September 12, 2023
Lauren Platero

10 Benefits of Restaurants With QR Payment Options

Restaurants with QR code payment methods offer staff and customers the ultimate convenience. Any form of digital payments are ideal, as they’re quick, secure, and efficient. In this blog, we’re going to discuss why payment processing is one of the best QR code uses. We’ll also go over what makes QR codes so unique in restaurants. 

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What Are Restaurants With QR Code Payment Options 

More often than not, restaurants with QR code payments fall into the casual dining category. That’s primarily because of how various QR code types eliminate restaurant labor. Therefore, customers have a more DIY experience. That's why the quick service restaurant business model is a big user of QR codes. 

In formal restaurant settings, customer service is a major factor. Stellar service is especially important in restaurants with high prices. With this in mind, expect to find restaurants with QR code payment options in super laid-back establishments, such as fast food, bars, fast-casual, and other kinds of eateries with casual atmospheres. Other businesses like bakeries and coffee shops are often part of this list, too.

What Does QR Stand For In Relation to Codes

The abbreviation “QR” stands for Quick Response. The term and acronym refer to the speed in which it showcases menus and check out pages. In fact, that’s why so many digital payment platforms utilize them.

How to Make a QR Code for a Restaurant

Restaurants can utilize a QR code generator online to create a custom QR code. Once you find answers to the question “how do QR codes work,” and select your custom QR code design, you’ll have access to your new menu and payment platform. Then, you can use the custom code in your eatery to accept payments as well as grow the brand to the local market.

Are you ready to get your new QR code? Check out SproutQR for more information. It’s the best QR code generator, and will provide your business with one of the best restaurant payment processing options. Unless you operate a multi-unit enterprise, you can begin building a QR code menu today! But if your restaurant business is of a larger scale, schedule a demo to discuss pricing options!

10 Benefits of Restaurants With QR Code Payment Options 

Restaurants with QR code payment methods reap many benefits. Meanwhile, there are many perks that exist for the customers. Of all the restaurant payment solutions, QR codes are probably the most convenient and user-friendly. So, let’s go over ten benefits of QR code payments.

1. QR Code Payments Are Contact-Free

Contactless payments are preferable by many customers and staff members alike. They’re innovative, easy to use, and are much more sanitary than other payment methods. Plus, they eliminate a great deal of POS hardware

And in a setting where people are serving food and drinks, what more could you want than for everything to be free of germs? That is why we expect more contact-free innovations to emerge as the restaurant industry evolves.

2. QR Codes Can Enhance the Customer Experience

Many consumers love using QR codes due to their convenience and user-friendliness. When customers arrive at a business, and they realize there’s no need to wait on a server, they can get right to ordering food and drinks. Then, when the time comes that they want to head out, the same rule applies when paying the bill.

We live in an extremely fast-paced world, which means that everyone is on the go to their next stop. By offering mobile payment solutions that speed up standard processes, you’re simultaneously meeting the needs of many people.

3. QR Code Payments Are Secure

Restaurants with QR code payment methods are just as secure with these transactions as they would be with any other type. QR code payments utilize the same kind of data encryption protocols as other payment types, making it just as secure and efficient.

That's why restaurants that accept mobile payments often out-perform their rivals. They're just as safe but with an added touch of convenience.

4. QR Code Payments Are Traceable

Like an ACH payment or other kind of digital transaction, QR code payments are traceable. This means that restaurants with QR code payment options are secure and prioritize the safety of customer data. From payment gateways to PCI standards, there are many security measures in place.

Other payment methods might be hard to track and manage. Paying with physical cash is certainly not trackable, unless the customer has a receipt. But once a customer uses iPhone or Android QR readers, relevant information will enter the appropriate databases. Plus, businesses can also track QR code usage to gauge its popularity in their restaurant.

5. Restaurants Can Combine QR Codes and Reward Programs

If you have a restaurant loyalty program, synchronize points with the QR code payment option. When customers pay using a phone number or email address affiliated with their account, they can automatically earn points. Then, when it comes time to redeem them, the QR code payment screen can prompt them to do so.

