November 27, 2023
Lauren Platero

Let Customers Order Christmas Dinner Online In 5 Easy Steps

Are you searching for an easy way to accelerate the restaurant profit margin this holiday season? If so, let customers order Christmas dinner online. We don’t mean on Christmas night, but catering services that suit all their Christmas party catering needs. From festive snack trays to pitchers of holiday drinks, there is so much to offer. 

Even Christmas Eve catering can be a great service to offer. Just ensure that there are ways for customers place orders online. This way, payments are secure and all orders end up in the right system. Now, without further ado, continue reading this blog post for everything you need to know about selling Christmas dinner catering services online.

Order Christmas Dinner Online: 7 Benefits 

As the business owner of a restaurant, you may think it seems extremely casual to order Christmas dinner online. However, that isn’t always the case. This is especially true when catering for Christmas party functions.  

You see, we're not referring to the ways people tend to order food on a regular night. Instead, we’re talking about the benefits of ordering catering services online during the weeks leading up to Christmas. 

If offering such services hasn’t crossed your mind, here are seven benefits you’ll reap once you let customers order Christmas dinner online:

  1. An easy way to speed up inventory turnover
  2. An increase in brand exposure and awareness. 
  3. High profits due to the markup on catering orders. 
  4. An opportunity to implement product differentiation.
  5. A boost in brand loyalty amongst catering customers. 
  6. The ability to appear as more of an upscale restaurant.
  7. The use of standardized menus to simplify kitchen operations.

5 Ways to Offer Christmas Party Catering Online

Letting your customers order Christmas dinner online can be a super simple process. We're about to cover five ways to sell Christmas party catering services via digital realms. Read on for all the tips you need:

1. Utilize An Online Ordering System

All restaurants should leverage the power of a unified online ordering platform for their catering services. For one, catering orders can be very overwhelming to manage. From order tracking to fulfillment, a provider like Revolution Ordering can be extremely valuable in both FOH and kitchen operations. Plus, it can maintain simple and stress-free workflows. 

Secondly, catering orders are quite large, in terms of quantity as well as financially. So, the last thing you’d want is to lose track of an order, not fulfill one, or deliver an inaccurate order. Doing so can be detrimental to the overall customer experience and lead to a poor reputation. 

Want to learn how to get more catering orders and revolutionize your restaurant business? Schedule a demo with us today to learn about everything you need to succeed!

2. Host a Digital Storefront On Your Website

A great way to secure a lot of sales is to conduct restaurant SEO efforts. By optimizing your website to target keywords related to catering Christmas dinner, you may surpass a ton of competition. But what happens once a potential customer lands on your website? Well, that’s where a digital storefront comes into play.

Just like when you partner with food delivery apps, a first-party integration can work just as well. Site visitors will have the ability to order Christmas dinner online directly from your website. No app downloads or separate windows are necessary.

3. Create Bundles and Catering Packages

When choosing from traditional menu types for catering services, it’s always helpful to have a selection of bundles. Instead of having to select random items from a catering menu, everything will already be part of the bundle. This concept is just as beneficial for customers as it is for the business.

From appetizer list items to the main entree food, customers won’t have to think twice about what to serve. Instead, all they’ll have to do is select the package that will accommodate their total number of guests.

Another bonus is that restaurant staff can choose dishes and price the bundles accordingly. As a result, you can add just a high enough markup to maximize profits without steering customers away from choosing your restaurant for their catering needs. Be sure to thoroughly understand the principles of premium pricing before implementing this kind of tactic.

4. Let Customers Choose a Delivery Method

Adding this step to the online ordering process will give both the customers and business a sense of peace of mind. While picking up the order themselves might be sufficient for some customers, others may need to opt for delivery. Therefore, it’s always vital to offer both methods. But why should you know so far in advance?

Depending on the size of your current staff, it may be advantageous to hire seasonal delivery drivers. For one, not all orders will be processed via online ordering apps like Grubhub and Postmates. So, drivers who work for these delivery service providers can't transport other orders. Secondly, there’ll likely be more orders for Christmas dinner than on a regular night. This means that since festivities run on somewhat of a schedule, you can't run late with catering deliveries.

5. Create Holiday Discounts and Promotions

Implement Christmas promotion ideas for restaurant success. Just ensure that most, if not all of them pertain to the option to order Christmas dinner online. This way, you’ll increase sales for the most profitable offering of the season. 

If you want to drive profits that much more, set an expiration date for the promotions around one to two weeks before Christmas. This way, you’re more likely to fill up your schedule and maximize revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Order Christmas Dinner Online

Still have questions about Christmas party catering and whether you should let customers order Christmas dinner online? Don’t stress over it–we’ve got you covered. See below for additional information on these topics!

Can You Order Christmas Dinner Online?

Yes, there are many restaurants and supermarkets that let customers order Christmas dinner online. In fact, it’s an opportunity for many eateries to expand their catering business.

How Can You Have a Cheap Christmas Dinner?

You can have a cheap Christmas dinner by purchasing most, if not all of your items while they’re on sale. If you choose to order Christmas dinner online, try to purchase a catering bundle if and when promotions are taking place. If you can, you might snag the ultimate deal.

Does Costco Sell Prepared Christmas Meals?

Yes, and not only does Costco sell premade dinner items, but you can get them in varying sizes depending on your party’s total headcount. The inability to prepare food on your own is not a problem when you have a Costco membership. This is because they have numerous options and remove all the guesswork.

What Do People Serve for Christmas Dinner?

Many people serve ham or turkey for Christmas dinner, along with sides and decadent desserts. Think of it as being a bit similar to Thanksgiving. However, since Christmas is a worldwide celebration, know that there are many cultural influences spanning the dinner tables.

What Are Some Alternative Christmas Dinners?

Some alternative Christmas dinners include the following dishes:

  • Pork Tenderloin
  • Prime Ribs
  • Filet Mignon 
  • Chicken or Turkey Pot Pie 
  • The Feast of Seven Fishes 
  • Chicken or Eggplant Parmesan

Deck the Halls With Online Orders

When you let customers order Christmas dinner online, you’re also ending the year with a bang. That’s because of how profitable providing complete meals can be. Plus, customer retention into the new year is bound to follow. So, a limited edition offering can easily lead to long-term restaurant success.