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27 Valentine's Day Restaurant Ideas For Your Business

Are you looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day restaurant ideas for your business?

If so, then this blog is just what you need! We will provide you with some of the best Valentine's Day restaurant ideas that you can use to make sure your customers have a romantic and memorable experience. 

From romantic dinner settings to unforgettable experiences, we’ve put together some of the best Valentine's Day restaurant ideas to create an unforgettable experience for your customers. Whether they are celebrating with their significant other or having a night out with friends, these ideas are sure to add that extra special touch to this romantic holiday. So read on and get inspired!

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Valentine’s Day Restaurants Ideas

Need ideas for your restaurant on Valentine’s Day? If so, we’ve got you covered! See below for twenty-seven options!

1. Let Your Menu Speak for Itself! Get Creative and Pun-ny

Show your guests some love with cleverly named menu items! Nothing says Valentine's Day quite like a pun. Get creative and pair your menu items with a fun, romantic pun. 

Try something like "Cupid's Curry," "Kiss of a Thousand Spices," and "Romeo's Ravioli." You can even craft cocktail names such as "Hearts on Fire Martini" and "Love Potion No. 9." Your guests will love the humor and creativity!

2. Host a Cooking Class

A cooking class is a great way to give your customers an interactive and educational experience that is perfect for Valentine’s Day. It can be a fun and low-stakes way to bring couples together, allowing them to learn how to cook a romantic meal that they can enjoy afterward. You can even provide recipes and a list of ingredients for the couples to bring so they can recreate the dish at home. This can be a great way to introduce your customers to new dishes and give them hands-on experience and the opportunity to make lasting memories.

3. Setup Speed Dating 

Speed dating is a great way to give your guests a chance to get to know each other in an intimate, yet not-too-intimate, setting. It’s a fun and engaging way to break the ice and can be done even in a casual restaurant setting. 

Set up several tables around the restaurant, each with two chairs facing the other. Encourage your guests to talk and get to know each other in an allotted time, then move to the next table. This way, your guests can meet and socialize with several people in a short time. You may even want to provide conversation starters or icebreaker questions for added fun.

4. Cater to the Kids

Kids love to feel special, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show it. Make your restaurant an inviting place for families by offering kid-friendly options. You can also consider hosting Valentine’s Day-themed activities or craft nights, where kids can decorate cards for their loved ones.

5. Set Up an Outdoor Pop-Up

Why not allow your customers to enjoy a romantic meal outdoors for Valentine’s Day? Create an outdoor pop up restaurant in a nearby park or the garden of your restaurant. Set up tables and chairs, and light up the area with strings of twinkling lights to give it that special romantic ambiance. Serve up some delicious food and drinks for two, or create a delicious three-course meal for your guests. Everyone will love celebrating and enjoying a romantic dinner under the stars.

6. Celebrate At-Home Happy Hour

Invite your customers to bring the restaurant experience home with an at-home happy hour. Have them take out their favorite appetizers and drinks from your restaurant so they can enjoy an intimate dinner at home.  Alternatively, take the hassle out of sourcing all the ingredients and offer take-home cocktail kits! Supply customers with everything they need to make their favorite drinks, including instructions on how to craft their cocktails. A DIY night is sure to create a memorable experience for your customers!

With takeout options, your customers can recreate the restaurant experience in the comfort of their own homes.

7. Take an Ordinary Dish and Reorganize Its Plating

Creating a unique Valentine’s Day experience doesn’t require creating an entirely new dish. Why not take something your guests already know and love and shake up the presentation? Add a romantic twist to an ordinary dish like pasta or steak by arranging it in a heart-shaped pattern or creating a love-themed garnish. The surprise factor will be sure to make your guests smile and appreciate the effort you put in.

8. Offer Themed Table Arrangement

Set up each table with a Valentine-inspired display. Whether it’s a heart-shaped centerpiece, a bouquet of red roses, or even a balloon arch, adding themed decorations to each table will make the evening more special for your guests. You can also create individual menus with Valentine-themed graphics and heartfelt messages for each table. This is a great way to add an extra touch of love to your event.

9. Capture Special Moments

Set up a photo zone in your restaurant for guests to take photos and capture special evening memories! You can do this with a backdrop, props, a professional photographer, or an automated camera system. You can even offer take-home prints or a digital album of the photos for your guests to remember the night! This type of activity will make your Valentine’s Day celebration even more special and memorable for all who attend.

10. Offer Upgrades During Online Reservation Booking

Give your customers a restaurant experience they'll never forget this Valentine's Day! When customers make restaurant reservations online, give them the option to upgrade their experience with special add-ons like a romantic floral arrangement, a bottle of sparkling wine, or even a box of chocolates. These small extras will make your restaurant stand out and ensure that customers will return for future Valentine's Day celebrations. It will also show them how much you care about their special occasion.

