May 4, 2023
Lauren Platero

Movie Theater POS: 10 Features to Boost Food & Drink Sales

A movie theater POS system is a vital component of any movie theater business. As food, drink, and ticket sales take place, there must be a system that processes transactions and stores customer data

You might be wondering what makes movie theater POS software options unique from those in other industries. Surprisingly, there are features that can simplify operations within this niche market. So, let's learn all about it!

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Movie Theater POS: Definition 

A movie theater POS system refers to the software and hardware that allows movie heaters to process transactions. As food, drink, and ticket sales roll in, movie theaters need a system that can track all relevant data. Plus, it's vital that they have a secure system in place to do the bulk of the work. 

In the digital age, this product can look a bit different from traditional settings. For instance, movie theaters can benefit from both digital software and POS hardware. Generally speaking, movie theater POS systems should have the following features:

Now that you know about what makes up a movie theater POS system, let's discuss ten ways that its features can boost food and drink sales!

10 Movie Theater POS System Features to Boost Food and Drink Sales

Are you learning how to open a movie theater? If so, there are many POS system features that can help maximize revenue at the movies. Want to learn about the top ten options? See below:

1. Online Ordering Abilities 

Online ordering food and drinks via mobile apps is one of the easiest ways for customers to do so. Plus, online ordering platforms can include upselling features upon checkout. If customers order a salty snack, program the kiosk to suggest something sweet. Or, if customers don’t have any drinks in their cart, showcase the best-sellers right before they pay. 

2. Self-Service Kiosks 

Kiosks are a great solution for increasing food and drink sales. While some customers are waiting in line, others can be placing orders at kiosk devices. By combining the two options, you can sell more products in the same amount of time.

If you want to cut the labor cost, kiosks are also the way to go. Though you’ll still need people working behind the counter, you can reduce the number of cashiers on your team.

3. Scheduling Features 

Many food service businesses allow customers to purchase food and drinks ahead of time. The way it works is customers use a website or mobile app to order their menu items. Then, they choose a time upon checkout. 

If all goes according to plan, the business’ staff will have the order ready at the designated time. When the customer arrives, they can simply pick up their order at the counter and be on their merry way. This feature allows both the customer and staff to multitask, so it’s a win-win for both parties. 

4. Contactless Payments 

Traditional POS systems typically include card readers, cash registers, and a computer system. However, integrated POS systems can offer customers multiple payment methods. The best part about this is that it creates an all-inclusive checkout process for guests. 

If a global health crisis has taught consumers and businesses one thing, it’s that many people opt for contact-free options. So, by offering contactless payments, you’ll be offering the most convenient and safest method. This method can include features such as chip scanners and mobile wallets. 

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5. Customer Rewards Program 

Who doesn't love earning free perks? With the right POS system, movie theaters can launch a rewards program for their most loyal customers. By signing up with an email address or phone number, customers can earn points for each purchase. Then, the system can automatically redeem points when they reach a certain number. 

6. Discounts and Promotions 

Businesses can set up discounts and promotions directly through their POS system. Are there slow seasons? Or, is there a popular movie coming out that you want to really push food and drink sales for? Set up discounts and promotions to go live at the perfect times. This feature can also go hand-in-hand with your theatre marketing efforts.

7. In-Theater Ordering 

In-theater ordering options must be controlled by the movie theater POS system. This is because the only way customers can use this ordering method is via mobile apps. 

However, it's one of the most luxurious features a movie theater can offer. By allowing customers to order food and drinks in the comfort of their own seat, they'll never have to miss a minute of their film.

It's also likely that many people might want to get snacks or drinks during their movie, but don't due to the risk of missing the film. So by offering this feature, you'll certainly maximize profits.

8. Create Snack and Drink Combos 

There are so many food favorites at the movies, from movie theater popcorn to carbonated refreshments. So, create unique and appealing combos that the POS system can display to customers.

If you're wondering where these combos will appear, you have a few different options. Kiosks, digital menu boards, and mobile ordering apps are the three primary options.  

Combos and packages are also ways to maximize profits. By adding multiple types of items to one combo at a discounted price, you'll be able to sell more inventory at a quicker rate.

9. Offer a Creative Movie Theater Menu 

Offering creative menu types can allure many customers to place orders at the movie theater. From a wide selection of soft and mixed drink recipes, to gourmet popcorn flavors, there's a wide variety to offer. Regarding your POS system, opt for digital menus to easily make changes. That way, customers will also be viewing only what's available. 

10. Data Analytics Dashboard  

One of the most helpful parts of using an integrated POS system is that it can showcase analytics in real time. That's right--any business owner can access a point of sale report on a regular basis. 

This report will display metrics regarding sales, inventory, and more. It will help you understand the theater's financial health. Plus, such information will help make important decisions and plan strategic efforts. Data-backed choices are vital in business. So, it's especially useful to have a POS system with such features. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Movie Theater POS 

While shopping for a POS system for your movie theater, they might all seem a bit similar. However, there are certainly unique features and integrations that make some more suitable for movie theaters than others. See below for more details surrounding movie theater POS systems!

What Features Should a Movie Theater POS System Have?

Every movie theater POS system should consist of the following features:

  • Food and drink ordering
  • Inventory management 
  • Contactless payments 
  • Ticketing software 
  • Loyalty programs
  • Accounting software

Can a Movie Theater POS System Sync Across Multiple Locations?

Yes, with integrated POS solutions, a movie theater POS system can handle more than one location. With the right tools they can track inventory, collect data, and manage pricing from various locations. This is especially beneficial for large chains.

How Can a Movie Theater POS System Improve the Customer Experience?

A movie theater POS system can improve the customer experience by making processes quicker and more efficient. Things like food orders, ticketing, and payment transactions can be much simpler. In turn, this will all create a more seamless experience. 

How Can a Movie Theater POS System Help with Reporting and Analytics?

A movie theater POS system can display an analytics dashboard. Some even show various performance metrics in real time. These dashboards usually include consumer trends, inventory levels, sales, and more. 

Can a Movie Theater POS System Integrate with Online Ticketing Platforms?

Yes, an integrated movie theater POS system can sync with ticketing software. This feature will allow customers to buy tickets online, via kiosks, and at the ticket counter. Since many consumers opt for mobile ticketing, this integration will come in handy.

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Cash or Card?

Without a movie theater POS system, it'd be nearly impossible for all necessary transactions to take place. Just make sure that you're using all the integrations available to maximize sales. Once you onboard a solution with innovative features, food, drink, and ticket sales are bound to soar. Want to learn more about all-inclusive POS software? Book a demo with us today!