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Country Club Manager Duties | How to Manage a Country Club

A country club manager is one of the most notable roles in the hospitality industry. Private clubs are successful by employing productive managers. They even work closely with the business owner to perfect daily operations. 

There are numerous aspects of country clubs and golf courses. From membership packages to country club food service, a manager must be efficient and knowledgeable. Read on to learn everything there is to know about this role! 

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Country Club Manager 

A country club manager is the person who oversees operations at private clubs and golf courses. They're team leaders who maintain high standards of excellence. In turn, their actions promote a positive country club culture and stellar customer experience

The manager's primary goal is to drive the country club's success. By implementing processes and making important decisions, there are many ways they accomplish this task. So, let's discuss their duties, qualities and background. 

Country Club Manager: Duties 

A country club manager is essential to all private clubs. From developing country club marketing ideas to managing golf course food service, there are many relevant tasks. Ready to cross hiring managers off you list on how to open a country club? Or, would you like to know how to be the best one? Read below to learn about eight duties that a country club manager is responsible to tackle. 

1. Work With the Food and Beverage Department

As a country club manager, you'll work very closely with the food and beverage director. The manager will help design the restaurant and bar setup for on-premise eateries, especially when hosting brunch or other formal meals. 

Country club managers also work with the banquet manager. Both parties will collaborate to plan and manage events. Plus, it's the country club manager's duty to be familiar with country club menu items and preparation details.

The ideation of menu items is also a common task for the country club manager. Plus, this coincides with organizing the wine, beer, and liquor storage areas. Deciding on items for the minibars, too.

Kitchen and linen cabinets are also kept tidy thanks to the club manager's supervision. Without a country club manager, the F&B department wouldn't have as much guidance. Most importantly, they handle issues and customer reviews

2. Collaborate With the Event Coordinator

The country club manager constantly works with the event planners. Not only are country clubs the site of golfing events, but many people use the grounds for special occasions like weddings, reunions, work retreats, and more. 

From the time that a guest books an event to the time in which it takes place, these two roles collaborate nonstop. Club managers and event coordinators must be able to juggle the many tasks that go into venue operations

3. Manage Reservations 

As reservations enter the country club and golf course POS system, managers should keep tabs on updates. Whether there are updates about restaurant reservations or golf course time slots, the manager will likely be the first to know. 

Understanding how to navigate the reservation software is key. It will also streamline clubhouse and golf course management processes.

4. Use Country Club Technology

A country club manager will have direct access to the business' tech solutions. The club's POS system should have integration abilities with other programs. To name a few, it's beneficial for country club POS systems to connect to the venue platform, scheduling software, and restaurant inventory app. 

Food tech and restaurant tech solutions are also valuable to the country club manager. However, these might be more suitable for the kitchen and wait staff.

5. Contribute to Marketing Efforts 

A country club manager has the future of the business in mind. They know how to find a target audience and come up with creative promotion ideas. 

Persuading customers to return and potential country club members to join are key tasks. The country club manager will often launch projects like a customer rewards program, too. 

Event management is also a vital factor at country clubs. Working with the coordinators to promote and execute successful events is standard in this role. 

A country club manager also knows how to upsell and implement cross selling ideas. Whether it be wine list upgrades or increasing restaurant cart values, it should be a primary goal to maximize revenue

Other ideas might include an email marketing strategy, paid ads, and eCommerce SEO. Research country club dining and bar event ideas for insight.


6. Build a Productive Team

At some point or another, the country club manager will be responsible for the team's expansion. As the team leader, it's their duty to hire, train, and manage new staff members. 

While hiring, the country club manager may consult with the restaurant manager. A positive workplace and productive philosophy should be the foundation for each new hire. 

Once new team members are present, it's the club manager's duty to maintain contact. Host daily or weekly meetings to discuss issues, ideas, and training materials. Always support the team's professional development. 

7. Oversee Financial Data

A country club manager should have some knowledge of budgeting and financial literacy. Topics like tax deductibles and account audits are key areas to know about. 

Though club managers don't have the same duties as an accountant, they certainly have their hands in budgeting matters. Performance metrics should be on record and updated weekly. Then, the manager can deliver a more formal report each month. Fortunately, a point of sale report can gather a lot of this information. 

Since a country club manager works with each department, they often make suggestions based on the budget. Delegating funds to the proper initiatives is key for consistent cash flow. 

8. Follow Country Club Guidelines 

Every country club manager must abide by legalities and policies. It's also important for managers to know about ADA compliance standards. An ethically run business is vital. From food safety laws to HR protocols, there are many systems to learn about. 

Club by-laws and procedures involve members and employees. As these policies change, the manager should ensure that they and their team learn about the updates. 

Country Club Manager: Qualifications 

Learning how to manage a country club begins with acquiring the proper skills. Some technical skills necessary for this role include:

  • The ability to operate POS software
  • Hospitality industry knowledge 
  • Knowledge about budgeting and financial projections 
  • Experience using country club management software
  • Team and project management software experience 
  • Experience in Microsoft Office and Google Drive  

Even if you don't have as much technical experience as you'd like, you might be able to tell if you have the personality for this role. Here's a list of soft skills that are suitable for this position:

Country Club Manager: Education 

Every manager should have a bachelor's degree. It's preferable for it to be in business, hospitality management, or a related field. The degree must also come from an accredited institution. 

It's also ideal if this employee has professional experience as a manager. Or, experience in resorts. Experience can include past jobs, internships, and volunteering. 

Frequently Asked Questions About a Country Club Manager 

A management career in the country club space can be a lucrative and fulfilling experience. Want to learn more about the basics? Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about the topic:

What Are the Roles of a Club Manager? 

Some of the most common roles of club managers include:

  • Assistance to the marketing team
  • Use of in-house technology solutions 
  • Joint efforts with the event coordinators 
  • Budgeting and reporting 
  • Overseeing business operations

How Do You Become a Country Club Manager? 

To become a manager in a country club, you must acquire the right education and work experience. Many country club management staff held previous roles in hospitality. 

What Qualifications Do You Need to Be a Club Manager?

To be a club manager, you should meet the following qualifications:

  • A bachelor's degree in a relevant field
  • Professional management or hospitality experience 
  • A passion for hospitality and business 
  • Natural leadership qualities

What Is the Head of a Country Club Called?

The head of a country club is often called a golf course superintendent. Other times, this person is the manager. 

How Much Do Country Club Managers Make Per Year?

In the United States, you can expect to make anywhere from $76-110k per year managing a country club or golf course. Remember that this average can be much different depending on the state. 

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Are You the Industry’s Next Country Club Manager?

Are you enthusiastic about building relationships? What about advancing within the hospitality space? If so, working in country club management may be a suitable career path for you!