December 7, 2022
Lauren Platero

Country Club Marketing: Top 8 Country Club Marketing Ideas

Country clubs cater to a specific niche market. Country club marketing is quite different from topics like winery marketing or the tactics you’d use when opening a sports bar.

There are many ideas to add to a country club marketing plan, from psychological pricing to cross selling opportunities.

Always ensure that your country club marketing plans result in a high ROI. And remember, the ROI meaning dictates the amount of revenue the business generates vs. what was previously invested in the brand. A quarterly ROI analysis should present vital data for how the country club marketing team should proceed.

Now that we know the importance of country club marketing efforts for success, let’s discuss the basics of country clubs.

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Country Club Marketing: What Is It?

Country club marketing is the process of promoting facilities and amenities to the masses. It’s vital for any organization, as competition in this market is high.

Country club marketing can come in many different forms, too. While some entrepreneurs might opt for traditional marketing efforts, many adopt digital marketing strategies. If you're learning how to open a country club, it's vital that you consider all your options.

In recent years, restaurant tech solutions have taken the hospitality industry by storm. Since eateries intertwine with so many other business structures, it’s great when brands can use these solutions elsewhere.

Many features of innovative restaurant technology can transform country clubs and the country club culture. With this said, some of the best country club and restaurant marketing strategies utilize digital platforms.

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Country Club Marketing Ideas

Are you ready to accelerate the total number of country club members and brand awareness? Read on to learn more about eight innovative ways to market a country club in 2023.

1. Enhance Luxury With Technology

Many leaders within the food tech industry fear that restaurant automation software can take away from a business’ luxury. But what if we told you it could enhance it?

Several processes within country clubs require manual labor. It’s not that country clubs want to completely remove humans from the picture, but a venue platform can certainly speed up operations.

Instead of risking your members feeling frustrated with a long wait, allow them to use tech solutions for the following:

Self ordering kiosks and online ordering apps are just two popular forms of technology making their way into country clubs. So, elevate your country club marketing plan with solutions for your services.  

2. Offer Custom Club Memberships

Country clubs offer stellar customer service and amenities. However, not every consumer will feel comfortable committing to a high membership fee if they’re not interested in every service.

Display all of the services, facilities, and amenities on the golf course POS system. Upon checkout, new members can choose which line items they want to purchase.

Allowing members to select exactly what they want will help nurture your customer retention strategies. In turn, the country club manager and the rest of the country club management team can maximize revenue.

3. Use Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for conducting country club marketing efforts. Not only do account holders have complete control over what they post, but it’s a great way to engage with your ideal customer profile.

Once you learn how to find a target audience, country clubs can fully optimize and automate their social media accounts. This means they’ll be able to establish a social presence while putting the bulk of the labor on autopilot.

As you’re finalizing professional social media accounts, use the following items as a checklist:

  • Add all of the essential details in the page’s bios
  • Create a consistent posting schedule that features photos and videos
  • Share content on a daily basis to stories (where applicable)
  • Regularly engage with members and fellow industry leaders
  • Check and reply to private messages once or twice a day
  • Once you know your target audience, run paid advertising campaigns

One of the great perks of using social media for business is that the platforms provide free analytics. Consumer data is vital for any marketing strategy. So, track the metrics that impact your country club the most. Ensure you know how to calculate the social media ROI, as this will guide any necessary changes to your online marketing plans.

4. Host Exclusive Events

Country clubs naturally offer a sense of exclusivity. Host fun and unique events to members only. Such events can include high-profile celebrities, entertainment acts, and more.

If your country club doesn’t currently have spaces for live music venues, consider converting one of the facilities during after-hours. Events like game nights and comedy shows can easily take place in eateries or venue halls.  

Take the marketing initiatives up a notch by allowing each member to bring up to one guest that is not currently a member. What better way to introduce the public to your country club than to experience it themselves?

Use an event POS solution, event management software, or country club management software to allow guests to add a bonus ticket to their cart upon checkout. It’s a simple tactic that can help skyrocket the membership roster.

5. Create A Rewards Program

A customer rewards program is an effective way to give back to loyal members. Many consumers are familiar with a retail or restaurant loyalty program. However, wouldn’t it be nice to combine all of your country club dining amenities and facilities into one program?

Since all of the facilities at a country club fall under a single entity, allow customers to redeem their perks across the board. For example, if members gain a lot of points on the golf course, allow them to get free perks when the club is hosting brunch. Or, if members order food online after so many times, they can receive free merchandise.

Customer data reports show that roughly 79% of people who receive a free gift from a brand will probably return in the future. And besides, country club memberships can cost a pretty penny. Providing members with exclusive and high-quality rewards from time to time will allow you to stand out amongst the rest.

6. Create Email Lists

Emails are the most direct form of contact you can have with members. Plus, it's easy and cost-effective.

One of the best parts about an email marketing strategy is that you can create segments. For example, one target audience might prefer golf. Meanwhile, another may enjoy recreational activities. In this scenario, you can send different messages to different groups.

Speaking of segments, did you know that you can upload an email list to social media platforms? Facebook and LinkedIn allow businesses to upload email addresses to promote ads to their target audience.

Make use of your existing database of contact information and promote your private club to members. If you have announcements, blogs, or other informative content, it's easier to capture existing members than new ones.

7. Host Contests

Contests are one of the most effective ways to promote private clubs. Luckily, social media makes it easier than ever to reward contest winners.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are all platforms to host contests. No matter the prizes, always ensure that contests encourage social media engagement. This can entail post reactions, comments, shares, and more.

8. Promote the Golf Course Layout

When conducting country club marketing efforts, don't forget about professional golfers. Promoting the layout can do wonders for your business.

Get current and potential members excited about tee time by promoting visual aspects of your course. Drone video footage is the most aesthetically pleasing way to display landscapes. Management can repurpose this content in numerous ways, too.

Blast this footage on your website and social media accounts to show off your country club. This tactic will also be beneficial for advertising venue management features.

With the right content, you can display the whole environment before guests ever arrive. Combined with the perfect messaging, you'll attract members in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Country Club Marketing

As you get more specific with a business model you’d like to operate, the marketing details are much more tailored and thematic, too. Now that you know about the nitty-gritty details of country club marketing, let’s look at a more general scope of this hospitality sector.

How Do You Market A Country Club?

A business owner can market a country club by following these steps:

  • Promote it online
  • Run paid ads
  • Hire brand ambassadors
  • Offer exclusive perks
  • Host special events
  • Offer a rewards program
  • Sell branded merchandise

You’ll likely discover other creative ways to generate traffic to your country club. However, these are just the basics to add to the general strategy.

What Makes A Good Country Club?

A good country club offers top-notch and state-of-the-art facilities. Such amenities include:

How Can I Promote My Golf Business?

A club owner can promote a golf business by following these steps:

  • Choose a great location
  • Showcase the course layout
  • Target your ideal audience
  • Post high-quality content online
  • Promote other club perks
  • Sell golf merchandise  

How Do You Market A Social Cub?

Show customers the many benefits of joining your social club. Use social and print advertising to promote facilities, amenities, and more. Since it’s a social club, it might also make sense to hire brand ambassadors to promote the business on a more personal level.

How Do You Increase Club Membership?

Conduct thoughtful and strategic country club marketing plans if you’d like to boost the number of memberships at your country club. Ensure that you’re speaking to the right audience, launch campaigns at the right time, and track results.

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It’s Time to Develop a Country Club Marketing Plan

As you begin country club marketing efforts from scratch or tweak an existing strategy, you’ll certainly have a lot of creative freedom. Just ensure that you keep track of measurable results, as this will be key in monitoring performance and growth opportunities.