December 7, 2022
Devn Ratz

How Do You Spell Restaurant? The Origins, Spelling, and Synonyms

Maybe you are in the “restaurant” industry, and you're curious to know the right and proper spelling of your livelihood. 

But, how do you spell restaurant? Is it a restaraunt or a restaurant? Is it perhaps reasturant? Let's settle the debate here with the history, synonyms, and (of course) spelling of restaurant.

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First, What’s a "Restaurant"?

A restaurant serves food and drinks to customers for payment. Restaurants serve food through online ordering (as an off-premise service) as well as in-house, on-premise service. They are places that people can go to eat, drink, and socialize.

In truth, it’s difficult to strictly define what a restaurant has to be these days. They come in so many styles and variations ranging from the casual and fast to the high-end and fine. Beyond that, they serve from all kinds of cuisines, including sustainable menus and vegans drinks.

Still more restaurants offer take-out options like catering services and home delivery, as mentioned. Inside their brick-and-mortar restaurant locations, they may offer live music or entertainment. In the main, a restaurant is a place people go to enjoy the experience of being served and fed fresh, satisfying fare.

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How Do You Spell Restaurant?

Once you know the meaning of restaurant, you can start to dig into committing its spelling to your memory. So, how do you spell restaurant? Here we go:

It’s correctly spelled as RESTAURANT.

As you review the spelling, note the placement of the two As and the U between the first T and the second R. These are the areas most commonly switched around in people’s minds as they struggle to find the letters to fill in the word. 

It’s not a simple word, partly because it’s Latinate in nature, coming from Latin many hundreds of years ago through the development of our language. But, again, the spelling of restaurant contains nearly a mirror of Ts and Rs, making the structure difficult to remember for some. Others seem to have no trouble with R-E-S-T-A-U-R-A-N-T. 

Now that you know, you can remember how restaurants are places you (U) go, so you never forget the slippery U letter in the center of the word. It’s often forgotten. 

Restaurant Synonym

A synonym for a restaurant is any word that means about the same thing. Consider the difference between a food store and a restaurant, or a grocery store and a restaurant. These are not good synonyms because they do not carry quite the same or similar meaning. 

However, these terms can be helpful:

  • Eatery–As you might imagine, an eatery is a place or setting tha you attend to eat. 
  • Eating House–Again, similar to the eatery, an eating house is another word for restaurant.
  • Eating Place–Probably the most uncommon of phrases, an eating place is also a good alternative for “restaurant.” 

Depending on what you want to emphasize, there are a few different ways to refer to a restaurant by getting a little more specific. Consider calling a place a “pub” or “tavern” or “buffet” because these are all restaurants with a little more detail given to the reader of your words. You might also use “diner” or “cafe.”

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How to Pronounce Restaurant

You’re really not alone if you're at first blush challenged by the spelling and order of letters in the romantic word “restaurant.” If you want to sound it out, that may not help given the silent nature of the word’s letter U. 

So, although the spelling contains a U, the pronunciation is REH-STEER-AUNT. If you’re a linguistics student, it would look like this:


What Is the Concept of a Restaurant?

The concept of a restaurant contains the idea of food and drink service given in exchange for payment. The first occurrence of a restaurant is believed to have occurred in France during the 18th century. This is when the “eating house” appeared as an innovation on living. 

Today, you will find restaurants in every city in every corner of the world. Mostly, they share the classic features of the places we know, such as digital menu ordering. They also use much of the same restaurant equipment in the process of service. Even Michelin Star restaurants depend on a solid understanding of their restaurant business plan and customer service

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Words Closely Related to Restaurant

You will run into many of the same words in the course of running your restaurant. And, even as a patron, you should understand some key terms for the environment you are in when you are dining out at the restaurant of your choice. 

  • Cook: someone who prepares food for other people to eat
  • Executive Chef: the head cook in a restaurant
  • Kitchen staff: all of the cooks and assistants who work in the kitchen of a restaurant.
  • Waiter/Waitress: a person whose job is to take orders and serve food to customers in a restaurant.
  • Bartender: someone who works at a bar, making and serving drinks.
  • Restaurant Manager: the person responsible for running a business or organization.
  • Business Owner: the people who have legal control over a business or organization.

How Many Syllables In “Restaurant?”

There are three syllables in the word “restaurant.” As you can see above the pronunciation of restaurant rests on three unique sounds said in sequence. This makes the word trisyllabic, or containing three syllable sounds in length. 

What Is a Fancy Word for “Restaurant?”

There are words which some consider to be fancy, and some others do not. If you’re looking for sophistication and rarity, you might call your restaurant an “eatery” but what will elevate your brand most will be the use of your atmosphere, vibe, and fare. If you can serve up sophistication in other ways, you can add style to any name. No need to bring out the thesaurus. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About How Do You Spell Restaurant

The following questions are among the most common when it comes to how do you spell restaurant:

How Do You Spell Restaurant In America?

The word “restaurant” is spelled as R-E-S-T-A-U-R-A-N-T.

What Were Restaurants Called In the 1800s?

Restaurants were originally called “victualling houses.” The first recorded use of the term “restaurant” didn’t occur until the 1800s.

Victualling houses were established to provide food and drink for sailors and travelers. They were usually small, cramped establishments with limited menu options. Over time, victualling houses evolved into fast casual restaurants and fast food restaurants as we know today.

What Was the First Ever Restaurant?

In 1765, the world’s first restaurant opened in Paris under the management of Monsieur Boulanger. This establishment only had one dish on its menu – sheep feet simmered in white sauce.

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