March 21, 2023
Lauren Platero

Country Club Wedding | 9 Tips to Host Country Club Weddings

A wedding day is one of the most special and memorable times in a couple's life. Many couples dream of a country club wedding, as they offer the perfect blend of upscale amenities and services. 

Country clubs are luxurious and inclusive places to host events. Plus, the country club culture helps give the venue space a more high-end atmosphere. By partnering with the right vendors, alongside ceremony and reception areas, a private club can be the perfect venue. Offering your space for weddings is an easy way to maximize revenue, too. 

Both the couple and the venue can benefit from a smooth planning process and streamlined day-of operations. In this article, we'll cover how different solutions can result in the perfect wedding day. 

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What Is a Country Club Wedding?

Country club weddings are the kinds of weddings held within the amenities of a private club and golf course. They have indoor and outdoor spaces for the ceremony, and ballrooms and banquet halls for the reception. 

Many couples invest in country club weddings for their upscale amenities, beautiful views, and exceptional service. It's a sure way to host a high-end wedding. Plus, their guests will have a memorable experience, too. 

9 TIps to Host a Country Club Wedding

Tieing the knot is a special moment. From golf course management software to unique menu options, every country club manager and event planner can create the best day of a couple's life. 

Without further ado, read on to learn about nine tips for hosting country club weddings!  

1. Use An Integrated POS System

Country club POS systems streamline ordering and payment processing for clients. By using a POS system that supports app integrations, country clubs can process payments, store data, retrieve a frequent point of sale report, and more. POS software can also integrate with other platforms, like reservation and booking systems. 

Want to learn how to revolutionize your wedding venue's POS system? Book a demo with us today! 

2. Use Online Reservation Software 

One of the best perks of a country club wedding is that the coordinators usually use a venue platform. This tool integrates with reservation software to create a seamless booking experience. The country club can also link it to a user-friendly website. 

In addition to booking reservations online, couples can also select their preferred package. During this step, they can make any changes and requests. At the end, couples can pay for their wedding package through the same account.

3. Let Couples Make a Custom Menu

Country club weddings will undoubtedly be the most special events you'll ever host for clients. Make every aspect just as special, right down to the menu. It's important to keep in mind that the food and drinks are some of the most memorable parts of a wedding. So, let couples create the menu of their dreams. 

Offer future brides and grooms something different from country club members. This will help you stand out amongst competitors in no time. Even though country club food is quite upscale and delicious, it's always ideal to offer unique variations for country club weddings. 

Even if couples choose to have their wedding in the earlier half of the day, hosting brunch can be just as unique. Fun twists on golf course food might make great hors d'oeuvres during happy hour. Then, standard entree food can be updated to the couple's preferences.

 And you can't forget about country club drinks. Offer an open bar in each package, but allow couples to feature unique drink names or recipes for their special day. These can pair with the theme, color palate, or something else that's special to them. 

Country club weddings should always include the cake as part of the packages, too. Not only can cakes be custom, but this will eliminate the stress that something might damage it during transportation. Other dessert menu options can also be a part of different packages, as well. 

4. Create An Online Wedding Website

The country club wedding website can serve as the first impression, main point of contact, and information source. Similar to virtual tours, the website should be able to answer every question a couple may have. 

If you decide to conduct country club marketing tactics, many options will stem from the website. Whether you'd like to promote venue features or country club dining options, all ads should direct prospects to the website. 

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5. Offer Virtual Tours 

Speaking of the country club website, offer prospective clients virtual tours. Showcase facilities, services, and add-ons. Features like custom menus, decor varietals, and bridal suites are surely what prospects are looking for. 

Tech makes it possible for couples to check out country club wedding venues in the comfort of their own homes. Virtual tours can represent the venue more realistically than photos, too. Making an informed decision regarding the chosen wedding venue is essential. Luckily, you have the ability to make this step a little bit easier.

6. Onboard a Kitchen Management System

When a country club wedding takes place, a kitchen management system can help streamline food preparation and delivery. These solutions automate kitchen workflows, reducing the risk of errors and delays. In turn, they also reduce work overload

Country club weddings can be high-stress events for the country club management team. The decision to onboard restaurant tech that makes these events a little easier will establish major improvements for the team. 

7. Automate Inventory Tracking 

Similar to kitchen tech, use innovative restaurant technology that can easily take inventory. Restaurant inventory apps track ingredients, help with demand planning, and more. If you promote the importance of sustainability at your venue, reducing food spoilage will go a long way. Luckily, this kind of solution will allow you to do so. 

This tool will also come in handy when couples make custom menus. Once you have all the dishes, find recipes and calculate the amount of ingredients you’ll need. Then, schedule such orders accordingly. 

Want to start improving inventory management techniques before your next lineup of country club weddings? Book a demo with BlueCart today! 

8. Utilize Event Planning Software

An extensive amount of planning goes into a wedding. From creating the restaurant seating arrangements for the reception to a custom country club menu, there are so many options for couples to choose. Allow clients and staff to work together within an event planning software. 

Couples can access event management tools to select options, make suggestions, and message their coordinator. Find a way to integrate such features with the event POS system, and your job can be much easier. During the process, this solution can streamline all venue operations

9. Invest In Proper Venue and Restaurant Lighting

Lighting options can drastically change the atmosphere of a country club wedding. This will not only nurture the vision the couples have for their special day, but it will improve the ambiance. Many couples also choose to have colored lighting or special effects, depending on their theme and wedding color scheme. 

Having the right technology to offer these options amongst other decor is ideal for optimal customer service. Many lighting systems also pair with sound equipment. Be sure to weigh your options and choose one that best suits your venue. 

Frequently Asked Questions About a Country Club Wedding

Are you learning how to open a country club and want to make it the best venue possible? Or, perhaps you're wondering how to elevate the experience for newly-weds. Either way, you've landed in the right place! 

See below for more details:

What Are the Benefits of a Country Club Wedding?

Country clubs offer many benefits for weddings, including a stunning location, upscale menu items, and attentive coordinators. Plus, all the features of a country club wedding creates a memorable experience for all. 

How Much Does a Country Club Wedding Cost?

On average, a country club wedding can cost between $20,000 to $100,000 or more. However, many factors can impact this price. Such factors include, number of guests, day of the week, and add-on services.

What Kinds of Services and Amenities Do Country Club Weddings Offer?

Services and amenities that country clubs usually offer for weddings include: 

  • Wedding planning services 
  • Indoor ceremony spaces
  • Outdoor ceremony spaces
  • Suites for the bride and groom
  • On-site hotel or guest house
  • Pre-reception cocktail hour
  • Open bar
  • Catering services 
  • Reception halls 

What Kind of Attire Is Appropriate for a Country Club Wedding?

Wedding attire is completely up to the couple to decide. However, country club weddings typically coincide with formal attire. In some cases, country club weddings will even be black-tie events. If it's important to the couple, they should specify attire requirements on the wedding invitation. 

How Far In Advance Should You Book a Country Club Wedding Venue?

Couples should book a country club wedding venue at least 6-12 months in advance. They're high-demand locations, so this is usually the wait time for available dates and times. If you're getting married during peak wedding season, this will ensure that you can get the date and time you want. 

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Happily Ever After Begins Here 

Tech can enhance the country club wedding industry, from country club management software

 for events, to the right venue or golf course POS system. With the right tools, the planning process can be an enjoyable experience for all. We hope these tips lead to an unforgettable wedding venue.