December 7, 2022
Lauren Platero

6 Reasons Why Restaurants Should Use Live Order Tracking

Live order tracking is an off-premise solution gaining popularity within the restaurant industry. It’s a simple way to streamline restaurant operations and alert customers of order updates. Consequently, this is one of the restaurant POS system features that simplify in-house processes.

If you’re a restaurant manager who wants to organize standard practices while simultaneously enhancing customer satisfaction, then live order tracking should be on your radar.

But before we dive into several reasons why it’s so useful, let’s define the term.

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What Is Order Tracking For Restaurants?

Order tracking for restaurants is the ability to show customers their order status. For food deliveries, order tracking will look something like this:

  • A customer will place their order on one of the many online ordering apps.
  • A tab will display a screen stating the order acceptance status.
  • Once the restaurant begins preparing the order, a new alert will appear that the meals are in the kitchen.
  • Typically, delivery apps will state that a driver is on their way to the restaurant.
  • Once a driver retrieves the order, GPS tracking will allow the customer to track their food in-route.
  • Once the customer receives their order, the driver will update the app. At this point, the customer will likely be prompted to leave a review.  

6 Reasons to Use Live Order Tracking

Restaurant tech solutions that accommodate the eater and the customer are perfect. App integrations that complement one another to maximize efficiency and productivity are essential. With this said, read on to discover six reasons to onboard live order tracking.

1. Real-Time Updates

Receiving updates in real-time is convenient for numerous reasons. It lets customers know that their order is in the works. Plus, it doesn’t leave them constantly checking their device.

Delivery apps send push notifications, making real-time updates more on-brand and user-friendly. With this said, app alerts are more accessible than updates from a desktop website.  

2. It Streamlines Operations

Live order tracking is valuable for the entire restaurant staff. From various types of chefs to waiters, it can help streamline workplace operations.

Innovative restaurant technology is ideal for lessening work overload. And, it’s undoubtedly beneficial to assist an understaffed eatery.

Hosts and wait staff benefit from live order tracking software due to fewer phone calls. The alerts keep the customer informed, so there’s rarely a reason to call the business. This idea allows staff to pay more attention to on-site issues.

The kitchen staff also has digital orders accessible to view. When cooks have the order details written clearly from the customer, it’s unlikely they’ll make an error. Not only is this ideal for customer service, but it’s even more vital for allergies and dietary restrictions.

3. It Boosts Customer Satisfaction

Giving customers peace of mind is essential for stellar customer service. As they monitor their order and view its progress, there’ll be little room for confusion or frustration.

Customer data shows us that people are more likely to return to a restaurant where they had a good experience rather than try something new. With this in mind, consider live order tracking for its ability to maintain customer retention (see benefits of customer retention).

Even considering restaurant marketing strategies and unique restaurant marketing ideas, positive customer reviews will likely have the greatest effect. Word-of-mouth marketing is a powerful tool and the best type of restaurant promotion.  

4. Restaurants Accept More Orders

Delivery apps have GPS tracking features, allowing drivers to drop off orders in a sequence that makes sense. If a driver isn’t familiar with a particular area or neighborhood, this feature will be super useful.

Since deliveries will take place in a timely fashion, drivers can save time. So, after waiting long enough to analyze sufficient delivery and consumer data, eateries can expect to fulfill more orders when using tracking systems.

This information will also be valuable when budgeting restaurant expenses and making changes to the restaurant business plan. Operations and overhead expenses add up quickly, so it’s ideal when there’s a variable that helps to boost the restaurant profit margin.

5. Customers, Restaurant Staff, and Drivers Can Contact Each Other

Orders via delivery aren’t always perfect and go according to plan. With this said, it’s important for there to be an accessible line of communication between all three parties.

Maybe there was confusion about a special request on a dish. Or, perhaps there is confusion about where to drop off the food. Regardless of the situation, it’s always helpful to have contact information on hand.

Always ensure that delivery drivers are trained to never use these features while on the road. Texting or calling while driving is a liability and can put many people at risk. As always, the safety of others comes first.

6. It Tracks the Performance of Drivers

One of the best perks of delivery apps is that restaurants don’t have to hire drivers. In turn, this can decrease the total labor cost. However, live order tracking software can be valuable for eateries that do have their own drivers.

Live order monitoring can keep track of delivery routes and the times drivers drop off food. It can be difficult to track the off-premise performance of employees. So, this feature can come in handy for employee management.

Frequently Asked Questions About Live Order Tracking

Live order tracking is a simple solution, yet it has various benefits. Still have questions about the integration? Here’s some more valuable insight regarding live order tracking in the restaurant industry.

How Do I Track My Online Order?

Once you place an online order, you’ll receive a tracking number. However, it’s a little different in the restaurant industry.

Once a food delivery driver receives an order, the app, GPS tracking features, and the POS system will allow you to view the current order status.

Remember, for this feature to work, you must place the order on an app. Since there aren’t tracking numbers in the food service space, you can’t download an app to track a past order.

What Allows Customers to Track Orders In Real Time?

Delivery apps, integrated POS systems, and GPS tracking features allow customers to track orders in real-time. These elements simplify the experience for both parties.

Why Is It Important to Track Your Order?

It’s important for customers to track their orders so that they can be aware of any changes. After placing an order, it’s key to keep track of the order status in case of any errors.

For food deliveries, customers will appreciate the ability to track their meals, especially in the event that it takes too long or goes missing. In these situations, they can directly contact the driver or eatery for assistance.

What Is An Order Tracking System?

An order tracking system is a type of software that allows customers to track orders. It’s a super valuable tool in various industries. However, it’s especially beneficial for those ordering food online.

What Is the Best Software For Restaurant Management?

The best restaurant management software options streamline operations and cut costs. Just a few that we recommend include:

revolutionary platform of off-premise solutions

Delivery On The Way!

Taking business operations to the next level can often be a challenge. However, live order tracking is a simple feature with a plethora of benefits.

If it’s not something you currently use on either delivery apps or the restaurant’s website, it’s certainly something to consider. Innovation is key to sustaining the evolution of the restaurant space. Live order tracking is just one of the simpler forms of tech to keep up with the trends.