December 12, 2022
Lauren Platero

Marketing Automation Software: 6 Things to Know About Restaurant Marketing Automation

Restaurant marketing is an essential part of any restaurant business plan. Within the restaurant tech ecosystem, there are numerous ways to optimize marketing efforts.

Marketing promotion is one of the best initiatives you can do for financial growth. From rewarding loyal customers to advertising food trends, automation software takes restaurant marketing strategies to the next level.

But first, let’s define marketing automation software and various resources you can use to elevate your restaurant.

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What Is Marketing Automation Software?

Marketing automation software is a type of technology that can help streamline restaurant operations. It eliminates the amount of manual labor employees must conduct while ensuring greater efficiency.

Why Should Restaurants Use Marketing Software?

Restaurants should use marketing automation software since it’s convenient and can elevate a business. Such tools can streamline operations while boosting revenue simultaneously.

As a restaurant manager or business owner, you might find it challenging to keep up with all your marketing efforts. But what if we told you they could all be put on autopilot?

Digital marketing strategies are popular for their efficiency and user-friendly interfaces. By using the right tools, you can optimize your restaurant marketing ideas and the restaurant marketing budget.

Before we dive into various things you should know about restaurant marketing automation, let’s take a look at several different types of software.

Types Of Marketing Automation Software

Are you on the hunt for restaurant marketing software for your business? If so, you’re in luck. Continue reading to learn more about four popular and effective ways to drive traffic to your restaurant.

1. Loyalty Program Alerts

A restaurant loyalty program is perfect for eateries at any stage. Rewards programs are a way to bring in returning customers and incentivize new people to stop by for the first time.

Your restaurant POS platform can likely automate a loyalty program. By doing so, the database will accurately store customer insights. Such data will include membership credentials, perks, freebies, and so on.

When restaurants automate loyalty programs, it helps to simplify operations. Customers can expect their rewards, and staff members can feel confident that they’re accurate. Without automation, keeping track of loyalty rewards can become very messy, very quick.

2. Restaurant Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

CRM systems can help organize sales and services. With this in mind, they’re beneficial for restaurants that also operate as venues.

CRM platforms function as a central location for all contact and data points between your business and customers. The great feature of CRM systems is that you can converse with clients through the platform.

For instance, maybe you want to remind clients of payments and accept invoices within one account. If so, you can accomplish this with a CRM system suitable for restaurants.

From a marketing perspective, CRM systems help provide seamless customer service. Plus, it gives the business an extra sense of professionalism.

3. Restaurant POS Systems

One cannot operate a restaurant without a POS system. However, ensure that you choose one with POS features that suit your business needs.

Some POS systems integrate with mobile food ordering apps, loyalty programs, discounts, and more. Other features even allow staff to better restaurant inventory management tasks and take inventory more easily.

POS systems will also be one of the most efficient platforms for managing financial data. From payment processing to customer insights, you can keep everything on file.

4. Review and Survey Emails

Email automation is a part of many restaurant marketing plans. Not only is it one of the most direct forms of contact you can have with customers, but it’s quick and cost-effective.

Make your email subscriber list work for you by sending out survey and review requests. You can use survey feedback to better your business, and positive reviews can serve as website and social media testimonials.

The convenient part about email automation is that you can schedule messages in advance. Some email platforms let you disperse emails depending on when recipients typically open their mail. These two features can be of major help in boosting the open rates.

6 Things to Know About Marketing Automation Software

Educate yourself on various types of restaurant marketing automation before investing in them. Some systems will work for specific needs and vice versa. So, here are six things that marketing automation software can do for your restaurant.

1. Increase Profits

From a general standpoint, marketing automation can increase profits over time. When operations run smoothly, there is little room for mishaps. Plus, technology lessens the risk of human error.

Automation is especially useful for financial data. By keeping your monetary figures in a digital system, there should be few mistakes, if not zero. And to maintain financial health, one must successfully manage their numbers.

2. Boost Efficiency

Work overload is way too common within the restaurant industry. Unfortunately, it’s challenging to reverse, too.

When standard restaurant tasks are on autopilot, it lessens the stress on your wait staff. For instance, if you utilize marketing software for your loyalty program, waiters and customers won’t have to manually track rewards.

Technology will allow you to be significantly more efficient if you’re using marketing software for promotion efforts. Social media and email campaigns are just a couple of restaurant marketing strategies that you can automate. By doing so, you decrease daily manual work.

3. Organize Marketing Operations

Restaurant promotion is necessary to grow your business. However, it can feel overwhelming at times. Not only does marketing require attention to detail, but you’ll likely use several platforms.

Marketing software allows professionals to optimize their work by using scheduling tools. For example, do you want to pre-publish a month’s worth of content? No problem–there are apps for that. The same idea goes for paid advertisements, email newsletters, and more.

Marketing research and strategy can take quite a bit of time. When automating basic duties, marketers can spend more time building future campaigns.

4. Provide Useful Data

One of the greatest perks of innovative restaurant technology is data storage. As your hospitality software collects information about your customer base, you can make more informed decisions.

Track relevant data metrics every week and review them monthly. Look for trends and compare them to your KPIs.

Data analytics is vital for understanding a business. However, learning how to interpret data and adapt your strategy accordingly is what will maintain success and financial growth.

5. Accelerate Productivity

Marketing automation software decreases the number of tasks for each employee. By doing so, staff members will have more time to focus on other duties.

Multitasking is hard, and it’s not always a good idea to do so. However, if you have platforms that conduct some of the work for you, restaurants can accomplish several things at once.

6. Enhance Promotional Efforts

While mapping out your restaurant marketing plan, incorporate automation software. It will enhance your processes while allowing you to get more out of your investments.

It’s always beneficial to conduct marketing initiatives in batches. For instance, schedule your emails, social media posts, and ads in advance. Once this is all on autopilot, most of the work is complete until your next date to schedule more content.

Automating such promotional campaigns means nothing will be late, rushed, or incomplete. This extra touch of expertise will reflect a more professional appearance to customers. Plus, it’ll make things way easier for your marketing manager.

Once these efforts are set in advance, you can invest more time in those promotions. Whether it’s restaurant events or new menu items, automation will free up your schedule for what you need to accomplish.

Build A Restaurant Marketing Plan With Automation

A restaurant marketing plan with automation will serve you well if you want to accelerate your business. Such resources will optimize current strategies and pave the way for newer, more innovative ones.

Increase revenue and decrease the labor cost with proper techniques. Marketing software is meant to deliver tangible results, and you’ll likely reap the benefits in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Marketing Automation Software

What Is B2B Marketing Automation?

B2B marketing automation consists of tools to nurture efficiency when selling from one business to another. This type of software helps to streamline tasks such as payments, order management, fulfillment, and deliveries.

What Is B2C Marketing Automation?

B2C marketing automation, similar to the B2C meaning, refers to resources and tools that support transactions between businesses and their customers. B2C automation could include email outreach, built-in discount codes, loyalty programs, and more.

Is CRM A Marketing Automation Software?

CRM is absolutely a type of marketing automation software. It’s most commonly used in B2B models, as it allows the team members to monitor, contact, and nurture leads.