November 25, 2023
Lauren Platero

ChowNow vs. Revolution Ordering: Complete Feature Comparison

ChowNow is one of the leading hospitality software companies that serves many brands within the restaurant industry. But how does their product line compare to that of Revolution Ordering? In this article, we’re going to take a deep dive into the key features of each company. 

When searching for ChowNow alternatives, it’s likely that you’re focused on how to sign up for ChowNow. Or, you might be wondering how to rush the process to get ChowNow or another provider sooner than later. But before you move too quickly, you should have a complete understanding of what each alternative’s offerings look like. 

Ready to get started and begin making a decision for what will work best for your restaurant business? Read on for the complete side-by-side comparison of ChowNow vs. Revolution Ordering!

ChowNow Features At a Glance

ChowNow is a platform that lets restaurants accept orders from anywhere. Plus, they offer a suite of tools and integrations to streamline operations. But before you embark on the ChowNow sign up process, there’s a lot you should know. 

Read on to discover the top five highlights offered by ChowNow:

1. Online Ordering On Your Website 

ChowNow makes it simple for restaurants to optimize their website to accept online orders. With a built-in storefront, customers are able to place an order right after discovering the webpage. Therefore, there's no need to hop on another platform. 

2. Apps That Showcase the Restaurant's Branding Efforts

With ChowNow, restaurants are able to remain on-brand, even via marketplace order insertion. When restaurants use their own apps, there are no commissions, either. Actually, this is why many people sign up for ChowNow. This feature helps reduce the ChowNow pricing model just a bit. 

3. The Ability to Integrate with POS Partners 

Integrating with POS partners grants restaurants the ability to streamline transactions. From the time that an order hits the system through the time of fulfillment, integrating makes it all a breeze. 

4. Print Marketing Services to Boost Awareness

Many people are visual learners. So, one of the best ways to accelerate brand awareness is by utilizing print ads. In fact, this is something that many ChowNow competitors don't offer these days. Many experts might argue that print ads are obsolete. Meanwhile, many business owners achieve restaurant success thanks to them. Like with anything else, understand your ideal customer profile, then decide if this would likely work for your eatery. 

5. A Loyalty Program to Boost ChowNow Order Volumes 

When people sign up for a customer rewards program, they're automatically beginning a cycle where they come back. As they order from your restaurant, they receive points. Then, this creates the incentive to obtain so many that they can redeem them for rewards. With ChowNow for restaurants, eateries can have their own loyalty program. This means that people can earn rewards directly from you, where there's no commission.

Revolution Ordering Features to Know About

The Revolution Ordering platform comprises a ton of features and integrations that simplify workflows and help maximize revenue. From POS integration features to customer rewards, we do it all. 

One thing that everyone shopping for hospitality software should know is that all Revolution Ordering features are included in a flat monthly fee. This means that there’s no need to cherry-pick which features you can afford. Instead, our subscription-based pricing model doesn’t result in random fluctuations or even worse, sudden increases. 

Meanwhile, there could be ChowNow fees or components of the ChowNow cost, or any competitor for that matter, that could surprise you. We believe that all restaurant expenses should be as transparent as possible. So, we do everything we can to keep it that way, from our first conversation through the completion of the onboarding process. 

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s dive into ten of Revolution Ordering’s most loved features:

1. A Centralized Dashboard for All Orders

With the assistance of a centralized dashboard, the Revolution Ordering platform makes it easy for restaurant staff to view all orders at a glance. This feature also allows every single order from each of the delivery service providers to land in one place. If simpler operations is something you’re striving to achieve, just know that this tool can do the trick.

2. Innovative POS Integrations 

POS integrations are the core of what we do. Revolution Ordering is an omni-channel ordering platform that lets you capture all orders. That's right–it doesn't matter if customers place orders via phone, online, or via food delivery apps. Once we connect to your POS system, all necessary information from each order will flow directly into the platform. As you can imagine, it's the ultimate way to streamline restaurant operations.

3. A Business Intelligence Platform

Getting a hold of accurate industry insight in real-time can be quite the challenge. Many brands throughout the hospitality industry keep this information private. Plus, it can be difficult to gauge what’s false vs. accurate. But with Revolution Ordering’s business intelligence dashboard, restaurants can view numerous metrics about the food and beverage landscape.

