December 14, 2022

Revolution’s Lead Investor Acquires 100% of Company’s Assets

Proceeds to fund sales, marketing and continual product development of Order One, the leading restaurant industry off-premise ordering platform.

BELLEVUE, Wash. – December 19, 2018 – Restaurant Revolution Technologies, Inc. (Revolution) today officially announced it has secured an undisclosed amount of investment capital from current lead investor and majority owner, James Cutri.  Mr. Cutri, a private angel investor, also acquired 100% of the assets of Revolution pursuant to the secured convertible promissory note which he executed in May 2018.  Mr. Cutri intends to fund his investment vehicle that is acquiring the assets, RRT Holdings, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, so that the new company will be able to continue to provide the contracted services to customers of Revolution.

“2018 has been an exciting and dynamically transformative year for Revolution as we’ve continued to innovate our Order One platform serving the off-premise needs of our restaurant partners and providing the best experience to their customers,” said Revolution CEO Brad Duea. “All of us at Revolution are grateful for James Cutri’s unwavering support and are excited for a 2019 year that is well poised for substantial growth as the off-premise sector continues its electrifying transformation within the restaurant industry,” said Duea.

“The increasing demand for solutions that help restaurants build a direct off-premise offering to satisfy consumers’ desire for convenience continues its meteoric rise within the restaurant industry and validates the remarkable product fit the Order One platform has achieved to date,” said James Cutri, Lead Investor. “I am excited to collaborate with the team as we work to build a great company in an exciting category.”

“Mr. Cutri’s funding will allow the company to scale sales and marketing activities as well as continue to innovate and enhance the Order One platform and related services to powerfully address the enormous off-premise opportunity,” said Duea.

Order One incorporates all customer orders, whether they were placed via web, mobile, social, phone, text or chat, directly into the restaurant’s point of sale (POS) system for optimal efficiency. Order One is a dynamic ordering platform that includes the following features:

  • A fully branded presentation of menus with real-time updates based on menu item availability.
  • Direct delivery enablement capabilities providing customers the opportunity to order directly from the restaurant’s website and opt for delivery fulfilled by third-party delivery services like DoorDash without the use of tablets that require data re-entry.
  • Monitoring of submitted orders from start to finish and providing order management protection. If there’s a problem, such as credit card processing failures, Order One, along with its live issue monitoring and order resolution team, will troubleshoot in real-time and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Capturing customer data for a comprehensive look at all ordering channels and necessary data to drive revenue and make crucial business decisions.
  • Group ordering capabilities to have a group order managed, submitted and paid for by a single payer or multiple payers.
  • Chat ordering capabilities for customers to receive chat assistance on an online or mobile order, and to connect to the same live agent for further assistance.
  • Repeat ordering capabilities for customers to quickly repeat previously placed or favorited orders at a click of a button for fast and easy reordering.
  • Social media login and sharing capabilities for customers to easily sync and login via social media accounts and directly share menu items, favorites and other content across social platforms.

For information on Revolution, RRT Holdings, LLC and its Order One platform, visit

About Restaurant Revolution Technologies
RRT Holdings, LLC is the off-premise partner for restaurants nationwide. Through its Order One platform, it provides a unified web, mobile and voice order management software platform that seamlessly integrates into restaurant point of sale systems. The company’s delivery enablement programs fulfilled by DoorDash, backend services and data capture capabilities allow restaurants to seamlessly serve off-premise orders and provide a premium, branded start-to-finish experience for their customers. Learn more at or follow on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.