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6. QR Code Payments Increase Table Turnover Rates

QR codes are one of the fastest forms of restaurant payment technology. As soon as a party is done with their meal or ordering menu items, they can quickly pay the bill from their phone. In doing so, restaurants are able to speed up turnover rates. 

For casual eateries or businesses that experience busy shifts, this benefit is a game changer. For one, it results in higher profits for the business in no time. But also, it can expedite awareness for the brand as the customer base flourishes. 

7. QR Code Payments Are Affordable for Restaurants to Use

It’s not super expensive to display QR codes throughout your restaurant. In fact, digital payment companies make it feasible for eateries to use QR codes as well as other methods of payment. This is possible, since secure and flexible payment processing options are ideal for meeting each of your customer’s needs and preferences. If you don’t, it can hinder brand loyalty.

8. Restaurants With QR Payment Options Have Shorter Wait Times

When people dine at restaurants with QR payment options, they’re able to use the menu browsing functionality to place orders. As they enter the kitchen display system, the kitchen staff can optimize their time to speedily prepare dishes. That way, everything is fresh and on-time. 

This means that customers will retrieve their dishes as quickly as possible. In turn, the wait times won’t be as long as if one of the servers was manually taking orders and adding them to the POS system.

9. Restaurant QR Code Apps Are Easy to Edit and Update

Customizable QR codes are super easy to manage and edit. Let’s say your restaurant no longer serves a particular item, removing it is as easy as one, two, three. Or, perhaps you want to add a selection of seasonal items. Doing so is just a few minutes away.

The best part? Restaurant owners won’t have to spend extra money and waste materials printing new copies.

10. QR Codes Create a More Sanitary Environment 

All digital payment methods are ideal for sanitary purposes. The elimination of exchanging cards or carrying around cash removes a ton of germs and bacteria from your hands. However, QR codes take this idea one step further. 

Restaurants with QR code payment options also utilize them for menus. So, this reduces the need for physical paper or plastic menus. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many restaurants began using QR codes for this very reason. Now, it remains in many eateries as a safety precaution.

Frequently Asked Questions About Restaurants With QR Code Payment Options 

Restaurants with QR code payment options are ideal for accelerating revenue and streamlining operations. If you’d like some extra information on the topic, as always, we’re here to assist! Read the additional info we covered below in the FAQ section. 

How Do You Pay At Restaurants With QR Code Payment Options

To pay the bill at restaurants with QR codes, simply scan the code with a smartphone and follow the prompts. Scanning the code will bring you to a page where you can either view the menus, place orders, or check out. If you choose to check out, the transaction will be just a matter of minutes and be completely digital.

Can You Take Payments On a QR Code?

Yes, businesses can take payments via QR codes. The way it works is the business would set up an account with a QR code app. Then, when customers are ready to check out, they use their smartphone to scan the code. It'll prompt them to pay and voila, the transaction is complete.

What Happens If You Scan a QR Code At a Restaurant

If you scan a QR code at a restaurant, you’ll see a menu or payment methods. Restaurants with QR payment options often have QR code menus, as they go together in QR code apps. However, not all restaurants with digital menus offer payment options this way.

How Can I Scan a QR Code At Checkout?

To use a QR code at checkout, scan the custom code with your mobile device. Right after, you’ll be redirected to a page that shows menus and payment options. Then, follow the steps that the QR code app displays to complete your purchase.

What Are the Advantages of QR Codes In Restaurants?

The best advantages of QR codes in restaurants are as follows:

  • Shorter wait times 
  • Quick table turnover
  • Clean and sleek designs
  • They’re user-friendly
  • They’re easily editable
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Payment Is Just a Scan Away 

Restaurants with QR code payment methods are ideal places to dine. Once you create a QR code for your restaurant, you’ll quickly see just how beneficial it is for your staff and customer base. After all, they’re simple, cost-effective, and customizable payment processors.