September 6, 2023
Lauren Platero

7 Perks of Restaurants That Accept Mobile Payments

Restaurants that accept mobile payments are vital in the modern hospitality industry. That's due to their convenience and flexibility. Ever since the restaurant industry began its digital transformation, it has been essential to innovate such businesses when possible. To no surprise, this includes the payment processing methods that are available.

Restaurant payment technology can include a wide variety of methods. From QR payment options to chip readers, there are many choices. However, mobile payment solutions are the most convenient and preferred methods. In this blog, we’ll cover several reasons why this is the case.

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7 Perks of Restaurants That Accept Mobile Payments 

Digital payment companies are making it easier than ever before to offer mobile payment options. That’s great news, as mobile payments are one of the leading restaurant payment processing options. But why? Read on to learn about seven perks of restaurants that accept mobile payments!

1. Restaurants That Accept Mobile Payments Are Inclusive 

In this day and age, not many people carry cash on them. This shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, as it’s unsanitary and can easily get lost or stolen. On the other hand, credit and debit cards can be a bit limiting, too. Not only is this another payment method that people can misplace, but it’s difficult to load funds. 

With digital payment platforms like Apple Pay and Google Pay, your payment method of choice lives in your mobile wallet. And in the event that you don’t have your phone accessible, you can sign in to the device of someone you trust. Or, some restaurants even have their own apps where customers can upload money. That way, all they need to do is tap a couple of buttons and reload their mobile wallet.

2. Restaurants That Accept Mobile Payments Are More Sanitary

When making a purchase with a mobile device, the process is completely contact-free. Contactless payments are constantly becoming more popular. This idea has been especially true since the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. That's why contactless payments via NFC are so popular.

After all, just remember how many hands touch plastic cards and physical money. They’re breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. With the scan of a smartphone, you completely remove unsanitary items from the equation.

3. Restaurants That Accept Mobile Payments Can Offer Online Ordering

Imagine how tricky it would be if you integrated with online ordering apps but didn’t accept mobile payments. Once you do, online orders can easily roll in one after the other. The best part? The transaction will be complete upon arrival. So for those that order food for delivery, the retrieval of said orders can be contactless, too.

Restaurant payment technology is seamless and secure. So whether people pay for their orders through the app or are getting their meal via curbside pick up, the mobile transactions are safe. Not only is this ideal for the customers, but for the business as well.

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4. Restaurants That Accept Mobile Payments Can Easily Track Restaurant Data

Once you start accepting digital payments, it’ll be easier to track restaurant data analytics. As orders enter the POS system, all relevant information can sync to a centralized dashboard. In this part of the POS software, you can view insight ranging from customer data to sales trends over a given period of time. Everything you need to know can be right at your fingertips.

When using digital tech solutions, all the manual labor is done for you. So not only are you better able to track important data, but it’s easier than ever. Does a unified dashboard sound like something your restaurant business can benefit from? Book a demo with us to learn all about it!

5. Restaurants That Accept Mobile Payments Can Offer Loyalty Points

A restaurant loyalty program is a great way to maximize revenue and get customers to return. With mobile payment methods, it’s now simpler than ever to track and redeem points. Instead of using physical cards, a restaurant POS platform can keep relevant information on record. This way, using the loyalty features is on autopilot.

Some restaurant owners stray away from implementing a customer rewards program for the ways it can get confusing. But when you accept mobile payments, granting rewards is a mobile process, too. 

6. Restaurants That Accept Mobile Payments Have Fast Turnaround Times

Mobile payments are quick and efficient. That’s why everyone prefers them so much! There is absolutely zero need for fumbling around with money or waiting for a card to process a payment. Instead, transactions can take place in a flash.

As you can imagine, this can expedite table turnover rates by a long shot. This is especially true if you use QR codes or table-side devices to offer payment methods. With these restaurant payment solutions, you don't even need servers to be present.

7. Restaurants That Accept Mobile Payments Are More Flexible 

Mobile card readers are often compatible with multiple apps. This means that restaurants that accept mobile payments are more flexible. This concept completely circles back to the idea that such eateries are more inclusive.

Frequently Asked Questions About Restaurants That Accept Mobile Payments

Restaurants that accept mobile payments are a prominent business type in the modern food service industry. Without these features, you might be limiting your potential customer base. With this in mind, it’s important to learn as much about it before the implementation plan takes place. So, we put together a brief FAQ section that covers a bit more detail. Read below for the extra insight:

Are Restaurants That Accept Mobile Payments Better?

Yes, restaurants that accept mobile payments are better because they’re more inclusive. Let’s say someone doesn't have cash or a physical card on them. In this case, customers would still be able to pay. Plus, mobile payments are contactless, which makes them more sanitary.

Can I Use My Phone to Pay For Food?

Yes, with mobile apps like Apple Pay and Google Pay, it’s easy to process payments at a restaurant. In fact, that’s why restaurants that accept mobile payments are so much better. They’re inclusive to all customers, always making it feasible to quickly pay the bill. 

How Do You Pay With Your Phone At a Restaurant?

To pay at a restaurant with your phone, you must download some kind of digital payment application. Many restaurants that accept mobile payments integrate with Apple Pay and Google Pay. But if you’re uncertain, just ask them before your arrival.

How Can I Pay For Something Without a Card?

If you don’t have a physical card, you can still make purchases with mobile payment apps. For example, apps like Apple Pay and Google Pay can connect right to your bank account. That way, no physical card is necessary at the time of purchase. If this sounds familiar, that’s because it works similarly to an ACH payment. 

Can You Pay At Restaurants With An iPhone?

Restaurants that accept mobile payments have methods that are compatible with iPhones. That’s because iOS apps are the primary mobile payment methods in eateries. For iPhone users, this would require Apple Pay. However, small businesses might also accept something like Venmo. However, it’s always a good idea to ask for clarification if you’re uncertain.

The Overall Importance of Restaurants That Accept Mobile Payments

If you weren’t aware a few minutes ago, you now know how important it is to operate restaurants that accept mobile payments. As we continue to navigate the restaurant space in the digital age, it’s vital that processes evolve with the times. Plus, it’s what many consumers are opting for when they dine out or order delivery. By meeting everyone’s preferences, your business can be that much closer to boosts in traffic.