11. Online Ordering Specials and Menus

Make it easy for your guests to enjoy their Valentine’s Day meal. Set up a restaurant online ordering system with pre-set special menus and offers from which your guests can select. Present them with various options, such as an appetizer platter, family-style entree food, or desserts. Let them customize their meal to their tastes and preferences. This way, guests can enjoy their Valentine’s Day meal in their homes.

12. Offer a Proposal Package

Proposals are a great way to make Valentine’s Day extra special, and what better setting than your restaurant? Offer a package that includes a private dinner for two, with a bottle of champagne, chocolates, and other romantic touches. Have staff on hand to take photos of the proposal and provide a small gift basket afterward. This special package will make the night more memorable for the couple and their guests.

13. Expand Your Revenue With Special Takeout and Delivery Options

Surprise your customers this Valentine’s Day with special takeout and delivery options! Consider creating a special Valentine’s Day menu featuring romantic dishes and creating to-go packages with items like a bottle of wine, dessert, or flowers. Advertise these special offers on your website, social media pages, and other online ordering platforms. Not only will this allow customers to enjoy your restaurant’s food in the safety of their homes, but it can also help you increase your revenue during this special day.

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14. Create a Special Valentine's Day Menu

Think of creative and romantic dishes to serve on Valentine's Day. Prepare a special menu with dishes that will tantalize your guests' taste buds. Offer a unique Valentine's Day-themed dinner with classic dishes such as steak and lobster, or go for something more exotic like ceviche and churrasco. Don't forget to add a few signature cocktails, like a rose-infused sangria or a cherry-flavored martini. Finish off the meal with a sweet and romantic dessert, like red velvet cake or chocolate-dipped strawberries.

15. Offer a Prix-Fixe Menu

Create a special prix-fixe menu for your customers on Valentine’s Day. This will allow them to enjoy some of your restaurant’s signature dishes and specialties at a set price, perfect for a romantic dinner for two. Ensure to include enough options on the prix fixe menu so that all diners can find something they love.

16. Create a Romantic Ambiance

Create a romantic ambiance for your customers to enjoy their Valentine’s Day dinner. You can do this by providing cozy seating areas and soft restaurant lighting. If you can access a fireplace, create an intimate setting by having it lit during the meal. You can also use candles to enhance the atmosphere and provide subtle illumination. Choose soft music and ensure the volume isn’t too high so your customers can have quiet conversations with their loved ones.

17. Host a Wine Tasting Event

Impress your guests with a wine-tasting event that is sure to be a hit! Interesting and delicious wines from the region are sure to please everyone. Invite a sommelier to provide guidance and knowledge on the different types of wines. Set up multiple stations featuring small bites and snacks that pair perfectly with the different wines. This is a great way to give your guests an interactive and enjoyable evening they will always remember.

18. Host a Live Music Or Entertainment Event

For a unique Valentine's Day experience, consider hosting a live music or entertainment event at your restaurant. Guests will be sure to love being able to enjoy their dinner with the added ambiance of live music or entertainment. You can highlight a local artist or band, host an open mic night, or even make it a themed event. The possibilities are endless, and you can be sure that your customers will appreciate the extra effort to make their Valentine's Day special.

19. Redesign Your Floor Plan to Maximize Your Tables of Two

One way to ensure your restaurant is the perfect destination for a Valentine’s Day dinner is to redesign your floor plan to maximize the number of tables for two. Make sure to rearrange or add tables and chairs and even separate them with plants or other decorations to achieve the romantic atmosphere couples hope to find. This will give couples the sense of privacy and intimacy they seek on this special day.

20. Play As Matchmaker 

Make Valentine’s Day even more special for your customers by playing matchmaker. Gather the singles in your restaurant and have them play a game to find their possible matches. Have a romantic blindfolded tasting contest or a fun challenge that would help them get to know each other better.

Make sure to keep it light and fun!

21. Promote Valentine’s Special Couple Packages

Put together a special menu for the night and make sure there are plenty of romantic options. Offer special couple packages, including a romantic dinner for two and other extras such as a complimentary bottle of wine, dessert platter, or flowers. You can also add a few live entertainment options, such as romantic music or jazz, for an extra special touch.

22. Take Care of Singles

For couples, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate love. But don’t forget the singles! Make sure your restaurant offers special perks for all your guests. Whether a free drink or a discounted entrée, singles will appreciate the extra love they receive in your restaurant. You can even create a Valentine’s Day singles table, where all your single guests can sit together and make it a fun evening for all!

23. Engage Your Social Media Following

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to engage with your social media following. Get creative and think of ways to promote your restaurant using Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You could host a giveaway, upload photos of romantic meals or desserts, share stories from real customers on their special day, or create a scavenger hunt. This will help spread the word about your restaurant and ensure it’s top of mind when people are looking for a Valentine’s Day dinner spot.