This dashboard also helps restaurant executives monitor company-wide performance. This feature is especially useful for enterprise restaurants, since it’s super easy to compare and contrast multiple units. Regardless of the strategic planning you’re about to embark on, this feature can provide you a great deal of confidence when making important decisions.

4. Stellar Customer Service Channels

Customer service is one of the perks that we get right every single time. This is primarily due to the fact that we have live customer service representatives who are available 24/7. This is pretty unheard of in the restaurant tech space, even amongst all the other ChowNow competitors. Whenever you need a lending hand, we’re here to help you out. Plus, our extensive knowledge base will be available to you in the event that you bump into a minor issue.

5. Live Order Monitoring to Track Deliveries

GPS tracking is just as useful for the customers as it is for the restaurant staff. Once someone places an order for delivery, they’ll be able to monitor its progress online or on the app. From the time that the order is confirmed to when it finally reaches their doorstep, the customer will be in the know. Meanwhile, this reduces the number of phone calls the restaurant receives. As a result, there’s little to no risk of the host experiencing a sense of work overload.

6. Demand Creation and Restaurant Marketing Tools

With the right tools, it doesn’t have to be difficult for restaurants to rise above the competition. With SMS and email marketing capabilities, Revolution Ordering makes it super easy for restaurant owners to promote their brand. The best part? The platform collects all the customer data you will need to orchestrate such efforts.

7. Group Ordering and Group Pay Options 

Group dining restaurants are always in need of solutions that allow the staff to cater to large parties. If not, operations and payments can get a bit unorganized. With Revolution Ordering, booking and managing restaurant reservations is a super simple process. But what about off-premise group orders? Well, that’s where our group pay feature saves the day. 

Group leaders or event hosts can send each of their guests a unique link. Then, each person can place their order. At the end, they can either pay the bill, or, the leader can pay for all the orders at once. Whether you're hosting a get together with friends or a corporate breakfast, this feature is sure to come in handy.

8. Seamless Gift Card Integrations

Selling and accepting gift cards are some of the best ways to maximize profits, especially during the holiday season. However, they’re just as great at boosting brand awareness. It takes one person to purchase a gift card, and another person to redeem it. So for every restaurant gift card you sell, at least two people will experience the eatery.

9. Easy Restaurant Loyalty Program Integrations

Partnering with Revolution Ordering allows restaurants to implement enticing loyalty programs. As customers earn points from each purchase, they get that much closer to redeeming rewards. What those rewards are though, are completely up to the business owner. But no matter what they consist of, it’ll likely result in repeat business and brand loyalty.

10. A POS Hardware and Tablet-Free Solution

When you’re managing a tablet for each third-party app, it can get pretty overwhelming rather quickly. With Revolution Ordering, we eliminate all the unnecessary hardware. Instead, an advanced suite of POS software allows you to manage and organize all orders in a seamless fashion. Another bonus? Keeping better track of orders will result in fewer errors and mixups.

Frequently Asked Questions About ChowNow 

When comparing products, we know firsthand just how overwhelming it can be. So, we’re about to cover a bit more information about ChowNow. Check out the following FAQ section for additional insight!

Who Is the Owner of ChowNow?

The owner of ChowNow is Chris Webb. He currently serves as the Co-Founder and CEO of ChowNow. 

Why Is the ChowNow Log In Not Working?

The ChowNow log in might not be working due to technical issues. If the issue persists, try reaching a member of their customer support team. More often than not, you can reach them via email or live chat.

Can You Get a Refund From ChowNow?

Yes, ChowNow will sometimes offer refunds. Just make sure that the product is unopened and/or in the original box.

How Do I Dispute An Order From ChowNow?

If you can't resolve the issue by contacting the restaurant, you can dispute problems by contacting ChowNow directly. You can try emailing their customer service email. Or, you can use their online chat tool.

What Is the Local Fee for ChowNow Online Ordering?

The local fee for ChowNow is $0.99 for orders between $10 and $40. Meanwhile, it's $1.99 for orders over $40. Just note that these totals must exclude tax, discounts, delivery fees, and service fees.

Ready to Make a Decision?

Choosing a provider of innovative restaurant technology should be an extensive process. After all, it’s a long-term and oftentimes, an expensive investment. But once you discover a partner that offers the features you’re looking for, it’s time to book consultations. Then, you’re just a few meetings away from innovating your entire business model.