December 14, 2022
Lauren Platero

Integrated Online Ordering Solutions: 5 Benefits for Your Restaurant

Integrated online ordering solutions streamline restaurant operations. The restaurant industry is constantly evolving, so it’s crucial to keep up with food trends and new forms of restaurant technology, such as online ordering apps. With the right tools, online ordering for restaurants can be a simple process.

Once you onboard one of the best integrated online ordering solutions, customers can place secure orders. Your business will also be able to eliminate restaurant expenses. It’s a win-win for both parties, which completely upgrades every eatery that uses one.

Revolution Ordering

Online Ordering for Restaurants Made Simple

Set your business up for success by reaching your entire potential customer base. Once you expand your place in the market, exponential growth will surpass every milestone.

Digital and online ordering apps make it convenient for both customers and businesses. Integrations with your POS system simplify the entire process that much more.

Once a restaurant POS system receives an order, payment information, inventory collection, and customer data become accessible. Restaurants can utilize this data to grow profits, improve marketing campaigns, and avoid wasting ingredients from excessive inventory storage.

If you’re still unsure about onboarding an integrated online ordering solution, there are some significant benefits you should consider.  

Collect Data From Restaurant Customers

Online ordering apps require customers to submit their information. Such information might include an email address, mobile phone number, birthday, and more. Integrate a terms of service disclaimer upon checkout so that customers can receive perks and promotions.

Restaurants can leverage customer data for loyalty programs, up-selling opportunities, and discounts. Once a customer grants permission to receive promotional messages, import their data into the appropriate systems.

Restaurant marketing ideas like email newsletters and SMS campaigns are essential for boosting exposure. They’ll also provoke your customers to place their next order. With relevant data, your restaurant’s marketing manager can share timely promotions to ideal customers at the perfect time.

Customer demographics are beneficial for paid advertisements to reach your target audience. A restaurant SEO strategy will rely on this kind of data, so it’s essential to keep an eye on trends and changes.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Accuracy and simplicity will ensure that meals are the same every time. If a returning customer orders their favorite dish, but you’re out of the main ingredient, they might be unlikely to return. If this should happen to a first-time customer, it’ll leave a negative impression.

User-friendly ordering platforms are essential for customer acquisition and retention. Sometimes, they’re the deciding factor if consumers will even order from a particular restaurant in the first place. We live in a world run by the convenience that innovative restaurant technology can provide us, so it’s a bonus if delivery is another option, too.

Online ordering for restaurants is a groundbreaking solution that nurtures ongoing sales and opportunities for growth. Plus, it offers numerous benefits beyond hosting digital menus.

Successful inventory management techniques will keep customers happy, too. If a restaurant has a complete inventory to produce menu items, customers can comfortably order anything they desire. If you can’t serve a particular menu item by some chance, integrated online ordering solutions can remove it from the restaurant menus.

Effectively Manage Inventory

Digital inventory tracking has never been easier. A restaurant inventory management system will save you valuable time and eliminate manual labor. Plus, it’ll accurately take inventory.

As menu items become popular, inventory management will allow you to prioritize specific ingredients. Onboarding an inventory management app like BlueCart will enable you to increase your ROI and better serve your customers.

The ROI meaning indicates the profits your business is generating vs. the amount of revenue you’ve invested in its success. Boosting your ROI should always be part of your financial growth plans, which your business can accomplish with inventory management assistance.

Use an inventory management tool to ensure that all of your ingredients are fresh. With the help of a digital platform, restaurant managers can place orders more frequently to constantly have high-quality products on hand. Various types of chefs use up items such as eggs and dairy products regularly. So, these ingredients need to be accessible at all times.

An inventory management system allows restaurants to stock up on products from various suppliers. So, it’ll never be a challenge to serve unique or seasonal menu items once you onboard the right software.

Increase Restaurant Order Size

Consumer trends show that people tend to spend more money on online orders. According to a report from Statista, roughly 34% of consumers spend almost $50 per food order. The concept is likely since customers have more time to browse the menu than they would from a wait staff member.

Online ordering apps for restaurants can store customer data to increase order sizes. They can show menu items that the customer frequently orders upon opening the app. Or, it can show suggestions that the customer may enjoy as an effective way to up-sell an order.

Whether customers add a whole new dish or a drink to their order, digital platforms can escalate final cart values. Delivery apps can also up-sell by offering subscription models. For example, a customer can pay a fixed rate to waive delivery feeds for a set period. Or, a free trial can merge into a paid subscription after so many weeks.

We also recommend using a food cost calculator and an inventory turnover ratio to budget costs before restocking inventory.

Ensure Accuracy For Customers and Kitchen Staff

When customers select what they want to order, restaurants avoid the risk of mistakes. Forgotten or incorrect orders can halt the flow of operations in the kitchen, leading to untimely service and miscounted inventory.

Once a customer places an order, the kitchen staff can view all the details and special requests countless times. Clear food orders are also vital for customers with dietary restrictions, such as food allergies.

With a single click, the kitchen staff will have all the details of each order and can keep it as a reference throughout the whole process. Some POS systems request approval from the host before it gets to the kitchen staff, which is beneficial for time restraints.

Properly managing kitchen operations will ensure that customers won’t wait too long for their orders. In turn, this will establish customer satisfaction.  Live order monitoring will also enable restaurant staff to view order fulfillment in real-time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Integrated Online Ordering Solutions

What Is A Restaurant Online Ordering System?

An online ordering system is a platform where restaurants can accept digital orders. Omni-channel order fulfillment systems and other integrated online ordering solutions are essential to keep up with trends and maintain steady growth. Plus, it’s a convenient way to grow your customer base, as it’s a simple solution for both parties.

How Do Restaurants Increase Online Orders?

Make your restaurant available on several online ordering apps to increase online orders. Creating an accessible way for customers to order food for pick-up or delivery is a sure way to boost sales and profits.

Crafting various menu types will also generate more sales–especially if a delivery option is available.

How Can A Restaurant Improve An Ordering System?

Integrate your online menu with your POS system. By adding this feature, you’ll be able to streamline restaurant operations since all orders are in one place. Plus, it’ll provide restaurant managers with much more data relevant to inventory restocks.