December 14, 2022
Rich Earle

Point-of-Sale Integration Patent Issued to Revolution, Functionality Optimizes Restaurant Digital Order Flow


Bellevue, Wash. – March 5th, 2021 – Restaurant Revolution Technologies (Revolution) today announced its ownership of a patent issued for streamlining order flow via point-of-sale (POS) integration and originating from its Order One platform. The claims of Patent #9,805,351, (‘351 patent), are directed to the ability to import menu information from the restaurant’s POS, create a menu therefrom, and display it to a user, wherein the menu created is customized on the order channel (online, mobile or call-in). The patent also covers the ability to create an initial menu within Revolution’s Order One digital ordering platform administrative portal that is then mapped and linked to the price-look-up (PLU) IDs within the restaurant POS as well as the ability to upsell the ordering party during the ordering experience.

“To maintain Order One’s leading position in the space, we focus on three key areas: 1) product innovation, 2) third-party integrations, and 3) customer experience. Continually adding and refining automation in these areas optimizes operations and revenue generation for our clients,” said Revolution CEO Brad Duea. “We are grateful for the recent validation by the U.S. Patent Office in the issuance of our seventh patent. Proper POS integration is vital for organizational velocity and digital transformation of our multi-unit restaurant clients.”

The ’351 patent becomes the seventh within Revolution’s intellectual property portfolio supporting both the advancement of the Order One platform and restaurant partner related operational needs.

Beyond the recent issued patent, Revolution’s Order One platform is offered via two distinct digital ordering products: Order One Maverick and Order One Enterprise. Both Order One products offer omni-channel digital ordering incorporating all customer orders, whether they were placed via web, mobile, social, text or chat, directly into the restaurant’s POS. The Order One platform is an innovative leader in the digital ordering space and includes the following features:

  • A fully branded presentation of menus with real-time updates based on menu item availability.
  • Ground Control direct delivery enablement capabilities providing customers the opportunity to order directly from the restaurant’s website and opt for delivery fulfilled by third-party delivery services like DoorDash without the use of tablets that require data re-entry.
  • Monitoring of submitted orders from start to finish and providing order management protection. If there’s a problem, such as credit card processing failure, Order One, along with its live issue monitoring and order resolution team, will troubleshoot in real-time and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Capturing customer data for a comprehensive look at all ordering channels and necessary data to drive revenue and make crucial business decisions.
  • Repeat ordering capabilities for customers to quickly repeat previously placed or favorited orders at a click of a button for fast and easy reordering.
  • Social media login and sharing capabilities for customers to easily sync and login via social media accounts and directly share menu items, favorites and other content across social platforms.
  • 3rd party integrations with POS, loyalty, gift card, payment processing, marketing and analytics partner technologies.

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About Restaurant Revolution Technologies
RRT Holdings, LLC (Revolution) is an industry innovator, multi-patented technology owner and the off-premise partner for restaurants nationwide. Through its Order One platform, Revolution provides a unified web, mobile and voice order management software platform that seamlessly integrates into restaurant point of sale systems. Revolution’s Ground Control delivery enablement program fulfilled by DoorDash, backend services, and data capture capabilities enable restaurants to seamlessly serve off-premise orders and provide a premium, branded start-to-finish experience for their customers. The company’s marketplace order insertion program, Connect, allows restaurants to seamlessly submit orders from third party marketplaces directly to the POS for optimal operational efficiencies. Learn more at or follow on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.