May 23, 2023
Lauren Platero

Catering POS System: 5 Ways to Earn More From Each Event

Catering and event management are major revenue sources for various entities in the food service industry. That’s why a catering POS system is a vital component of such brands. It’ll help make the most of the customer experience and ensure that operations run smoothly. Plus, it can further support big-picture strategies.

Want to offer clients the option to design a custom catering menu? Or, maybe you see flexible payment options as a valuable feature to offer them. No matter what integrations you pick and choose, there are many ways that a catering POS system can maximize profits.

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Catering POS System: Definition 

A catering POS system refers to the software and POS hardware that processes catering orders. Without this POS system, restaurants and banquet halls would be unable to offer such services. It’s also necessary to the catering manager or banquet manager, as it streamlines operations before and after events. See below for all of its most useful features!

Catering POS System Features

There are many unique features that make catering POS systems unique from others. To name a handful, here are some of the best features a catering POS system could offer:

  • Integrations with the venue platform. This is extra beneficial for planning events from start to finish. 
  • Order management and inventory tracking capabilities. Not only will these tools save a significant amount of time, but money as well. 
  • Custom menus. Without the ability to create custom menus, it’ll be very difficult to meet all of your clients’ needs and event ideas. 
  • Flexible payment processing options. Give customers a variety, so that accepting transactions is always a breeze. 
  • Real-time analytics dashboards. A point of sale report can provide you with so much insight. Use them to track sales and adjust your strategy.

5 Ways a Catering POS System Can Maximize Revenue from Events

Catering services are one of the most lucrative sources of revenue for food service businesses. However, it’s also ideal to have suitable systems in place to simplify such operations as much as possible. Want to learn about five ways that a catering POS system can maximize revenue from hosting events? Read on!

1. Offer Custom Menus 

Catering events is all about bringing a client’s dreams to life. It only makes sense that caterers should be able to customize menus for each and every event. Besides, food and drinks are a major component of private parties. So, give them exactly what they want. 

Use a tablet or other handheld device to display all menu options when booking catering services in person. If clients can book catering services online, display menu types the same way. Then, allow customers to pick and choose different dishes and quantities for each. 

The accuracy and specificity will be valuable to both parties. It’s also a known fact that customers prefer when they have complete control over their purchase decisions. So by offering custom menus and package deals, you’ll already be on your way to establishing great customer service.

2. Sync the POS System With Other Software 

Does your catering business’ staff utilize various types of software? If not, they should! But if they do, we recommend using a catering POS platform that integrates with other systems. Not only will this streamline operations, but it will keep the team much more organized.

To begin, we encourage you to sync your restaurant inventory and bar inventory app to the POS system. This way, you’ll be able to take inventory automatically. By doing so, you’ll be able to reduce common restaurant expenses and food spoilage

It’s also beneficial to connect the POS and kitchen display system. Alongside the restaurant inventory management system, this will assist the sous chef in better planning for events. At the time of an event, it’ll also promote timeliness and efficiency. 

3. Allow Customers to Opt Into Payment Plans 

Once you dive into all the unique features of a POS system, you can lose sight of its sole purpose - to accept and process payments. One of the best features you can offer customers is the ability to pay via multiple methods.

Cash, debit, and credit cards are the traditional payment methods. However, mobile wallets and contactless payments are preferred by many consumers. Implementing all these methods is sure to keep payments as simple as possible for all.

4. Provide Both On and Off-Premise Catering Services 

With the help of mobile integrations, the POS system can operate on and off-premise. Just because customers book catering services through your business, it doesn’t mean that they’re hosting the event under your roof. So, accommodate all preferences.  

Offering off-premise catering solutions can also ensure that you broaden your reach as much as possible. Let's say your venue has a minimum capacity of fifty guests. However, a potential client is hosting a private party with only twenty attendees. The option of hiring caterers for the event will increase your client base and secure more sales.

5. Create An All-Inclusive Experience 

Using a niche POS system can help businesses offer a complete experience from all angles. Here’s the thing, even though the platform can secure catering deals, it can also do much more. For instance, clients can select themes, decor options, and more. 

If someone is catering an event, there’s definitely more elements to it. So, offer the maximum amount of features to reach the highest amount of cash flow. 

Frequently Asked Questions About a Catering POS System 

Though you might assume all POS systems are the same, there are some that cater to unique business models. To meet the needs and demand within an event space, catering systems can enhance operations in no time. However, there is much to learn, as they exist within a niche market

See below for additional information:

What Are the Benefits of Using a Catering POS System?

The benefits of using a catering POS system are endless. Some of the most popular perks include:

  • Simple order management processes 
  • The ability to customize menus
  • Real-time performance metrics 
  • Straightforward inventory management
  • Flexible payment processing methods

What Features Should I Look for In a Catering POS System?

If you're looking to onboard a catering POS system, we encourage you to choose one with the following features: 

  • Multiple payment methods 
  • Inventory tracking
  • Customer management
  • Order management
  • Custom menu creation
  • Data reporting and analytics 

Can a Catering POS System Handle Larger Events?

Yes, in fact, that's the primary goal of catering POS systems. It's not too much of a challenge for businesses to cater smaller events with their regular system. However, much larger scale events are what require a more intricate system.

Can a Catering POS System Connect to Mobile Devices?

Yes, many catering POS systems connect to mobile devices. One of the most useful features that comes from this innovation is mobile POS solutions. It's also helpful, as it allows the business personnel to access data from any location. As long as they have an internet connection, they can access their system and make changes. This is extremely important for off-premise catering gigs. 

Can a Catering POS System Integrate with Other Software Options?

Yes, an integrated catering POS can sync with other in-house or off-premise solutions. Popular software options that can connect to the POS software include inventory tools, a CRM platform, and data reports. These features are often add-ons, which makes catering systems unique to each brand.

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Key Takeaways 

Onboarding a catering POS system can require a lot of time and patience. Not only will it change the landscape of your business, but it will take time to train your entire staff. Would you like to learn more about high tech POS solutions for your business? Book a demo with Revolution Ordering today to learn more!