March 20, 2023
Lauren Platero

Country Club Drinks: 37 Beverages to Offer Club Members

If you're a country club manager or owner looking to enhance the country club dining experience, look no further! We understand that country club drinks are a key component of every country club menu

Country club management teams should analyze data from the country club POS systems. In doing so, they'll acquire a starting point for which country club drinks to offer. Then, they can brainstorm for unique drink ideas. 

Even if you're just learning how to open a country club, know that the drink menu must be vast. Premier liquor and unique recipes help nurture a luxurious country club culture, too. Many people obtain a membership for the club's unique amenities. So, make your offerings worth every penny. 

No matter where you stand within a club or golf course management team, knowing a diverse selection of country club drinks off the top of your head is ideal. Read on to learn everything you need to know. 

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Country Club Drinks

As food and drink orders enter the country club management software, you'll begin to notice drink and food trends. But before this can happen, you need to offer a wide range of options. 

Throughout this post, we'll cover country club drinks for each category. Country clubs are some of the most high-end and lucrative business models. Even drinks can contribute to their ability to maximize revenue.

Now, let’s dive in and discuss what you should offer!


Beer is a staple in any alcohol-serving establishment. Many beer types pair well with casual dining food menus and are refreshing on their own. Plus, the ABV isn't outlandishly high like other spirits. In turn, country club members may purchase more of it. They are a great item for the minibar, too.

Country clubs can also emphasize the importance of sustainability by partnering with local breweries. Many country clubs can find unique beer brands in their own neck of the woods. It's always a great look to support other businesses, too. 

Some of the most popular beer types you should carry include:

Popular Cocktails 

Whether you’re hosting brunch, happy hour, or a regular dinner, cocktails are favorable go-to beverages. They're delicious, festive, and can adapt to many themes and seasons. In fact, many country club marketing ideas revolve around thematic menu items. 

Here’s a list of some of the most famous cocktails to offer members:

There are so many other cocktail recipes, but these are the basic drinks every bartender should know how to make. It's also beneficial to learn about proper glassware and creative twists on standard drinks. For instance, learn how to make a frozen White Russian. Then, this drink can sit near items like frozen piña colada, and other icy country club drinks. 

It's also beneficial to learn how to make cocktails free of dairy and sugar. Keep dairy-free milk and sugar-free juice options behind the bar to meet every dietary need. 


Various types of alcohol are necessary to have on hand for country club drinks. Without them, you simply cannot make many drink recipes. With this in mind, the most popular liquor choices to have behind every bar include:

These options include some of the best alcohol for shots and are the foundation for many popular drink specials. Have these on hand, and you'll likely increase bar profits in no time!


Wine pairs beautifully with various meals. Hire a sommelier to create the best wine pairing menu, offer suggestions, and introduce new options. Understanding which club and golf course food dishes pair with different wines is ideal for stellar customer service

Red wine pairs best with meat products and other savory entree food. Red wine types that should be amongst all the country club drinks include:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Merlot
  • Pinot Noir
  • Malbec
  • Zinfandel 

White wine pairs well with seafood and other options that are light on the palate. For those who prefer white wine, offer the following varieties:

  • Chardonnay
  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Riesling
  • Pinot Gris/ Pinot Grigio
  • Moscato

It's also common to find champagne varieties on the wine list. Other unique variations of wine that many club members will love, include:

  • Rosé
  • Prosecco 
  • Sangria 
  • Flavored wine

Non-Alcoholic Country Club Drinks

Mocktails and soft drinks are just as important as alcoholic beverages. Offering country club drinks with no alcohol also creates a safe and inclusive environment. Not everyone is able to consume alcohol. Some simply don't enjoy it. 

To create alcohol-free varietals, keep the following beverages on hand at all times:

Tips for Serving Country Club Drinks

Just like with regular country club food service, there are many tips and tricks to serving country club drinks. Read below to learn all about our top five:

1. Properly Train the Bar Staff

Not only should each bartender be able to make a variety of mixed drink recipes, but they should have the members' safety in mind. Teach the staff how to calculate ABV so that everyone can drink with caution. 

2. Use Well Liquor

Alcohol is the most profitable item of all the other types of inventory in a restaurant. But did you know that drinks can be even more lucrative? Well liquor typically refers to cheaper liquor that's not detectable in drinks. Use such products in standard recipes, unless a member would like to make an upgrade. 

3. Educate the Staff

Supply the staff with a selection of the best cocktail recipe books. Not only will this help inspire new menu items, but it will answer many questions when members ask for something unique. 

4. Change With the Seasons 

Seasonal country club drinks will keep members coming back. Switching from refreshing summer cocktails to winter cocktail recipes will make members want to try something new. Plus, it keeps the restaurant and bar from becoming dull and predictable. This is an issue that many businesses face, so change things up every season to avoid this from happening to your private club. 

5. Utilize Bar Technology 

Use a bar inventory app to take inventory with ease. Not only will this help with inventory forecasting, but it will keep you from stocking your liquor storage space with products you don't need yet. Plus, it can integrate with your club or golf course POS system to easily track products. Want to learn more? Book a demo with BinWise today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Country Club Drinks 

Still have questions about country club drinks? Don't fret--we've got you covered! Read on to learn more!

What Types of Alcoholic Beverages Are Typically Served At Country Clubs?

Beer, wine, and cocktails are the most popular alcoholic beverages served in country clubs. Generally speaking, they offer a range of premium brands, too. 

Do Country Clubs Offer Non-Alcoholic Drinks?

Yes, country clubs offer a variety of non-alcoholic drinks. From mocktails to standard soft drinks, club members have quite the variety. 

Are Country Club Drinks More Expensive Than Drinks at Regular Bars or Restaurants?

It all depends on the country club; however, specialty drinks will likely be more expensive than at other bars and restaurants. Members may be able to pay a standard price for most soft drinks, though. 

Do Country Clubs Offer Happy Hour Specials or Other Promotions for Drinks?

Yes, many country clubs offer happy hour, which is when many drink varieties are lower in price. Such drink choices also accompany appetizers and other finger foods. 

Can Members of a Country Club Bring Their Own Alcohol to the Club?

Whether members of a country club are allowed to bring their own alcohol to the club or not will depend on the specific policies of the club. Some country clubs might allow members to bring their own wine or spirits, while others may not.

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How About Another Round? 

Country club drinks are some of the most profitable menu items. By offering members the ultimate variety, both parties will benefit. Guests will have delicious options, and the country club will have numerous products that can generate revenue. It's truly a win-win situation!