December 7, 2022
Alipio Umiten IV

Tableside Ordering: 10 Benefits of Tableside Ordering System

Restaurants have struggled for decades with how to deal with the ordering process from a customer’s point of view. Spelling out the menu and the prices can be difficult enough; figuring out the rules, special offers, and extra costs accompanying orders can be just as hard. Tableside ordering systems streamline both of these processes and encourage guests to order higher-margin items along with drinks and appetizers (which go for much more than their menu-priced items).

With all of these concepts in mind, it’s easy to see why investing in a tableside ordering system is one of the best ways restaurants can increase efficiency and grow their bottom line. In this post, we’ll walk you through 10 benefits of tableside ordering systems.

Let’s start with an overview of tableside ordering.

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What Is Tableside Ordering?

Tableside ordering is when customers order and pay for their food and drinks at their table instead of at a central location like a front counter or host stand. This service can be found in sit-down restaurants, from bars to casual dining establishments.

There are a few different ways that tableside ordering can be set up. In some restaurants, the wait staff will take orders and payments at the table using handheld electronic devices such as a tablet or mobile point of sale systems (mPOS system). Other places might have dedicated tableside touch screen menu ordering systems at each table, while others might use a QR code menu that doubles as order forms.

Tableside ordering can speed up the service process since customers don’t have to wait in line to place their orders. It can also be more convenient for customers, who can order and pay for their food and drinks without getting up.

What Is a Tableside Ordering System?

A tableside ordering system allows customers to place orders directly at their tables. The system uses a handheld device that can be used to scan a QR code on the table, which will pull up the restaurant menus.

After making a selection, customers can submit their order directly to the kitchen for preparation. This speeds up the ordering and payment process, making it more efficient for customers and restaurant staff. Customers can also use the handheld device to pay for their meals through contactless payment, eliminating the need for wait staff to handle money.

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Benefits of Tableside Ordering

It is no secret that the restaurant industry is fiercely competitive. In order to succeed, businesses must find ways to set themselves apart from the competition and provide their customers with a truly unique dining experience.

One way to do this is by offering tableside ordering. This ordering method has several benefits that can help your restaurant stand out and attract new customers.

Here are ten benefits of tableside ordering:

  1. Reduce Receipt Printer Usage and Paper

Tableside ordering helps reduce the amount of paper used by receipt printers. Using a tablet or smartphone to take orders eliminates the need for a printer. This saves your business money on the POS hardware and paper costs associated with traditional point-of-sale systems.

  1. Remove Order Mistakes Caused by Handwriting

Handwritten orders are often prone to errors, which result in unhappy customers and wasted food. By switching to tableside ordering, you can reduce the chances of making mistakes and ensure that every order is accurate.

  1. Increase Operational Efficiency

Tableside ordering can help increase the efficiency of your restaurant operations. By eliminating the need for wait staff to check on the progress of orders constantly, you can free up their time to focus on other tasks.

  1. Increase Service Speed and Table Turnover Rate

By allowing customers to order directly from their tables, you can reduce the time spent waiting in line and expedite the ordering process. This helps increase the speed of service and the table turnover rate, leading to happier customers and more business.

  1. Improve Customer Experience

Tableside ordering improves the overall customer experience at your restaurant. By providing a more efficient and personalized ordering process, you can create a better experience for your customers that will keep them coming back.

  1. Seamless Restaurant POS Integration

You can seamlessly integrate tableside ordering systems into your restaurant’s existing POS system. This helps streamline the ordering process and makes it more efficient.

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  1. Accept Various Payment Options

By accepting various payment options such as contactless payments, EMV payments, and mobile payments such as Google Pay, you can avoid processing cash transactions. This helps reduce your overall transaction costs and improve your profitability.

As restaurant payment technology evolves, so too do customer expectations. By offering the latest payment options, you’ll stand out from the competition.

In addition, staying up-to-date with the latest restaurant technology and restaurant industry trends in tableside ordering can help you attract new customers and keep your existing ones coming back.

  1. Security

When you use a tableside ordering system, you can be sure that your customer information is safe and secure. This is because these systems are PCI compliant, which means they meet the strictest standards for data security.

PCI compliance is vital for any business that handles credit card information, which you should look for when choosing an ordering system for your restaurant. With a tableside ordering system, you can rest assured that your customer’s information is safe and sound.

  1. Increase Restaurant Sales

By utilizing a tableside ordering system, restaurant sales can be maximized by upselling and cross selling items. The benefits of this increase will trickle down to customers and restaurants alike.

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  1. Collect More Data

One of the benefits of using a tableside ordering system is that it helps you collect more data about your customers. You can use this information to improve loyalty programs, as well as the efficiency of your marketing and operational efforts. By understanding your customer’s ordering habits, you can make targeted improvements that will ultimately lead to a better experience for them – and more business for you.

Restaurant Table Ordering System

A restaurant table ordering system is a great way to streamline your operations and improve customer satisfaction. By allowing customers to place their orders directly at the table, you can avoid long lines and reduce wait times. This system also helps you keep track of inventory and ensure that all orders are filled promptly.

If you’re considering implementing a restaurant table ordering system, you should keep a few things in mind.

  • First, you’ll need to choose the right software for your needs. There are many different options on the market, so it’s essential to research and find the one that best fits your business.
  • Second, you’ll need to train your staff to use the system. This process can be time-consuming, but ensuring the system runs smoothly is necessary.
  • Finally, you’ll need to ensure that your customers know the system and how to use it.

By following these tips, you can successfully implement a restaurant table ordering system and improve your business.

Restaurant table ordering systems are a great way to streamline your operations and reduce wait times. By allowing customers to place their orders directly from the table, you can avoid long lines and ensure that everyone receives their food promptly. If you choose the right software, train your staff well, and explain the system to your customer base, you can successfully implement a restaurant table ordering system in your restaurant.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tableside Ordering

There are some questions you may have about tableside ordering that are left unanswered. Let’s go over some of the most common ones.

How Do Point of Sale Systems Benefit Restaurant Employees?

One of the most important benefits that point-of-sale systems offer restaurant employees is the ability to streamline their workflows. Restaurant point-of-sale systems can help employees work more efficiently and effectively by automating tasks such as order taking and payments.

Additionally, restaurant POS systems can provide employees with valuable data and insights that can help them improve their performance and better serve customers.

What Does Side Table Mean?

A side table is a piece of furniture that is typically placed against a wall. In restaurants, for example, side tables are often used to hold condiments and other items that diners might need while eating.

This allows diners easy access to these items without asking the wait staff for them. Side tables are available in various styles, so you can find one that matches your existing décor.

What’s the Difference Between a Side Table and End Table?

End tables are usually placed at the end of a sofa, while side tables are placed next to a chair or against a wall. Side tables have a larger surface area, making them ideal for holding drinks, books, or other items.

What Is an Entryway Table Called?

An entryway table is a type of table that is typically placed in an entryway or foyer. You can use these tables for various purposes, such as holding keys, mail, or other items that need to be kept near the door.

Entryway tables come in various styles and can be made from different materials, such as wood, metal, or glass. Some entryway tables also have storage features, such as drawers or shelves, which can be used to store coats, hats, or other items.

What Is Tableside Service?

Tableside service is a type of restaurant service where orders are taken and served at the table rather than at a counter or buffet. This allows your servers to send orders directly to the kitchen as soon as they’ve been taken, so meals can be prepared while customers wait.

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