December 7, 2022
Lauren Platero

High Tech Cruise Ship: 7 Unique Features to Use In 2023

Passengers can find many groundbreaking features on a high tech cruise ship. From automated tools to order from a cruise ship food menu to using AI to order popular cocktails, there are unimaginable ways that cruise liners are using advanced restaurant tech solutions right now.

Years ago, it was impressive for cruise liners to build larger, faster ships. Nowadays, it’s all about the technological advancements that can create an unforgettable customer experience. With new and innovative tools, passengers can experience their vacation in the most seamless way possible.

Cruise liners are definitely a unique sector of the hospitality industry. Between futuristic elements and innovative restaurant technology, there’s much to learn.

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High Tech Cruise Ship

A high tech cruise ship can feature various innovations, from the booking process, to getting into a restaurant without a reservation. There is also an extensive array of solutions just in the food and beverage sector. So, read on to learn about innovative food service on a high tech cruise ship.

Cruise Ship Food Service

There are many tech solutions that make cruise ship food service excellent. Digital menus and hospitality software are just some of the solutions cruise ships onboard (no pun intended) to enhance customer satisfaction.

Cruises are especially known for top-notch cuisines. Cruise liners hire various types of chefs who have spent their entire career perfecting their culinary skills. With this in mind, advancing the cruise ship food service sector of operations is key.

Cruise Ship Food Service Tips

Are you looking for ways to enhance cruise ship food service? We’ve got you covered! Here are a handful of tips to ensure that passengers are happy while maximizing profits simultaneously.

  • Offer various menu types in the main dining rooms and buffets
  • Cater to unique dietary preferences and restrictions.
  • Display a custom QR code for each restaurant around the ship.
  • Allow food and drinks to be charged to the passenger’s rooms.

7 Unique Features of a High Tech Cruise Ship

There are many features that can result in a high tech cruise ship. Here are seven options that are becoming increasingly popular as of 2023.

1. In Room Dining

Cruise ships have been making strides in getting secure internet access during its voyages. Years ago, there was very little capacity for a wide range of mobile service. However, technological advancements now allow cruise liners to charge as little for wifi as a hotel would charge.

Cutting these overhead expenses allows cruise ships to offer in-room tablets. Such digital devices allow passengers to order food in their rooms, just like in hotels.

It’s super convenient for passengers, and it elevates the overall experience. Plus, it’s a way for the cruise liner to secure more sales.

2. Self Ordering Kiosks

Cruise ships are massive, so getting from one destination to another can be time-consuming. Install kiosks all over the ship for guests to grab delicious bites to eat on the go.

Forget the hassle of various payment processing methods and allow guests to use their room cards. Items can be charged to their account, simplifying processes for all. Or, passengers can add funds to their accounts before or during their trip, eliminating the fear of overspending on vacation.

3. Reservation Software

Cruise ships have so many amenities and activities. The ability to book reservations ahead of time will ensure passengers that they’ll experience their ultimate vacation. It’ll also allow the cruise liner’s executives to better gauge financial projections.

Whether passengers would like to reserve a table in one of the ship’s finest restaurants or a time for an activity, create a menu of options. Restaurant reservations, for instance, can also integrate with the cruise POS system. This is ideal for tracking customer data, food trends, and restaurant inventory management metrics.

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4. Food and Beverage Pre-Order Options

Since passengers are constantly on the go, it’s beneficial when they can order food well in advance. The kitchen and wait staff can ensure that it’s ready within a certain window, which gives both parties ample time.

Food for pickup is the ultimate casual dining experience, though it’s ideal for many scenarios on a cruise ship. For example, some guests might know there will be very little time between when they board the ship after an excursion and when the nightly show begins that evening.

Or, perhaps someone’s stateroom is at the opposite end of the ship from their next activity. Regardless of the circumstances, delicious meals that are ready upon arrival are always a bonus.

5. Poolside Concierge

Online ordering apps can make poolside concierge services a great experience. On an app connected to the cruise POS system, passengers can view a menu of anything they’d need while at the pool.

Maybe it’s the perfect setting to try delicious popular cocktail recipes or unique beer brands. Or, maybe they forgot their towels or sunscreen. Ensure that you have all of the poolside essentials available.

But what if passengers don’t have the app? No problem! Simply display a QR code on the back of every lounge chair or side table. It can take them right to the menu or the app store to quickly download it.

6. QR Codes

QR codes are some of the simplest yet innovative solutions for a high tech cruise ship. Not only are they user-friendly, but they’re super simple to install.

A high tech cruise ship can display QR codes on the tables on the deck, in staterooms, and at various facilities. Each code can redirect passengers to unique menus, allowing them to make the most of their cruise.

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7. Innovative ADA Compliance Practices

Every cruise ship must comply with ADA standards. However, a high-tech cruise ship can have innovative ADA-compliant technologies everywhere you go.

Is there an activity, amenity, or service that uses a digital device? Simply install visual, audio, and touchscreen features. This way, every cruise liner can be an inclusive and high tech cruise ship.  

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Frequently Asked Questions About Operating a High Tech Cruise Ship

Hospitality software companies are creating some of the most unimaginable and futuristic amenities on cruise ships. If you’d like to learn more about the history of cruise liners and facts that have influenced high tech cruise ship features, read on!

What Is the Most Advanced Cruise Ship In the World?

The most technologically advanced cruise ship in the world is Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas. The creators of this ship pushed the limits like never before and were able to provide guests with several futuristic features. Some of the most innovative elements of Quantum of the Seas include:

  • The Bionic Bar, where guests can use tablets to make a custom cocktail that will be made and served by robots. Think of it as a 3D printer but for custom mixed drink recipes.
  • The North Star, which lifts passengers 300 feet above sea level to view the ocean and ship from a whole new perspective.
  • A multi-purpose venue.
  • Indoor skydiving.
  • Constant wifi, even in international waters.

What Is the Most Expensive Cruise Line?

Royal Caribbean is the most expensive cruise line, and its Symphony of the Seas is the most expensive cruise ship ever created. It cost a whopping $1.35 billion to create.

What Is the Biggest Cruiseliner In the World?

The biggest cruiseliner in the world is Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas. The vessel is fifty millimeters longer than its sister ship, Oasis of the Seas. The ship spans a length of 1,188 feet and weighs approximately 100,000 tons.

What Ship Is Bigger Than the Titanic?

Believe it or not, most modern cruise ships are much larger than the Titanic. Many cruise ships are roughly 1,000 feet or more, whereas the Titanic was 883 feet. However, if you’d like to travel within a ship that is actually smaller than the Titanic, you’re in luck. Carnival’s Paradise is a bit smaller at 860 feet.

It’s also worth noting that most modern cruise ships have more decks, making them significantly taller than the Titanic. This difference in height also results in a much larger square footage of the ship as a whole.

What Is the Oldest Cruise Ship Still In Service?

The MV Astoria is the oldest cruise ship still sailing the seas today. MV Astoria was originally constructed as the transatlantic ocean liner MS Stockholm for Swedish American Line. Then, the ship was rebuilt in 1993 as a cruise ship.