December 6, 2022
Lauren Platero

Mobile POS Systems: The Power and Uses of mPOS Systems

Mobile POS solutions are some of the most prominent payment technologies in the B2C landscape (see: B2C meaning). In fact, newer consumer data reports show that people prefer mobile payment processing options over traditional methods. After all, they're speedy and efficient. Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to find innovative POS partners that don’t offer mobile functionalities. 

In this blog post, we will uncover all the nitty-gritty details about mobile POS solutions. From the best features they embody to the many ways they can improve restaurant operations, we will go over all you need to know. Now, let's begin!

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Mobile POS: What Is It?

A mobile point of sale system is a form of payment technology that uses portable devices to accept transactions. Usually, customers will use a chip reader or smartphone to make payments. With the use of a wireless terminal, mobile payment methods are ideal for all types of businesses. From food trucks to pop up restaurants, everyone can leverage mobile POS software.

The 10 Best Features of mPOS Solutions

Once you invest in an mPOS solution, such as an Apple POS system, to accept Apple Pay, you’ll be blown away by its many features. In fact, you probably won’t believe you stuck with traditional solutions for so long. Ten of the most groundbreaking mobile POS features are as follows:

  1. Easy access to important data metrics. 
  2. Flexible payment options. 
  3. Data encryption and security. 
  4. No need for excessive amounts of hardware. 
  5. Digital receipts that don’t require paper usage. 
  6. Connectivity with other software solutions. 
  7. Portable mobile readers for off-premise payments.
  8. Synchronization with inventory tracking tools. 
  9. The ability to send restaurant orders right to the kitchen display system
  10. Ease and efficiency for front of house staff members.

The Role of a Mobile POS System In Businesses

If you’re ever wondering how mobile POS solutions help retail businesses, know that there are many valuable uses for them. In a brick and mortar setting, mobile POS systems allow for quick and secure payments. With a payment terminal that can scan a card chip or a smartphone, moving transactions through the payment gateway is a breeze (see: what is a payment gateway)!

Sure, there are more traditional payment methods, like using a card reader or cash. However, as more brands digitize their stores, mobile and wireless options are quickly becoming the norm. 

So how do mobile POS capabilities actually work? Check out the next section for the answer in the most simple terms!

How Do Mobile Point of Sale Systems Work?

Mobile point-of-sale systems work with a wireless reader, which can scan cards, chips, or a custom QR code. Once the initial swipe or scan takes place, the customer's payment data gets transmitted through a processor. From there, the transaction will update inventory levels, develop a receipt, and complete the transaction. Most of the time, these are virtual receipts.

7 Reasons Why a Mobile POS System for Restaurants Is Necessary

Restaurant point of sale systems can improve operations and the customer experience. With a secure terminal and instant processing, there are no better tools for merchant-facing duties. But how exactly are they beneficial amidst daily operations? The following reasons are why your restaurant business needs restaurant payment technology to thrive:

  1. Mobile POS solutions are extremely simple for customers, wait staff, and hosts.
  2. You can onboard a product like Connect to utilize other integrations, such as loyalty program functionalities.
  3. Restaurants can boost the table turnover rate by installing mobile tabletop devices. 
  4. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many people prefer contactless payments, which is the whole point of mobile transactions. 
  5. Customers have the option to receive a text or email receipt. 
  6. There’s no need to juggle a ton of different POS hardware devices. 
  7. Digital payment solutions can offer a regular point of sale report.

Are you feeling ready to leverage a restaurant POS platform to offer mobile payments? Check out the following section for several providers.

Companies That Offer Mobile POS Capabilities

There are various companies that empower restaurant brands with mobile POS solutions. Plus, many providers can connect with third-party app integrations. Seven of the best options that can integrate with Revolution Ordering are as follows:

  1. PAR Brink
  2. Toast
  3. Micros Res/3700
  4. Positouch
  5. NCR Aloha Quick Service
  6. NCR Cloud Connect
  7. Xenial

If you're shopping for online ordering solutions to pair with your mobile POS software, you’ve found yourself a flexible provider! But perhaps your current POS partner isn't on the list above. If so, reach out to us anyway! Since we're constantly innovating our solutions, we may be able to work something out and integrate it with your system. If you'd like to learn more, schedule a demo with us to hear about all the details!

Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile POS

Every business owner can benefit from using mobile POS solutions. But when you stop to think about the history of point-of-sale systems, it’s a fairly new concept. Every year it seems as though hospitality software companies are releasing new forms of payment technology.

Just take a look at Apple Pay. It was released in October 2014, and before it could even reach its 10-year anniversary, millions of people around the world can’t live without it. It makes you wonder what payment processing options will look like in the next few decades.

The point is that it’s essential to stay in the know about innovative tools. As they evolve and change businesses, ample knowledge will allow you to make informed decisions in regard to onboarding new trends and innovations. So, let’s begin learning even more about mobile POS solutions from the following FAQ section!

What Are mPOS Systems?

mPOS systems, also known as mobile point-of-sale systems, are payment technologies that process transactions via mobile devices. Therefore, customers and businesses alike can use tablets and smartphones to make payments. In more recent years, the hospitality industry has begun using tabletop devices and QR codes. Though these tools might not be mobile phones or tablets, customers can pay with a smartphone. So, even if something isn't a mobile device, it could still accept such payments.

What Are the Top Benefits of mPOS?

The top benefits of mPOS solutions are as follows:

  • There will be less hardware in the workplace.
  • It’s easy to use for both the customers and the staff.
  • You can leverage the power of other POS integrations.
  • They allow businesses to offer contactless payments.
  • Customers can choose to receive their receipt via text or email.
  • High-level security thanks to built-in data encryption software.

Who Are the Best Mobile POS Providers?

As of January 2024, most POS providers offer mobile software options. Some of the best in the industry are the following companies:

  • Toast
  • Brink POS
  • Aloha
  • Focus POS
  • POSitouch
  • Oracle MICROS

Should I Use Mobile POS Solutions?

Yes, we encourage all kinds of businesses to use mobile POS solutions. For one, mobile technology provides customers with a variety of payment options. Secondly, it’s completely paperless, keeping operations much more organized. In terms of mobile POS solutions vs. using cash, ditching traditional registers is a must! That’s because mobile POS solutions make it easier to track and process secure transactions.

Are Mobile POS Solutions Easy to Use?

Yes, in fact, mobile POS solutions are the easiest type of payment technology to use! With just the tap or scan of a screen, a payment can take place. With tools like Apple Pay and Venmo, mobile POS solutions can be completely contactless, making it much simpler for both the customer and the merchant.

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Key Takeaways

The moral of the story is that if you’re not utilizing mobile POS solutions, it’ll be worth the investment. Fast payment processing is ideal for busy staff members who want to get customers in and out. Meanwhile, shoppers and diners will appreciate the quick service. It’s a solution that offers a sense of convenience for both sides, which is a must for smooth operations and a positive customer experience.