October 3, 2023
Devn Ratz

5 Restaurant Tech Companies: Innovative Brands Inspiring Change

While some brands on this list are larger than others, they each bring something fresh to the table. Among them, Beyond Meat has the largest market reach. Bowery Farming still gets the title for largest vertical farmer in the US.

And, we shouldn’t neglect the importance of more niche sustainable solutions. After all, what is more delicious to new consumers than the healthy dessert? Elite Sweets brings us a special technology: the protein donut. And, how can we all be more inspired food creatives? Phoode may know.

Of course, there’s also pretty magical restaurant technology coming from Notpla—where packaging finally disappears from your restaurant’s carbon footprint, as you may have always hoped.

Explore this list of change-makers making an impact—each of their very own—across an industry defined by trends, dreams, and the ineffable flavor of uniqueness.

Key Takeaway: Innovative restaurant tech solution companies show us how the industry and its consumers can achieve wonderful results through revamped thinking.
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1. Beyond Meat

Based in LA, this is the well-known producer of maybe the world’s most convincing, plant-based burger. They continue to craft more and more protein-packed food innovations that bring flavor into an industry once criticized for lacking taste.

Though it was founded as early as 2009, by 2019, they had already moved to the public sector. This made headlines since they were the first “meat analogue” company to ever do so. Over 14 rounds, the company raised well over $150 million.

Today, they tempt us all to try the taste of sustainability—appearing on fast casual and finer menus alike. There seems no limit to their creative daring as they simulate all three previously-impossible flavor profile in chicken, beef, and pork. The positive impact on the planet is already well-beyond what some once thought possible.

2. Phoode for Creatives

Phoode has made a platform for food creatives to get connected more simply and easily to clients who want true talent.

Engaged customers use Phoode to find incredible food photographers, expert culinary content creators, and even food stylists and what they call table top directors. They keep things simple, bright, and focused for everyone involved. You're either looking to hire or get hired. Both ways, clients and their talent enjoy the way things are prepared.

Already, the brand is known to offer countless incentives and excellent service and customer feedback systems, making customer loyalty one of its clearest strategies. While there may be other platforms that hire in such ways, none are quite so centered on the food industry.

Phoode is then able to dig much deeper into the specific interests and needs of those who appreciate unsurpassed skill in the restaurant industry. From bloggers to influencers and food creatives, the future of food looks even brighter as Phoode's model inspires independence and pushes excellence.

3. NOTPLA in Packaging

The sustainable start-up known as Notpla has quietly worked out an incredibly advanced packaging solutions made, usually, of sustainable seaweed.

Not like other material producers, Notpla is far from limited to straws and cups. In their portfolio of products, edible food containers are included as well as ready-to-vanish spoons. It's remarkable to see something so solid and problematic to conscious customers simply wash away like so much edible paper dipped in water.

Notpla remains convinced of the inexhaustible power of seaweed as an unmatched solution to the rampant problem of plastic pollution. While they also work with fashion and retail brands, the company is poised to change the look and feel of packaging in the food world too.

4. Elite Sweets

More customers seek excellence in sustainability, selection, and, of course, sweets. While companies like Notpla, Beyond Meat, and Phoode take their approach to each, Elite Sweets is getting way more specific. They’re tech is technique. And, it tastes great for those who need to outsource healthier options.

When chosen wisely, any dessert can be elevate to improve problems previously faced throughout restaurant menus‒such as diet failure, lack of weight control, and more. As such, the techniques at Elite Sweets are not driven by focusing on forcing customers to choose better, but allowing them the option of a more selective ingredient list.

In fact, their recipes can have all the best healthy fats, proteins, and even anti-inflammatory properties which all support brain and body health. Many are rich with essential vitamins, fiber, and more.

That's why Elite Sweets has been well-received, and its increasingly known donut is nothing short of a wonderful twist on the idea that desserts "should be" unhealthy. Instead, they promise an alternative: "high-protein, low-carb, big flavor."

5. Bowery Farming

Today, Bowery Farming‒again the largest vertical farm company in the US‒is valuated at over $2 billion. Some remarkable souls have signed on to support the vision of the company, including Natalie Portman, Lewis Hamilton, and Justin Timberlake.

With the help of public support and rich funding, Bowery has already impacted food production for the better. Their indoor, upright, and vastly more efficient growing systems don't require pesticide or chemicals as they use 95 percent less water than tradition, land-draining alternatives.

Even more good comes from their reduction of food miles and waste when considering the transport to local cities. Their methods are more relevant to business and their customers than ever, especially as we all must change our minds about what is and is not beneficial for modern life.

In short, Bowery's bravery in facing the potential food crisis head on has a soothing effect on rapid urbanization, land use, and chemical pollution‒which is really just the start of their positive impact on the supply chain. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Restaurant Tech Companies

Discovering which restaurant tech companies you will or will not work with is not only an important process, it can be a highly enjoyable one. 

Looking out for fresh ideas, new spins on solving problems, and even simply new ways of putting ingredients together—there’s something rewarding to seeing what’s on the menu. We hope these questions help you explore restaurant tech companies further. 

What are top restaurant tech companies?

Some of the most well-known companies to bring more advanced technology to the restaurant industry are players like DoorDash, Amazon, and those that have more or less sped up its natural tendency toward convenience, satisfaction, delivery and online ordering.

Some more restaurant tech companies to look closely at are those who have made a change—like Beyond Meat, Bowery Farming, and Notpla. They each spell a new course for restaurants to take as they meet the public’s growing cry for smarter, more sustainable solutions. 

What tech companies do you need to run a restaurant?

There’s not an easy answer to which companies your particular food or restaurant brand will require to run well. 

Popular choices typically include POS systems, CRM software, and an online ordering platform. There are several more common choices in kitchen display systems, employee management, and various automations. 

Many choose to take this all further as they grow into bigger roles and expectations by customers, bringing in ordering integration partners and others who serve to improve operational efficiency

What is a food tech company?

Usually, the term “food tech” refers to the merging of two “worlds”—the stuff on your plate and the stuff stored in the cloud, so to speak. 

In reality, almost everything in today’s world is supported and guided by the insights of technology. You can consider things like restaurant AI analyzing customer orders—or even, food costing software sending you automated alerts for marketing, re-orders, and more. This is all in the playbook for food tech.

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