December 7, 2022
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Restaurant Technology Guide: Restaurant Trends (2023)

Restaurant Trends: Restaurant Technology

Restaurant technology has come a long way since the days of tracking information by pencil and paper. Today’s restaurant trends are run by an array of high-tech tools, including computers with integrated point-of-sale (POS) systems and online ordering apps that handle seamless transactions.

Each year, new restaurant trends in technologies are added to the growing pool of restaurant automation software and POS hardware. All these things make life easier for restaurant owners like you.

If you’re among the many people who have heard about restaurant tech and don’t know exactly what it entails, don’t worry! This guide will dive into details about what it is, what kinds of technologies are utilized in restaurants today, and everything you need to know about restaurant technology and restaurant trends 2023.

To master the restaurant industry trends and turn your business into a successful one, let’s start by knowing what restaurant technology is.

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What Is Restaurant Technology?

Restaurant technology refers to a wide range of technologies used in the restaurant industry—from software programs and equipment to digital platforms. These tools help owners run their restaurants more smoothly and profitably.

What are the Types of Technology Used In a Restaurant?

The restaurant industry trends have changed dramatically from its inception. One of the biggest changes is how restaurants operate and the tools they use to manage them, including the following:

  • Touchscreen POS Terminals: Modern restaurant owners will love the ease and convenience that comes with touchscreen point-of sale terminals. With just one tap, they can quickly accept payments or track their business performance in real time.
  • Order and Pay at the Table: This technology allows customers to place orders and pay without waiting in line, by simply scanning a QR code menu using devices placed on tables.
  • Handheld POS Systems: Handheld POS systems allow servers to take orders and process payments right at the table. These portable devices offer restaurants a way to manage mobile ordering and table service.
  • Contactless Payments: Contactless payments are transactions in which you tap your contactless payment-enabled card or mobile device over a terminal.
  • Self-Ordering Kiosks: Self-ordering kiosks are gaining popularity as a convenient way for customers to place their own orders at quick service restaurants.
  • Kitchen Display Screens (KDS): These screens allow kitchen staff to stay organized and efficient by providing real-time information about food preparation.
  • Integrated Online Ordering Solutions: These solutions allow customers to place and pay orders over the Internet and have them delivered directly to their table.
  • Online Ordering Systems and Delivery Apps: These tools make it possible for customers to order food from restaurants without having to leave their homes.
  • Online Table Reservation System: This technology allows customers to reserve tables online at their favorite restaurants, without ever having to call or visit in person.
  • Automated Inventory Management Software: This software helps restaurants monitor their inventories and ensure that they will never run out of key ingredients.
  • QR Codes: These are types of barcodes that can be scanned with your smartphone to access information or make in-store payments. Learn more about QR code vs barcode here.
  • Restaurant Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems: A CRM system is a software solution that stores key customer data to help businesses market more effectively.
  • Third-Party Online Ordering Solutions: Third-party ordering systems help companies streamline their order processing.

What are the Benefits of Technology In the Restaurant?

Technological advances are making it easier for restaurateurs to manage their businesses. Here are a few benefits that restaurants enjoy from technology:

  • Quick and easy order taking
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Reduce waste
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Taking secure and convenient payment

How Does Technology Affect Restaurants?

Technologies affect restaurants in many ways. Restaurant technologies—such as those that manage inventory, orders, and food preparation processes—can make the most of new innovations to streamline operations at a lower cost.

Restaurants must stay on top of technology and restaurant industry trends if they want their businesses to run smoothly and efficiently for customers.

The Future of Restaurant Technology

The future of restaurant technology is a major factor in determining whether restaurants succeed or fail. Restaurants that embrace new technology and incorporate it into their offerings are likely to see an increase in revenue and customer satisfaction.

The world of restaurant technology is growing by leaps and bounds, with many more exciting possibilities that lie ahead!

Google Food Ordering Platform | What is Google Food Order?

Customers want more choices and convenience, and a food ordering system is exactly what they’re looking for.

Rather than waiting for customers to come in, you can use the Google Food Ordering platform to help bring them in. The platform via Order with Google helps you work smarter and increase consumer loyalty.

Is your restaurant ready to up its game? For an in-depth look at Google Food Ordering platform, click the link above.

Google Food Ordering Platform

Google’s food ordering platform is a service that allows users to order meals from restaurants and caterers within its network. The system allows users to place orders through their Google accounts on any device, including smartphones, laptops and desktop computers. Once an order is placed, Google routes it to the restaurant or caterer for fulfillment.

What Is Google Food Ordering Platform for Restaurants?

The Google Food Ordering platform allows businesses to use Google’s services to receive orders from customers through Order with Google.

The platform integrates with Google Maps, Search, and Google Assistant—allowing customers to easily find and order food directly from their favorite restaurants without using a third-party app.

Google Food Ordering Platform: How It Works

Google Food Ordering Platform connects restaurants with customers who are looking to order food online. When someone searches for a specific type of food on Google, your restaurant’s information will appear as an option–allowing customers to click through and place orders.

Benefits of Google Food Ordering Platform for Customers

Google’s food ordering platform provides multiple benefits for customers, such as:

Benefits of Google Food Ordering Platform for Restaurants

Google’s food ordering platform helps restaurant owners take their businesses to the next level. By putting your menus and order forms online, customers will be able to find them more easily—making it easier for people to order from you.

