June 19, 2023
Lauren Platero

Theatre Marketing: 7 Ways to Promote Your Movie Theatre

Movie theatre marketing is essential for brand exposure and long-term success. Are you researching how to open a movie theater? Or, are you looking for ways to promote the one you currently operate? Either way, you’re in the right place. 

So, do you want to learn how to leverage the movie theater POS system. Or, do you want inspiration on how to promote the movie theater menu online? We’re about to cover these topics, and then some. So, let’s jump right in!

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Theatre Marketing: Definition

Theatre marketing refers to the process of tailoring imagery, messaging, and advertisements to a niche market. For theatre marketing, there are numerous tactics that can be helpful. In other words, there are many outlets for what to market. 

For instance, some theatres might market the shows or movies on the roster more than anything else. Meanwhile, another theatre might be well-known for its concession stand. In this case, marketing food favorites and drinks would be the breadwinner.

The Importance of Theatre Marketing

Movie theatre marketing is more important than you might think. With the rise in popularity of movie streamlining platforms like Netflix and Hulu, theatres are experiencing immense competition. To keep up with changes in the market, they have to find unique ways to surpass convenient, watch-at-home competitors. Though it's a difficult feat, it can be done. 

At one time, movie theatres were an extremely profitable business model. Nowadays, each business owner of such brands must find creative ways to attract customers. From product differentiation to innovating the space, it is absolutely possible. So, let’s dive into the specifics on how to do so.

7 Best Theatre Marketing Campaigns 

Ready to take your movie theatre marketing efforts to the next level? Below, you’ll find seven foolproof ways to promote your business. Read on for the details:

1. Utilize Technology to Streamline Your Efforts

Did you know that innovative restaurant technology solutions can be use to promote a movie theatre? That’s right–such products can make your business stand out from the rest. 

Restaurant tech is meant to make processes simpler for both the business and consumer. So, things like self ordering kiosks, QR codes, and online ordering apps can attract customers. It makes the movie theatre experience quick, convenient, and accurate.

2. Launch a Customer Rewards Program

There’s nothing that will incentivize customers to visit your business more than free perks. By implementing a rewards program, you’ll be able to create a cycle where customers keep coming back. It’s that simple. 

Allow every dollar to equate to a point. As customers make purchases and generate points, they can redeem them for free rewards. Within a movie theatre marketing strategy, there are many things that customers can earn. Movie showings, popcorn, arcade tickets, and more are just a few favorable examples. 

3. Develop a Social Media Strategy

Social media marketing is incredibly helpful. Even for movie theatres, it can take brand exposure and profits to the next level. Why? You have complete control over your branding, messaging, and online presence. For instance, online customer reviews have the potential to change a brand. But when you have the ability to make it however you envision it to be, you have more control over how the public perceives it. 

From posting aesthetically pleasing content to features of the rewards program, a social presence is vital. In fact, it can be the most effective and least expensive theatre marketing strategy. And never underestimate the power of paid advertising campaigns. If you go this route, just ensure that you know how to calculate the social media ROI to track results.

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4. Create an Email Marketing Strategy

Emails are the most effective form of marketing. That’s because it’s the most direct way to contact consumers by the masses. But you might be wondering where you can retrieve significant amounts of email addresses. 

Well, that’s where the importance of menu and food tech comes into play. Card information can capture customer data. Plus, social media marketing and surveys are other ways to retrieve such information. Just ensure that the movie theatre business has the right to use the information for marketing purposes. 

5. Offer Discounts and Promotions

Discounts and promotions can go a long way at the movie theatre. Combo deals and snack bundles are just a couple of ways to sell and earn more. Plus, they can cater to different type of customers 

It’s also advantageous to offer discounts and promotions via emails and social media. This way, your ideal customer profile will feel the incentive to keep up with the brand. If they don’t, there’s a risk of forgetting to purchase tickets.

6. Run Promotional Specials 

Limited time specials create a sense of excitement and urgency. The main different between promotional specials and discounts is that specials are for a limited time. On the other hand, discounts are often recurring chances to save money.

Come up with promotional specials that don’t exist at competing theatres. Buy one, get one free for tickets is always a great option. Or, free movie theater popcorn on certain days a week is another idea you rarely ever see. Begin by finding where you can knock down or eliminate prices, and go from there. 

7. Invest in SEO and Paid Ads

SEO best practices are ideal for any business. Whether it’s a brick and mortar or eCommerce store, it’s extremely important. In fact, it's what can make or break some businesses. For example, many eateries implement restaurant SEO so that locals find their business before others.

The same rule applies the movie theatre marketing efforts. If your theatre exists within a densely populated area, there’s likely multiple options. So, rise above the competition with effective SEO efforts, like an authoritative website and high-ranking keywords.

Frequently Asked Questions About Theatre Marketing

Marketing a movie theatre can be a fun yet tricky process. Sure, there are traditional marketing techniques that can be helpful. However, it’s a pretty unique landscape compared to what most marketers are familiar with. So, let’s dive into some basics about the topic.

What Are the Key Elements of a Theatre Marketing Strategy?

The key elements of a movie theatre marketing strategy are:

  • A list of creative ideas
  • A realistic budget 
  • Graphic design abilities 
  • Social media accounts 
  • A fully functional website
  • Knowledge of building ad campaigns

How Can Social Media Be Used In Theatre Marketing?

Social media can be helpful for building an online presence for the movie theatre. Uploading pictures, videos, and stories can attract new customers and remind them of the business. Social media platforms are also necessary for running paid ads. Without such accounts, there won’t be a place to launch these posts.

How Can Email Marketing Be Effective for Theatre Marketing?

Email marketing allows theatres to directly contact their customer base. So, it’s a vital part of the marketing strategy, especially if you have discounts or important updates. Unlike other marketing techniques, this one will place your efforts directly in front of the customer.

How Can Theatres Measure the Success of Their Marketing Efforts? 

A theatre can measure the success of their marketing efforts by analyzing ticket, food, and drink sales. Since these are the three primary selling points, success should equate to boosts in these metrics. You can also determine success by looking at food and beverage inventory turnover, too. 

Is a Theatre Marketing Strategy Necessary?

Yes, a theatre marketing strategy is necessary to expose the business to the masses. Without one, you might not achieve nearly as many sales any you would otherwise. Plus, it’s never a bad idea to have an active presence.

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