December 7, 2022
Lauren Platero

5 Easy Ways to Serve Golf Course Food to Guests In 2023

Country clubs and clubhouses often serve golf course food. The hospitality industry and food service intertwine to create a stellar customer experience.

In recent years, food tech, restaurant tech, and an increase in competition set the scene for optimal luxury. Various types of businesses are partnering with hospitality software companies to deliver the absolute best customer service.

With this in mind, there are various ways to serve golf course food. But first, let’s discuss the menu types to include, as well as some tips to know about before launching them.

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Golf Course Food Menus

Create various menu options if you plan to serve golf course food. You’ll need to remember that the options available at kiosks and on the course will differ from a traditional eatery.

For a more casual dining experience, consider opting for the following menus. We encourage you to follow these guidelines for on-course and country club dining options, as they’ll pair well with activities. Plus, you have to remember that there isn’t any dining furniture on the course.

  • Drink Menu: Soft drinks and various types of alcohol will certainly maximize revenue at a golf course. However, sports drinks and water might take up most of your sales. Like anything else, providing guests with a variety is crucial for customer satisfaction.
  • Snack and Quick-Bites: When serving golf course food, consider the situation. If country club members get hungry while playing a round of golf, it wouldn’t make sense to order a five-course meal. Snacks and finger foods would be ideal. Consider serving items from your restaurant’s appetizer list. It’ll keep everything cohesive and simplify tasks for the kitchen staff.

Tips for Serving Golf Course Food

Before serving golf course food, be mindful of the following golf course management tips. These tips will ensure guests and country club management that the course and menus are inclusive, safe, and efficient.

  1. Take inventory on a regular basis. Proper inventory management techniques will help you remain efficient and streamline restaurant operations.
  2. Cater to dietary preferences. There are many reasons why people may require a specialty country club menu. Consumer data reports show us that more and more people are becoming conscious of their diet. This might mean that your menus should include gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, vegetarian, and low-sugar options. However, it’s always recommended to study your customer profile to ensure that you offer everything that they might enjoy.
  3. Offer allergy-friendly options. Similar to dietary preferences but much more pertinent to inclusivity. Allergen-friendly menus are perfect for the safety of your guests. When offering such menus, ensure that your kitchen meets proper standards and is equipped with the space to guarantee zero cross-contamination. It can be a challenge, but can certainly give your business a major competitive advantage and a secure country club culture.
  4. Provide seating if the course has the space. If your golf course has ample space, consider setting up outdoor seating and chairs. This option would be ideal depending on the on-course menu items. When you have beautiful weather, outside restaurant seating is ideal for hosting brunch, too.
  5. Get a sufficient number of garbage bins. If you’re serving food and drinks to guests on the golf course, you want to ensure that the grounds remain pristine. Always have garbage bins accessible throughout the course. It’s a simple and cost-effective solution to something that could become a nuisance.
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Easy Ways to Serve Golf Course Food

Are you ready to onboard innovative restaurant technology to serve golf course food? We’ve got you covered! Read on to learn about five ways that serving golf course food can help maximize profits.

1. Pre-Order Channels

What’s more convenient than ordering food ahead of time for it to be ready upon arrival? By allowing guests to preorder food and beverages, they’ll be able to save a significant amount of time. Plus, it’ll help the kitchen staff if they usually experience work overload or are understaffed.

Pre-ordering menu items can also be useful when guests are leaving. Rather than waiting after a long day, they can schedule it for a time that’ll be perfect for them.

These operations can be done with country club POS systems and online ordering apps, which also takes the convenience level up a notch. Plus, mobile apps have audio and visual features, making this method of food ordering suitable for ADA compliance standards.

2. On-Course Delivery

If you’re thinking of ways to elevate golf course or country club marketing tactics, consider offering on-course food delivery. It’s a way to use golf course POS systems to enhance the sense of luxury with smart tech solutions.

Just think about all the instances when guests might want food or drinks while on the course. These are sales that your business could secure with a simple app. It’s certainly an investment that’ll continue to pay off time and time again.

3. On-Premise Kiosks

If you really want to simplify tasks for various employees, consider installing self ordering kiosks. These kiosks can provide guests with pre-packaged country club food, making it super easy for consumers on the go. It's also an outlet to sell additional food, making it ideal if you want to emphasize the importance of sustainability. The more food you can sell, the less that will go to waste.

Kiosks are also a major time saver. Whether guests would like to grab a quick snack on their way to the course or before their departure, they can quickly do so. Kiosks can also help lessen the overall labor cost, as they require little to no staff.

4. QR Code Menus

QR codes are a simple yet efficient way to showcase menus. Each golf course can design custom QR codes that they can display throughout the golf course. With a quick scan from a smartphone, members are seconds away from viewing and ordering items straight from the kitchen.

One of the best aspects of using QR codes is that they’re easily editable. Whether you use a design file in an app like Canva or onboard something more sleek and professional like SproutQR, the business owner, country club manager, or restaurant manager can log on and make any updates.

This feature is especially important when the kitchen runs out of an ingredient. Or, if the eatery no longer sells a particular item, a staff member can remove it entirely. Keep in mind that this ability is very cost-effective, as the golf course won’t have to constantly update and print physical menus.

5. Traditional Restaurants

We can’t forget about traditional restaurants. Regardless of how convenient tech solutions are for food service, we’ll never disregard the typical dining experience. Besides, who doesn’t love a relaxing meal with great service?

Remember, there are still tech solutions that you can use in brick and mortar eateries. Tabletop payment processing devices and QR codes are just two of the most popular options. Plus, country club management software can help streamline tasks for the team.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Golf Course Food

Now that you’ve learned about creative and lucrative ways to serve golf course food, it’s time to dive a bit deeper into the dietary preferences and food consumption within the industry. Read on to learn more!

What Food Do Golfers Eat?

Golfers generally eat a very healthy diet, as do most athletes. If you're learning how to open a country club, knowing how to create nutritional menu items is key. A balanced and high-nutrition diet allows golfers to play their sport at peak performance.

What Do Pros Eat on the Golf Course?

Professional golfers typically consume diets that consist of high protein, fruits, and vegetables. Mixed nuts, nutrition bars, and protein drinks are just a few of the more convenient options that they grab on the go, bring to the course, or purchase at golf course food providers.

Can You Snack on the Golf Course?

Yes, people can eat snacks on the golf course. We recommend keeping the golf course food light with hydrating refreshments.

What Should Golfers Eat for Breakfast?

Golfers should consume a healthy breakfast that’s high in protein and low in sugar. For instance, they may eat food items like eggs, whole-wheat bread, or an omelet loaded with vegetables. If golfers consume coffee or tea, they should also try to drink just as much water to maintain hydration levels. These also make for great golf course food options.

What Do Golfers Drink on the Golf Course?

Golfers typically drink water, sports drinks, and other beverages that contain vitamins and minerals. Athletes and individuals participating in outdoor activities might also opt for beverages high in protein. Regardless, staying hydrated is key.