product. And it was for many decades. But with the rise in popularity and demand of restaurant technology, POS providers now tailor their solutions to specific sectors. To learn more about pizza POS systems, check out the following selection of frequently asked questions!

What Are Some Pizza POS System Providers?

Some of the most popular POS partners that accommodate pizzerias include:

  • PAR Brink
  • Toast
  • Micros Res/3700
  • Positouch
  • NCR Aloha Quick Service
  • NCR Cloud Connect
  • Xenial

It’s also important to note that we integrate with all of these POS system providers. But if you don’t see yours, let us know. We still might be able to integrate!

Is a Pizza POS System Necessary for Success?

Yes, ​it’s safe to say that a pizza POS system is necessary for success. Not only will a POS platform allow you to capture more sales, but it’s the industry standard as of 2024. Every suburban town and major city has an abundance of pizza shops. So, installing a POS system that has niche-specific features is the first step toward keeping up with the competition.

Which Pizza POS System Integration Is the Most Important?

The single most important POS integration is probably online ordering functionalities. Here’s the thing, pizza is more associated with food delivery more than any other type of cuisine. If a pizza shop risks not offering delivery, they may not be able to compete against competitors. In fact, it can be hard surpassing local competition when you do offer delivery services. So to not have the option at all, you could be hurting your business quite rapidly.

What Kind of System Do Pizzerias Use to Take Orders?

Pizzerias use POS systems to take orders. It’s also their POS platform that allows them to organize and fulfill orders. With the right integrations, these processes can be automated and simplified for the staff.

What Is a Pizza Ordering System?

A pizza ordering system is a platform designed to accept, process, and fulfill pizza delivery and pickup orders. It’s a system that will capture the payment, transfer it to the kitchen display system, and provide the customer with tracking information. In the age of modern food tech, this kind of system is essential for pizza shops.

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We Can Integrate With Your Pizza POS System!

Are you looking for ways to optimize your business through tech-savvy innovations? If so, our advanced suite of POS solutions can complement your pizzeria by transforming operations. Schedule a demo with us today, and we’ll walk you through what the future holds for your business.