October 12, 2022
Lauren Platero

Casino Tech | 7 Trends That Are Automating Hospitality

Casino tech constantly influences automation features in the hospitality industry. More specifically, digital ordering and restaurant automation elements are making their way through every sector of hospitality, including the casino space.

Hospitality software companies keep developing new ways to serve customers from the moment they step foot in a casino to well after they’re in game mode. Casino innovation is a revolutionary side of the SaaS industry, too. From online ordering apps to tableside gaming devices, there are many creative ways to accelerate casino operations.

Want to learn all about the technological advancements of casino tech? We’ve got you covered! Read on to learn all about it.

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Casino Tech

Casino technology consists of digital devices and cloud-based software that allows casinos to operate, generate revenue, and provide customers with a stellar experience. In recent years, many casinos have undergone a digital transformation. In doing so, casino tech is now a part of most businesses that offer gaming and gambling activities.

Casino Tech Examples:

Casino tech solutions have the capabilities to boost profits, improve customer service, and establish product differentiation in the market. If you’re looking for ways to revamp your casino’s overall strategy, we highly recommend investing in casino tech solutions.

Some of the most popular casino tech options include:

Casino Industry

The casino industry is fast-paced, constantly-evolving, and a major source of revenue. Patrons enjoy the chances to win big, spend time in a resort, and socialize with others.

Casino innovation is currently on the rise more than ever. With this in mind, there are countless ways to enhance the casino experience.

If you’re new to the casino industry, here are some key features to learn about:

  • Traditional and digital casino games
  • An exciting customer experience
  • Nearby food and drink options
  • On-site hotel rooms, shops, and spas
  • Perks and rewards

There are many trends that tie aspects of casino innovation together. Read on to learn more.

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Casino Trends

The casino industry is ever-growing and a prominent ecosystem for innovation. Whether casinos utilize standard tech solutions or innovative restaurant technology, there are many ways to rise above the competition. Plus, they allow the casino business model to be more profitable.

Online, hybrid, and brick and mortar casinos all benefit from casino tech trends. Here are seven trends in the casino tech space that are constantly improving the entire industry.  

1. Self-Service Kiosks

Traditional dining service can take up a lot of time. Kiosks are a way to supply gamers with food and drinks in a short period of time, so they can return to the casino.

Kiosks can eliminate wait times by having menu items ready to go. Kiosks can consist of menu items that are already prepared or items that are simple to make.

Since kiosks are a convenient option, they’ll likely attract a lot of customers. With this in mind, you want to ensure that the turnover rate is quick.

Kiosks are also inclusive options regarding payment options. A digital tech solution can host numerous payment processing options. The best part? Any available payment method must abide by PCI requirements, ensuring safe data encryption for both parties.

2. Food and Drink Delivery Service

When gamers are in the zone, they may not want to leave their table or machine. And they certainly won’t want to leave if they’re in the midst of a winning streak. So, how can they place an order and keep playing simultaneously?

Use a food ordering app that integrates with on-site restaurants and bars. Not only will this allow on-premise eateries to become more profitable, but it will provide gamers with more options.

Does your casino already have an app? Integrate digital ordering options into an existing platform to further streamline casino and restaurant operations.

But what about gamers who don’t have the necessary app? Simply display a custom QR code throughout the casino that directs patrons to a digital menu.

Delivering food and drinks right to the casino floor is sure to enhance the customer experience. It’s becoming one of the most favorable customer retention strategies in casinos, too.

3. Schedule Food for Pickup

If you want to ensure that patrons never have to wait for a meal or drink, allow them to order food in advance. Wait times can potentially be the biggest driver of dissatisfaction amongst consumers, so it’s vital to have a way to combat this completely.

Amidst the usual digital ordering process, allow customers to choose between “now” or “later.” If they choose to order something for a later time, they can select a date and time. Patrons will be able to retrieve it at a convenient time and the kitchen staff will have ample time to prepare the order. The ease and flexibility makes this feature a win-win for both parties.

4. Blockchain

Blockchain technology consists of systems and databases that store and decentralize information. In the casino industry, blockchain can be beneficial for accurately exchanging data across channels, tracking transactions, and storing information long-term.

Blockchain is useful for gaming devices, such as slot machines, as well as digital gambling platforms. Gambling on websites or via tableside devices utilize blockchain to ensure casino software companies and gamers that their information is secure.

5. Loyalty Programs

Customer satisfaction is a major incentive to build effective strategies in casinos. Going the extra mile to ensure that customers are happy and content with your services is essential to generating continuous profits.

A popular way to intersect loyalty and stellar customer service in casinos is to offer dining perks. For example, every dollar spent inside a casino can result in X amount of points. Then, patrons can redeem these points for rewards inside on-site restaurants.

If you want to go beyond a restaurant loyalty program and cover all of your revenue streams, the same point system can apply to every sector of the business model. Maybe gamers would like to redeem a larger number of points on a hotel room. Or, perhaps they can receive a discount for the casino’s gift shop. Regardless of what the rewards program consists of, ensure that there are enough tiers to accommodate your entire customer base.

6. All-Inclusive POS Systems

Various POS partners cater to different business types depending on their goals. For instance, many companies specifically offer an ideal restaurant POS platform. When these systems are carefully designed to accommodate eateries, there are many unique features.

POS systems with food ordering in mind can display menus, host loyalty programs, connect with kitchen tech, and so much more. If a casino wants to offer the best service by offering food and drink ordering, a POS platform that can support all relevant operations is ideal.

Don’t forget that there are other revenue streams outside of the casino. Many casinos have shops, dine-in restaurants, spas, and guest rooms. Ensure that one POS system can support every type of on-site business.

7. Inventory Management Practices

Food tech and restaurant tech solutions in the casino space can help lessen restaurant expenses for on-site eateries. Tools like digital menus, kiosks, and integrated POS systems  can collect data about inventory.

Integrating a restaurant inventory management software with on-site eateries will allow restaurant managers to take inventory with ease. Plus, proper inventory management techniques are key for maintaining efficiency in the workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions About Casino Tech

Casino tech trends are dominating the gambling and hospitality industry. As a booming industry, there are endless growth opportunities and strategies to boost profits. If you’d like to learn more about the casino industry and the role of casino tech, here is an FAQ section you may find valuable.

What Technology Is Used In Casinos?

Casinos use various forms of technology, including:

  • Virtual reality
  • Mobile food ordering
  • Payment processors
  • Tablets
  • Slot machines
  • QR codes

Is the Casino Industry Growing?

Yes, a recent report tells us that the gambling industry is expected to grow at a 13.7% rate between 2021 and 2028. If these projections are accurate, the industry should generate a whopping $144.74 billion in revenue by the end of 2028.

Do Casinos Use Blockchain?

Yes, many casinos use blockchain technology to ensure safety and security across all transactions. Blockchain also helps to ensure fairness and accuracy for both players and game developers. In more recent years, blockchain technology has become useful in preventing fraudulent activity on gambling apps and websites.

Is Gambling a Billion Dollar Industry?

Yes, in 2021, revenue in the gambling industry reached nearly $53 billion. This figure is a major increase from the prior year, as the casino industry was severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

What Algorithms Do Casinos Use?

RNG is used in video slot machines to generate hundreds of numbers every minute. The way the algorithms work is that the machines lack memory. By creating them this way, it’s very unlikely for the reel of numbers to repeat in any particular order.

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Hit the Jackpot With Innovative Casino Tech

The purpose of onboarding any kind of casino technology is to enhance the entire experience. As casino tech solutions continue to evolve and business models become more advanced, using solutions that suit your casino will likely be a successful decision.