December 14, 2022
Rich Earle

New Digital Ordering Product, Order One Maverick, Provides Restaurant Chains Direct Control Over the Customer Experience


BELLEVUE, Wash. – April 20, 2020 – Restaurant Revolution Technologies (Revolution) today officially announced the next generation of digital ordering with Order One Maverick, the newest variation of the burgeoning Order One platform. Revolution created Order One Maverick to satisfy the demands of Revolution’s independent-minded chain restaurant operators that want more control over the ordering experience, including the ability to rapidly launch locations and promotions and make real-time changes to their menu, pricing or ordering experience. While other software providers or delivery service providers make restaurant operators wait on them to respond, Revolution challenges this norm and instead lets its Order One Maverick users control their destiny in real time.

Now more than ever, customers and the market require a restaurant to offer digital ordering. To empower chain restaurants to act right away, Revolution is launching Order One Maverick with an irresistible offer, including no set up fees (waived set-up fee with a compatible point-of-sale) and no monthly fees for the first three months!* Thereafter, Order One Maverick chain restaurant customers can enjoy speed and control for a low monthly per location fee of $99 and a dime per order.

Like Revolution’s Order One Enterprise version of its platform, Order One Maverick incorporates all digital orders directly into the restaurant’s POS. As the restaurant industry originator and patent owner of POS integration (Patent #9,805,351), Revolution continues to offer sensible innovations to POS integration and other platform features evolving with the off-premise opportunity.

The Order One Maverick self-provisioning administrative portal is equipped with robust tool kits for brand asset management, pricing and menu management and promotion execution providing operators direct control over the experience presented to customers.

Additionally, Order One Maverick provides delivery convenience through the option of Ground Control, a direct delivery enablement feature enabling customers to order direct from a restaurant’s website with delivery fulfilled by third-party services like DoorDash. Order One Maverick with Ground Control includes a seamless order flow for operators by eliminating the need of specialized tablets that require valuable staff to manage and re-enter orders.

Order One Maverick is also equipped with a proprietary loyalty program that provides restaurant chains the ability to enable customers to earn and redeem points tied to digital transactions.

“Order One Maverick is THE digital ordering platform created for independent-minded restaurant chain operators that think differently about the off-premise opportunity. Rather than controlling these operators, we want to empower these mavericks. Digital ordering platforms should provide convenience to customers, grow the restaurant’s off-premise business, and provide restaurant chains direct control over menus, brand assets, promotions and customer data,” said Brad Duea, CEO of Revolution. “Other software providers and delivery service providers want chain restaurants to serve the needs of the technology provider. We want to liberate restaurants from those operational headaches and provide restaurant chains the power and tools to deliver the best digital ordering experience to their customers.”

Order One Maverick offers the following features:

• Branded Ordering Site: A fully branded presentation of menus with self-provisioned real-time updates.
• POS Integration: Ability to flow digital orders direct to the POS for seamless operational efficiency.
• Proprietary Loyalty Program: Ability to offer a variety of earn and redeem programs for every digital transaction with stored customer accounts.
• Promotions Engine—Marketing Automation: A promotional engine where brands can set up offers of all types through an easily accessible online portal.
• Data Capture: Ability to capture valuable customer data necessary to drive revenue and make crucial business decisions.
• Group Ordering: Ability to have a group order managed, submitted and paid for by a single payer or multiple payers.
• Repeat Ordering: Ability for customers to quickly repeat previously placed or favorited orders at a click of a button for fast and easy reordering.
• Social Media Login and Sharing: Ability for customers to easily sync and login via social media accounts and directly share menu items, favorites and other content across social platforms.
• Client Administration Portal: Ability to allow restaurant groups to directly control pricing, menus and brand assets and directly manage the customer experience.
• Ground Control: As an available option, Ground Control offers delivery enablement capabilities providing customers the opportunity to order directly from the restaurant’s website and opt for delivery fulfilled by third party delivery services like DoorDash without the use of tablets that require data re-entry.

“The convenience of digital ordering has become a necessity for restaurants, especially during this Coronavirus health crisis, and the need to empower restaurants is critical now more than ever. For our restaurant operator colleagues, we recognize that operational velocity is one of their greatest competitive advantages. Technology should enable this velocity and responsiveness—not hinder it.” said Brad Duea, CEO of Revolution. “During this historically challenging moment in America, we wanted to provide a special Order One Maverick offer with no set up fees and no platform fees for the first three months so that we can help restaurant chains get online and not just survive–but thrive!”

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*Waived set-up fees and free first 3 months licensing fees requires a signed 3-year contract.