December 14, 2022
Rich Earle

Revolution Launches New Connect Product Inserting Delivery Marketplace Orders Into POS; Eliminates Tablets from Restaurants


BELLEVUE, Wash. – October 07, 2019 – Restaurant Revolution Technologies (Revolution) today officially announced Connect, a new product that provides premium marketplace menu pricing while inserting delivery orders placed on commonly used marketplaces directly into the restaurant POS.

Connect offers two tiers: Gold and Platinum Connect. Gold Connect offers direct-to-POS order submission thereby removing the need for tablets at restaurant locations. In addition to the direct-to-POS order submission, Platinum Connect also offers an automated menu-sync that pushes menu changes and updates made within the restaurant POS system and back out to the delivery marketplace applications for easy menu management.

Additionally, because most off-premise customers are not as price sensitive when paying for convenience, Connect is capable of establishing premium pricing within the marketplace menus creating additional margin for the restaurant enterprise.

“Restaurant enterprises can now profitably participate in the delivery marketplaces without introducing tablets that requires manual labor to manage. Connect inserts orders placed on popular delivery marketplaces directly into the POS shoring up operational inefficiencies, reducing errors, reallocating labor and creating a better experience for customers,” said Revolution CEO Brad Duea.  “The two biggest off-premise headaches restaurant enterprises face in dealing with the marketplaces are the management of delivery tablets and the challenging marketplace economics. Connect solves both challenges.”

Connect is the latest product offering from Revolution that has continued to innovate and provide products and services to restaurants to solve for the enormous off-premise opportunity as well as streamline operations and provide the best overall experience for customers. Revolution’s flagship product, Order One, is a unified omni-channel ordering platform that incorporates all customer orders, whether they were placed via web, mobile, social, phone, text, kiosk or chat, directly into the restaurant’s point of sale (POS) system for optimal efficiency. Order One is an innovative leader in the digital ordering space and includes the following features:

  • A fully branded presentation of menus with real-time updates based on menu item availability.
  • Monitoring of submitted orders from start to finish and providing order management protection. If there’s a problem, such as credit card processing failures, Order One, along with its live issue monitoring and order resolution team, will troubleshoot in real-time and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Capturing customer data for a comprehensive look at all ordering channels and necessary data to drive revenue and make crucial business decisions.
  • Group ordering capabilities to have a group order managed, submitted and paid for by a single payer or multiple payers.
  • Chat ordering capabilities for customers to receive chat assistance on an online or mobile order, and to connect to the same live agent for further assistance.
  • Repeat ordering capabilities for customers to quickly repeat previously placed or favorited orders at a click of a button for fast and easy reordering.
  • Social media login and sharing capabilities for customers to easily sync and login via social media accounts and directly share menu items, favorites and other content across social platforms.
  • Third-party integrations including POS, loyalty programs, native mobile apps, gift cards / stored-value, self-serve kiosks, payment processing, marketing and analytics tools.

For information on Revolution, its Connect product, or Order One platform, visit

About Restaurant Revolution Technologies

RRT Holdings, LLC (Revolution) is the off-premise partner for restaurants nationwide. Through its Order One platform, it provides a unified web, mobile and voice order management software platform that seamlessly integrates into restaurant point of sale systems. The company’s delivery enablement programs fulfilled by DoorDash, backend services and data capture capabilities allow restaurants to seamlessly serve off-premise orders and provide a premium, branded start-to-finish experience for their customers. Learn more at or follow on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.