You can also use social media stories or Live videos to give potential customers a peek at what your restaurant has in store for the holiday. Give followers a look into the décor or special menu items you’ll be offering to build interest and anticipation

24. Sell Valentine’s Day Snacks Via Online Ordering Apps

Many couples and friend groups enjoy a quiet night in for Valentine’s Day. Some may opt for making dinner at home, while others prefer to kick back with a movie. For these consumers, offer Valentine’s Day snacks that can be ordered online. You can even go as far as creating bundles to stick with the theme. Valentine’s Day snack ideas can consist of anything from candies to salty snacks, like popcorn. 

25. Offer Customers Valentine’s Bakery Items 

Sell sweets for everyone’s sweetheart with Valentine’s bakery items! Do you employ a pastry chef? If so, this will be their most creative holiday! If not, consider purchasing items from a bakery wholesale business. In January and February, they’ll have a ton of thematic options, too! 

26. Host a Valentine’s Day Breakfast 

Everyone tends to associate Valentine’s Day with going out for a romantic dinner. But what about hosting a Valentine’s Day breakfast? Many people might avoid going out during the evening on Valentine’s Day due to the crowds. Others might be unable to go out even if they wanted to because of their work schedule. By hosting a Valentine’s Day breakfast, you’ll be able to reach the utmost amount of people. Some of the best Valentine’s Day breakfast ideas include buffet-style dining or even brunch. 

27. Consider Making a Gourmet Valentine’s Dinner Menu

For some couples, Valentine’s Day is one of the few times during the year when they get all dressed up for a night out. So, create a menu that will pair beautifully with upscale attire and accessories. A chef’s tasting menu is what we recommend, but anything that comprises gourmet recipes and plating designs will be perfect.

Frequently Asked Questions About Valentine's Day Restaurants Ideas

When Should I Start Promoting Valentine's Day?

When it comes to restaurant promotions for Valentine’s Day, timing is everything. Ideally, you should start promotional campaigns at least one month before Valentine’s Day. This gives customers ample time to plan for a special evening and make reservations if necessary.

How Can I Increase My Sales On Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is a great opportunity for restaurants to boost their sales and attract customers to your restaurant. If you want to increase restaurant sales on Valentine's Day, here are some tips to help you get started. 

  1. Offer Special Promotions
  2. Decorate Your Restaurant
  3. Create Special Valentine's Day Menus
  4. Offer Gift Cards
  5. Market Your Restaurant

By following these tips, you can increase your restaurant sales on Valentine's Day. Make sure to take advantage of the special occasion and create a memorable experience for your customers.

How Can I Advertise My Restaurant On Valentine's Day?

Valentine’s Day is a special time of year when restaurants worldwide get the opportunity to showcase their romantic offerings and attract more customers. As a restaurant owner, you can capitalize on this opportunity by creating an advertising campaign highlighting your most romantic dishes and setting. Here are five ways to promote your restaurant on Valentine’s Day:

  1. Create a special menu with romantic dishes that appeal to couples. This will give them something special to look forward to and may encourage them to make a reservation.
  2. Use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to advertise your restaurant and your special menu on Valentine’s Day. Use photos and videos to create visuals that make it easy for customers to picture themselves in your restaurant.
  3. Send e-newsletters to current and potential customers with information about your special menu and any discounts or promotions you are offering.
  4. Create a Valentine's Day-themed landing page on your website with details about the menu, ambiance, and any surprises you may plan.
  5. Use Valentine’s Day-themed decorations inside and outside your restaurant to create a romantic atmosphere.

By utilizing these strategies, you can draw in new customers and create an unforgettable experience for the couples who visit your restaurant on Valentine's Day.

Which Foods and Drinks Are Typical for Día de San Valentin?

Many traditional foods and drinks associated with Día de San Valentín include heart-shaped chocolates, romantic dinners, bubbly champagne, and sweet treats like strawberry tarts. Some popular dishes include paella, a Spanish rice dish often served during celebrations, and traditional desserts such as tres leches cake and churros. Other popular drinks that are typically enjoyed on Día de San Valentin include vino tinto and sangria.

What Is a Romantic Dinner Menu?

A romantic dinner menu is a carefully crafted selection of dishes that make up a special meal. Generally, this type of menu focuses on creating an intimate atmosphere with flavorful and visually appealing dishes.

How Can I Create the Best Restaurant for Valentine’s Day?

If you want to operate the best restaurant for Valentine’s Day, it’s imperative that you offer a variety of Valentine’s Day food specials. From upscale ideas to the chef’s best work, Valentine's day restaurant specials should be a top priority. 

What Are Some of the Best Ideas for Valentine's Day Dinner Specials?

Some of the best dinner ideas for Valentine's Day include:

  • A chef’s tasting menu
  • Gourmet specials 
  • A two-for-one combo 
  • A prix fix menu