December 7, 2022
Lauren Platero

7 Best Features For Golf Course POS Systems To Utilize Now

Golf course POS systems can help maximize revenue and enhance customer satisfaction. Whether you simply operate as a golf course or branch into the sector of country clubs, using the right POS system can do wonders.

You might wonder how golf course POS systems can differ from standard platforms. Many hospitality software companies will encourage the country club manager to use a venue platform due to its features for such a niche market. Country club management software is also valuable for maintaining organized operations.

From event management and country club management, to factors that abide by ADA compliance standards, learn about seven features for golf and country club POS systems to begin using now.

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7 Features for Golf Course POS Systems

Golf course POS systems can potentially accelerate business within the golf industry. From payment processors to country club marketing assistance, there are many app integrations to learn about.

1. On-Course Dining

Imagine food delivery, but to the golf course rather than the customer’s home. In many cases, the business owner of a brand might fear that restaurant tech is only for casual dining or tourist attractions. However, on-course delivery is actually an innovative way to elevate the experience.

If a member would like to order something from any of the golf course’s menu types, offer delivery straight to the course. The stellar customer service will likely be memorable. Customer retention strategies should also be a top priority for your golf course or country club, which one-of-kind experiences can help nurture.  

2. Pre-Order Country Club Food and Beverages

One of the biggest reasons businesses in the hospitality industry receive negative reviews is due to waiting times. If this is an issue at your golf course, or if you’d like to avoid this risk altogether, allow country club members to order golf course food and drinks in advance.

Maybe guests would like their food ready to pick up upon arrival. Or, perhaps they know what time they’re leaving and would like to have food ready to go. Either way, it can lead to a spike in positive customer reviews. Many guests might not want to take the time to sit down and eat, even if you're hosting brunch or a formal dinner.

Regardless of the situation, the ability to order food in advance will allow guests and staff to be more efficient. Members don’t have to waste time during their visit, and kitchen staff won’t have to rush–even when they’re busy.

The staff will also be able to prep meals in advance and use up ingredients. By doing this, they can nurture the importance of sustainability at the golf course and country club.

3. On-Course Equipment Rentals

If you’ll be using online ordering apps for food and drinks, why not include rentals, too? Implementing an on-course concierge service can take convenience and luxury to the next level. Luxury often corresponds with a great country club culture, so keep this in mind as you offer such services.

Add an equipment menu to your app of choice. Or, display QR codes on the course to simplify the process. Anyone who has a smartphone will be able to access the country club menu. Therefore, most (if not all) of your guests can rent equipment on the spot.

Golf courses and country clubs have a reputation for offering an upscale experience. Allowing people to get more equipment without leaving the course can easily enhance customer service.

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4. Reservation Booking Platform

Online reservation booking is ideal for many reasons. First of all, guests can reserve a spot on the course well in advance. They won’t have to wait until the business opens, it’s much quicker, and they can take their time sifting through available slots.

Another reason as to why it’s a great feature is because it simplifies the process for larger parties interested in country club dining. This idea is essential for those who will also be dining at an on-course restaurant. Parties can look through what’s available for both sectors of the business, which will streamline plans and operations on their selected date.

Golf course and restaurant reservations go hand in hand. If you’re looking for a way to make operations a bit easier for course and wait staff, look no further than this type of integration.

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5. Data Reporting and Segmentation

No matter how you’re trying to grow a business, customer data is essential. Information about members and guests will dictate how to move forwards with marketing efforts.

For instance, maybe you find that many members use the discount codes sent in your email marketing strategy. Or, perhaps, the consumer data from your POS system shows which types of inventory to prioritize keeping in stock.

Golf course POS systems can elevate an entire business. From learning who your ideal customer profile is, to finding out which strategies are worth your while, such integrations are a must.

6. Marketing Integration Tools

Did you know that golf course POS systems can also elevate your marketing strategies? From discounts for golf equipment to an on-premise restaurant loyalty program, there are many features that you should know about.

Effective and on-brand marketing tactics are vital for any business model. Not only do they help boost the ROI, but they also accelerate awareness. Remember, the ROI meaning refers to the amount of money generated at the golf course vs. invested beforehand.

Since golf course POS systems already integrate with marketing tools, such features are a great way to save money when turning a higher profit. Plus, members are sure to love innovative products, loyalty perks, and more.

7. Payment Processing Methods

Allowing members to use various payment methods is always a great idea. As long as every method abides by PCI standards, the data between the business and consumer is safe.

Data reports show that many people prefer contactless payments. So, offering chip readers and mobile wallets are good options. It’s also helpful if members can book reservations and add payment information ahead of time.

This way, anything they purchase on-site can be charged to their card. Of course, it’s necessary that golf course POS systems also allow traditional payment methods. Just ensure that customers always have other options.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Golf Course POS Systems

Now that we’ve discussed various features that pair with golf course POS systems, let’s look at the industry as a whole. There’s much to cover about this business sector, especially if you're researching how to open a country club or golf course. So, read on to learn more.

Can Owning a Golf Course Be Profitable?

Yes, golf courses can be a very profitable business venture. In recent years, golf courses have begun using many features that can maximize profits. From customer service tactics to golf course management solutions, there are various ways to scale this type of business.

What Is the Average Revenue of a Golf Course?

According to the National Golf Foundation, 18-hole golf courses in the United States generate an average annual revenue of $3,277,000. It’s important to note that this figure can depend on numerous factors, including expenses, locations, etc.

Where Do Golf Courses Make the Most Money?

The restaurant, pro shop, memberships, and green fees are some of the best revenue sources at a golf course. We recommend analyzing revenue data regularly to determine which sources generate the highest profit. Then, you’ll know where to allocate your marketing budget.

Is the Golf Industry Growing?

Yes, the industry has been growing after several years of decline. In 2021, there were 18% more rounds of golf played than in 2017-2019. However, 2020 saw the largest net increase since 1997.

Are Small Golf Courses Profitable?

Mini golf courses are very profitable, as they don’t require too many expenses. The major costs of a mini golf course are rent, utilities, few staff members, and equipment. They’re also profitable because they attract all ages. Unlike professional golf courses and country clubs, mini golf can be fun for the whole family.