June 28, 2023
Nicole Georgiev

Golden Corral & Group Reservations With Revolution Ordering

Golden Corral is a well-known family-style restaurant chain. They recently sought to streamline and enhance their group reservations process in order to improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. 

With the help of Revolution Ordering, an off-premise partner for hospitality and restaurant companies, Golden Corral was able to transform their group reservations system.

Golden Corral's partnership with Revolution Order made it possible for 150 locations to support customers looking to schedule group reservations.
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Large Group Reservations at Golden Corral

Customers can make large group reservations by visiting groupsales.goldencorral.com. Golden Corral’s goal is to enable tour group operators, travel planners, and organization leaders to find restaurant locations across the country and make future reservations online 24/7. 

Their group reservation site is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, California Consumer Privacy Act, and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. It also has the functionality to meet changing tax-exempt requirements. 

The Golden Corral Group said that tour operators have requested an automated system in the past. That system would ideally allow them to make reservations up to a year in advance. It was also requested that the system accommodate special requests and tax-exempt documentation. 

Jane Streff, a Golden Corral Sales Manager, said the answer to that request was to build a unique group reservation platform that meets their needs while ensuring a seamless process for franchise partners. This was possible with the help of Revolution Ordering. 

How It Works

Using Golden Corral’s group reservation platform is simple. Group operators have the ability to create an account and manage reservations for multiple groups. They can also edit reservations up to 24 hours before the reservation date. 

The new platform also includes easy payment processing. Credit card information is securely stored within the platform and automatically charged on the morning of the reservation. 

Golden Corral’s large group reservation platform sends confirmation reminders and receipts directly to the group planner or organizer. Travel planning partners are aware of how Golden Corral is qualified to cater to large groups. With the new platform, the restaurant chain ensures the highest level of hospitality and makes it convenient for planners to manage reservations. 

Through the large group reservation platform, planners can make requests for people with disabilities and other needs. Overall, Golden Corral offers a wide variety of options and accommodations for most diet and nutritional restrictions. 

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Revolution Ordering for Group Reservations

Golden Corral launched their large group reservation platform with the help of Revolution Ordering. 

With Revolution Ordering, Golden Corral was able to do the following: 

  • Create an Online Reservation Portal. Revolution Ordering helped Golden Corral create and launch a user-friendly online portal. In this portal, customers can easily make large group reservations by specifying the date, time, and number of guests.
  • Streamline Communications. The large group reservation platform enables real-time communication between the restaurant and the customers. This ensures an accurate and timely exchange of reservation details and updates.
  • Optimize Seating Management. With the new group reservation platform, Golden Corral can optimize table assignments for large groups. In turn, they will minimize wait times and maximize capacity. 
  • Provide Customization Options. Golden Corral’s large group reservation platform facilitates order customization. It provides a seamless way to accommodate individual preferences including dietary restrictions and special requests. 

If you’re interested in setting up a group reservation system for your restaurant, schedule a demo with Revolution Ordering to learn more. 

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Revolution Ordering is the ideal off-premise partner for hospitality and restaurant companies looking for digital ordering solutions, delivery options, and third-party marketplace solutions. 

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