Google’s food ordering platform provides at least six benefits to restaurants, including:

  1. Visibility
  2. Increased Efficiency
  3. Boosted Profits
  4. Seamless Backend Integration
  5. Improved Customer Service
  6. Enhanced Marketing Opportunities

Order with Google allows you to send targeted promotions and coupons directly to customers based on their previous purchases. This helps restaurants attract repeat customers and bring in new ones. Overall, Google’s food ordering platform is valuable for restaurants looking to improve their operations and reach a wider audience.


Restaurant POS Integration: 6 Facts You Didn’t Know

Running a restaurant without an integrated POS is difficult. In fact, you probably have to rely on a lot of spreadsheets and inefficient manual data entry.

But all that is about to change with restaurant POS integration. A restaurant POS integration lets you unify all your systems into a single software platform.

Restaurant owners need bar and restaurant POS integration because it lets them do business better. It helps them save time and money, improve efficiency and security, and reduce labor costs.

You might be wondering how this is possible. Click the above link for our full blog post on restaurant POS integration to take a closer look at these six points.

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  2. What Is POS Integration?
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  6. Valuable Data Reports You Can Obtain from POS Integration

Restaurant Payment Technology: 3 Facts to Know

Paying with checks can be slow, while cash payments are inefficient.

Time and money is wasted when people use outdated payment methods like cash and checks. These payment methods were designed for simple transactions with little risk, not for a modern business looking to provide the best customer experience.

If you have a restaurant, you don’t want to spend time and resources cashing checks or counting cash payments before depositing them. You also want to ensure your customers can pay for their food quickly, securely, and easily.

A solution is to use restaurant payment technology that lets you accept secure credit cards, eCheck, ACH payment, and other advanced payments without the hassles of dealing with paper. Using a secure eCommerce credit card processing system, you can take advantage of features like PCI compliance and fraud protection to keep your business safe and sound. Plus, you’ll be able to streamline your payment process and save time in the long run. It’s a win-win solution for any restaurant!

If you’re looking to upgrade your restaurant’s payment system, we recommend reading the article linked above for more information about restaurant payment technology and the three facts you need to know.

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Contactless Payments | What is NFC and Contactless Payment

Finding time to keep up with all the latest restaurant trends is a hassle.

With new payment methods and software constantly emerging, business owners must keep an eye on the market. From contactless payments to in-app ordering, there are plenty of essential methods to watch;and if you miss the boat, you’ll be left behind.

Not only does it take a lot of time and effort, but you’d also have to spend more money on technology that may or may not grow your business’s bottom line.

It can be tough to stay on top of all the latest technology and restaurant trends 2022 but don’t worry. We will help you discover the following:

  • What Is Contactless Payment?
  • What Is An NFC?
  • Benefits of Contactless Payment
  • How Does Contactless Payment Work?
  • Are Contactless Payments Safe?

Click the Contactless Payments link above to read our in-depth article on near-field communication (NFC) and contactless payments.

Restaurant Automation: 5 Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Running a restaurant is hard work!

So, why not let technology do some of the work for you?

You’d be surprised at what restaurant automation can do to help make running your restaurant easier. For more information, check out our article above on five facts about restaurant automation.

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  5. Why Is Restaurant Automation On the Menu?

Self Ordering Kiosks: Introducing the Future of Ordering

Restaurants and bars have been stuck with the same antiquated food ordering process for years.

You’re the owner of a restaurant. Never enough time in the day to get everything done, right? What’s worse is finding out that the time you used with inefficient food ordering systems adds up to tens of thousands of dollars of lost revenue per year.

You need something that doesn’t just speed up your usual ordering process but also improves workplace efficiency while reducing costs.

Let’s face it: you no longer have time to wait in line to get your food. That’s why self-ordering kiosks are popular in today’s restaurant industry trends, along with other modernization techniques such as mobile apps and online food ordering apps that make the consumer experience better.

With the help of self-ordering kiosks, you can save money by getting rid of the person who usually stands in your line. Never worry about a lack of business again. Your kiosks will be packed with customers when they see how easy it is to place and pick up their order.

Learn more about how self-ordering kiosks have revolutionized the future of ordering by reading our full self-ordering kiosks article above.

Voice Ordering for Restaurants: 4 Facts to Know

To offer top-notch customer service, you must adapt to whatever technology customers are using. Millennials account for 35% of the US labor force today, and the way they want to be served is shaping how restaurants handle business.

There are different ways Millennials want to be served; some like talking to a human, others want quick answers, and some don’t want any human interaction at all. Gen Z is even more accustomed to getting what they want quickly and easily through technology as they are the most Internet-dependent generation. Hence, it’s no surprise that voice ordering is becoming more popular.

Voice ordering for restaurants is an easy way to give your customers what they want while still giving them good service. It’s fast, easy, and more convenient than ordering through apps or online. Compared with traditional mobile calling, voice ordering has been rising steadily in popularity since its debut. Many voice technology solutions are on the market these days, including those that deliver ordering via phone or tablet apps.

Revolution Ordering’s Order One Enterprise is the most innovative and cutting-edge order-taking system for your restaurant. Our AI will never fail to deliver an amazing experience, as it offers live voice, AI, and chat functionalities to help you take care of your customers’ needs in an efficient manner.

Our Voice Ordering for Restaurants blog post linked above provides a much more thorough look at the topic of voice ordering for restaurants.

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