March 15, 2023
Lauren Platero

Improve the Experience for Country Club Members In 7 Steps

Improving the experience for country club members will generate optimal success for private clubs and golf courses. As members have one great experience after another, word-of-mouth marketing, customer reviews, and cash flow will steadily increase.  

When a country club management team gets together to brainstorm, improving guest retention should be a hot topic of conversation. So, we've got you covered! But first, let's break down the different types of memberships you might offer. 

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Types of Country Club Members

Country clubs often offer more than just a standard membership. In fact, providing potential members with a variety of options is a great way to close more sales. 

Consumer data shows that people prefer flexible options when buying memberships. Flexibility gives people more control over their buying decisions. So, options enhance the customer experience.

Country clubs in the US are just as luxurious as they are expensive. However, their prices depend on each membership. Let's dive into a variety of packages to offer country club members. 

Junior Memberships

The age requirement for junior memberships can differ from one country club to the next. Sometimes, country club members must be under 40 years old to qualify. On the other hand, some clubs offer this package to much younger people only. 

Junior memberships will cost less than others. However, once members surpass the age limit, they'll have to upgrade to remain a member. As you might imagine, offering junior memberships is an effective way to build loyalty at a lower price, before the higher price sets in. 

Senior Memberships

This membership is for country club members who are over 65 years old. Senior memberships are sold at a discounted price and include a mix of amenities and features. 

For a slightly lower price, senior members can enjoy a little of everything. This is great for them, as many of them are retired from their careers. Considering that they'll likely spend more time at the country club, it makes sense that they'd get a lower price. 

Social Memberships

Social memberships give country club members unlimited access to most of the facilities. However, sports facilities are limited. Hence the name, many country club members opt for this package for the social elements. 

One of the biggest restrictions within this membership type is for the golf course. Social memberships allow very few rounds of golf. However, there's certainly more flexible options than with something like a house membership. 

Corporate Memberships

Corporate memberships grant access to facilities for employees of a company. Access can be for the purpose of business or personal use. A popular reason is to entertain prospects, clients or business partners.

The amenities under this membership can include a golf course, restaurants, and event spaces. Some country clubs have restrictions on the number of employees who can use the membership at a given time. Make this information very clear to potential country club members.

Non-Resident Memberships

Out-of-state members can join a country club. This concept is especially popular for those who enjoy country clubs while on vacation. 

Non-resident memberships cost less than others, as the club staff knows there will likely be less activity from its members. It wouldn't be fair to charge them just as much as local members, so keep this in mind when developing a pricing strategy. 

Sports Memberships

Sports memberships in country clubs allow access to all the athletic amenities. These membership packages are for those who want more of a golf course experience. 

Since there is limited golf and sporting amenities, there's usually limits to sports memberships. For instance, some may only include a dozen rounds of golf per year. As always, it's best to check with the golf course management team to confirm and encourage guests to make reservations. 

House Memberships

If members don't want to partake in sports, they can opt for house memberships. This membership type specifically excludes sports amenities, making it ideal for leisure. 

House memberships are also perfect for friends and family members of golf lovers. If they want to accompany them but don't want to participate, no problem. Remember, inclusive offerings are key for success.

Improve the Experience for Country Club Members

Okay, so you’ve implemented all of your country club marketing tactics and have a loyal roster of country club members. Now, it's time to give them the best experience possible. 

Whether you're a long-term C-suite executive at a country club, or are learning how to open a country club, these steps are vital. They'll support your clientele and provide numerous growth opportunities

See below for everything you need to know:

1. Offer the Best Country Club Menu Options

Country club food service is one way to maximize revenue. Plus, it's an element that can allure country club members and keep them coming back. 

Whether the restaurant is hosting brunch or an ornate dinner, country club dining can consist of many cuisines and menu types. Plus, it can establish memorable experiences. Upscale dining is a dime a dozen in some areas. By serving the best recipes from creative menus, country club members are sure to have a stellar experience. 

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2. Utilize Country Club Management Software 

The experience that country club members live correlates directly with the staff. Maintain smooth operations amongst the team by adopting management tools. 

The country club manager will be the one who oversees such operations and systems. An all-inclusive project management tool can streamline tasks and clarify expectations. A tool with scheduling and messaging features will do the trick. 

When country clubs eliminate the risk of work overload, they create a more relaxing environment. These emotions translate to country club members, making their visits that much better, too. 

It'll also help an understaffed business plan more effectively. Say goodbye to insufficient shifts, and hello to greater productivity.

3. Use Features That Integrate With Country Club POS Systems

Without POS software, you won't be able to accept transactions from country club members. Not only is this solution essential for businesses, but they can potentially elevate the whole model.

 App integrations are additional features that make the POS system more inclusive. For example, country clubs can add pOS abilities for a customer rewards program. Or, they can allow people to customize their membership packages.

4. Emphasize the Importance of Sustainability 

Making an effort to promote sustainable efforts may be impressive to country club members. Many people try to go green and remain conscious of the environment. Implementing this strategy is sure to make you stand out amongst the rest. 

Adding sustainable restaurants on the club's premises is a way to do this. Or, utilize safe landscaping products to maintain the golf course. Sustainable practices are beneficial for the safety of all--the Earth, members, and the business. 

5. Provide Great Customer Service 

One of the best ways to enhance the experience for country club members is to find ways to boost customer service. All products and services aside, the way people are treated will impact people’s opinions more than anything else. 

Customer service traces back to the staff. As you hire and train new team members, emphasize the importance of customer satisfaction. Attentiveness and friendly attitudes is a recipe for success. If need be, employees can learn new skills. So, try to hire based on passion and enthusiasm before anything else. 

6. Offer On-Course Dining Options 

On-course dining is becoming increasingly popular at golf courses, while the popularity of minibars declines. Country club members are now able to purchase food and drinks via delivery, never having to leave the green. In fact, it's quite similar to the luxury of in room dining at hotels. 

Golf course food can consist of a variety of finger foods, soft drinks, and popular cocktails. As mobile orders enter the golf course POS system, the staff will instantly see them. Then, items can be made to order and delivered on time. 

7. Allow Members to Bring a Guest 

If you restrict country club amenities to members only, you might be missing out on substantial foot traffic. Let's say that multiple friends or families are spending time together. Unless everyone is a member, an entire group wouldn't be able to enter. 

By allowing country club members to bring a guest, you'll accommodate their travels, outings, and lifestyles. Plus, this tactic will expose the club to that many more people and induce more sign-ups. 

Even if someone uses their friend's guest pass to access facilities, that won't extend to their friends and family. So, entice non-members by giving them a taste of country club culture

Frequently Asked Questions About Country Club Members

There are many factors to consider when catering to country club members. Want to learn more about this customer segment? Read on!

What Is a Country Club Membership?

A country club membership is a private club membership that grants members access to facilities. Amenities include golf courses, tennis courts, pools, gyms, eateries, and events.

How Do I Become a Member of a Country Club?

​​Country clubs usually have an application process for new members. The process includes personal details, references, and payment information.

How Much Does a Country Club Membership Cost?

Country club membership fees can drastically vary from one to the next. Initiation fees and annual dues can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

What Are the Benefits of a Country Club Membership?

Country club members enjoy exclusive access to high-end facilities and amenities. They also have the chance to socialize with other members.

Can Non-Members Use Country Club Facilities?

In most cases, only members and their guests can use country club facilities. However, some clubs may offer limited access to non-members for certain events or activities.

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Ready to improve the experience for your country club members? Use this blog as a step-by-step guide to success. Don't forget to adapt your solutions and strategies as the club evolves. Over time, this will be the most important step of all to maintain growth.