December 7, 2022
Lauren Platero

Hotel Technology: 5 Emerging Trends to Look Out For

Hotel technology is constantly shaping the entire hospitality industry. Restaurant tech and hospitality software are bringing innovation to hotels across the globe.

The purpose of hotel technology is to streamline operations and boost customer service for guests. It’s also important to note that such tools can help maximize profits–especially when used for venue management.

As a business owner or hotel manager, you likely hear about emerging hotel trends all the time, especially from hospitality software companies. In an industry full of innovation, there are many tools and app integrations you should check out.    

Before we dive into emerging hotel tech trends, let’s uncover what defines the term. Continue reading to learn more.

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Hotel Technology: What Is It?

Hotel technology consists of tools that staff members use to accomplish tasks. By using it, hotels can also maximize profits.

From guest services to restaurant operations, hotel technology is a major part of standard duties. Without it, a hotel’s overhead expenses can easily skyrocket.

The types of hotel technology each business uses solely depend on their specific needs. Digital and cloud-based software is becoming more popular, as it’s simple to sync data across multiple networks.

Consider short and long-term goals prior to choosing hotel technology. As a business owner, your top priority is likely boosting your ROI, so you should weigh your options. And remember, the ROI meaning refers to the amount of revenue you generate vs. the amount you invest in the business.

Do You Need Hotel Technology?

Yes, we highly encourage that hotel technology be part of your business plan. It boasts numerous benefits for staff and guests. When you streamline operations, there’s much more freedom to nurture revenue streams.

Do you want to start delivering room service from your quick service restaurant? Or, perhaps you’d like to reward your most loyal guests. No matter which approach you choose, hotel technology can enhance your business.

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Hotel Trends

As the hotel industry evolves, look out for emerging trends. Continue reading this article to learn more about the top five hotel technology trends that you should look out for right now.

1. Quick Service Food

Hotels are the temporary home of many people on the go. With this in mind, offering an on-premise quick service eatery can boost business.

One of the great features of hotel quick service restaurants is that they’re ideal for room service. Many consumers opt for room service since it’s quick and inexpensive. By offering fast options to guests, you create a simple solution for both parties.

Quick service restaurants also entail fewer restaurant expenses, which is ideal. The overhead and labor cost of hotels is high, so finding ways to save should be a top goal.

If your hotel doesn’t offer a casual dining option, learn about the cost to open a QSR. It’ll also be good to learn about contactless payments, self ordering kiosks, pay-at-table devices, and inventory management techniques.

2. Hotel Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are useful for any type of business. However, they can help maximize profits for hotels. Loyalty programs provoke customers to return, but they also serve as a unique value proposition for restaurant and hotel brands.

Loyalty programs also function as a way to retrieve consumer data. Upon signing up, guests will have to give information such as an email address and phone number. Such data will be beneficial later on for marketing efforts.

If you’re wondering what your hotel loyalty program should offer guests. here are just a handful of ideas:

  • Discounts at on-premise restaurants
  • Free meals via room service
  • Upgrades to suites and luxury rooms
  • Transferable credits to any sister hotels

Loyalty programs are great for marketing efforts, too. Take the food industry as an example. A restaurant loyalty program can incentivize people to discuss a specific business. Word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective type of promotion, so being part of the conversation is vital.

3. Guest Room Technology

Giving guests direct access to hotel technology can maximize marketing and sales efforts. Here are three of the most profitable guest room services to include in your lineup of hotel technology:

  1. Room service app integrations: Eliminate physical menus and opt for mobile apps. It’s quick, efficient, and ensures order accuracy. Hotels can also display QR codes inside hotel rooms. By scanning the code, guests can view all of your menu types in seconds.
  2. Wine on-demand services: Serve guests items from your wine list without a trip to the hotel bar. For luxury resorts, partnering with local vineyards can allow for an exclusive selection.
  3. In-room tablets: Many guests don’t want to bring valuable electronics with them every time they travel. Not only will in-room tablets be a huge convenience, but you can use them to boost sales. For instance, install apps that connect to your hotel’s services. You can also leave any necessary contact information here, too.

4. Integrated POS Systems

Integrated POS systems are necessary for payment processing methods. However, built-in features can streamline hotel operations.

A POS system can house data about customers, kitchen inventory, and more. For instance, such platforms can allow a hotel restaurant’s wait staff and the kitchen crew to converse. By doing so, they can ensure accurate and timely orders.

Online ordering for restaurants within hotels is becoming more popular. With the right POS system, businesses can simplify off-premise orders.

One of the best POS system features is the ability to sync data across various networks. So, if there are multiple hotels under one corporation, each entity can share data. As your hotel corporation expands, this feature will come in handy.

5. Big Data Usage

Data sets go hand in hand with hotel technology. Data can provide c-suite executives and upper-level management with the proper insight to effectively strategize. It can also assist with accounting for hotel and restaurant management.

Fortunately, POS systems contribute to the big data that hotels can access. Some of the most significant metrics pertain to customer demographics, spending habits, and travel trends.

If you’re in the early stages of data mining, begin by learning how to find a target audience to start strong. Many business and marketing efforts will rely on this information, too.

Hospitality Industry Tips

As new hotel tech trends emerge, there are several concepts to keep in mind. While shopping for new solutions, it’s vital that you look at the big picture. Here are six hospitality industry tips that you should utilize when onboarding tech solutions.

  1. Opt for solutions that can merge with existing systems. Hotel tech that is adaptable to your current software will help streamline operations. Plus, it’ll lessen the amount of necessary training for your staff. At Revolution Ordering, we pride ourselves on providing businesses with seamless integrations.
  2. Look for bundle pricing options. While shopping for new solutions, you’ll likely find packages for a complete suite of services. Double check costs and ensure you’re getting the best deal.
  3. Consider the end result, and make sure that your hotel tech solutions boost the customer experience. Sure, advanced technology is useful for making job duties easier. However, their main purpose should be to maximize sales.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Hotel Technology

Now that you know all about five of the most exciting hotel technology trends, let’s discuss some more of the details.

What Is Smart Hotel Technology?

Smart hotel technology consists of devices utilizing Wi-Fi to connect with one another. Smart tech solutions help to streamline standard processes. They can also add unique features to guest rooms.

What Technology Is Used In Hotels?

Food tech solutions are common in hotels. Many hotels might also use home automation tools to enhance the guest experience. In both cases, hotel tech is a part of the selling proposition to provide better service.

What Are the Uses Of Technology In Hotel Management?

Hotels use technology to improve customer service, streamline department operations, and to enable better contact between guests and staff.